• WordNet 3.6
    • v encapsulate put in a short or concise form; reduce in volume "capsulize the news"
    • v encapsulate enclose in a capsule or other small container
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • encapsulate To inclose in a capsule.
    • ***


  • Paul Theroux
    Paul Theroux
    “Extensive traveling induces a feeling of encapsulation, and travel, so broadening at first, contracts the mind.”


In literature:

Larger bodies, such as needles or bullets, which are not capable of being destroyed by the phagocytes, become encapsulated.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
The posterior set, on the other hand, cling close to the posterior region of the body and give to it a peculiar encapsuled appearance.
"Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole" by Gary N. Calkins
CAUSE: Hogs consume the eggs that encapsule well matured embryonic worms with their food or drinking water.
"The Veterinarian" by Chas. J. Korinek
They vary in size from a pea to a hen's egg, are rounded and encapsulated.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
It did not appear to be of the encapsulated variety.
"New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers" by Various

In news:

Florescent micrograph reveals RNA, red, absorbed to mineral clay surface and encapsulated within a cell-related structure known as a vesicle.
It's a small, stripped-down EP, but Songs from the Stratton Sessions encapsulates just about everything Jon Rauhouse stands for musically.
The material can be used as a compliant, high-strength adhesive and encapsulant in power electronics applications specifically requiring a highly insulative material.
Loctite Nuva-Sil products from Henkel Corp. Offer superior weather, temperature and moisture resistance for a range of applications, including deep potting, encapsulation, environmental protection, and sealing.
I'm tired of ironic hipster art, minimal drawings coupled with what are meant to be pearls of wisdom encapsulated in a tagline.
The Bacardi saga encapsulates Cuba's turbulent history.
"If you encapsulate your mattress and box spring in one of these appropriate mattress covers that says they're for bedbugs , the bedbugs are going to die and they won't come out and bite you," Sherman said.
"If you think about a new bike, most of the wires and tubes, so many things are encapsulated now inside the engine so they look cleaner," said the officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist.
The process is referred to as placenta encapsulation.
The predicament of state housing tenants facing eviction encapsulates age-old views of haves and have-nots.
So we can use it as a package to encapsulate the circuits.
Estonia 's rise, encapsulated in a piano's history.
CT Plus Firefly-Like Imaging Agent Track Encapsulated Stem Cells for PAD.
FAIRMONT — Placenta encapsulation wasn't something Jenn George had even heard of five years ago, before the traumatic birth experience of her first child, but a battle with postpartum depression and.
This terrifying graphic encapsulates America's middle class decline.

In science:

ML, a syntactic theory for a store encapsulation language[SS99], and a syntactic theory for Verilog[FLS99].
From Syntactic Theories to Interpreters: A Specification Language and Its Compilation
A matching pair of angle brackets can be thought of as a unary operator, which we called encapsulation (denoted as hi).
Using Tree Automata and Regular Expressions to Manipulate Hierarchically Structured Data
For example, h(abcabc) = 0, h(abcbca) = h(abccab) = 1, while h(aabbcc) = h(abccba) = 3 (the encapsulating pairs of letters are underlined).
Spectral measure of large random Hankel, Markov and Toeplitz matrices
If |w| = 2, then pM (w) = 2, and otherwise pM (w) = 20 = 1 as an irreducible word has no proper subwords, and hence no encapsulated subwords.
Spectral measure of large random Hankel, Markov and Toeplitz matrices
This issue of measurement encapsulated in the phrase, col lapse of the wave function, remains one of the mysteries of quantum mechanics.
From Knowledge, Knowability and the Search for Objective Randomness to a New Vision of Complexity