• WordNet 3.6
    • n emulation effort to equal or surpass another
    • n emulation (computer science) technique of one machine obtaining the same results as another
    • n emulation ambition to equal or excel
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Emulation imitation (of an admired model) for the purpose of improving one's own qualities. "Chivalry was] an ideal which, if never met with in real life, was acknowledged by all as the highest model for emulation."
    • Emulation Jealous rivalry; envy; envious contention. "Such factious emulations shall arise."
    • Emulation The endeavor to equal or to excel another in qualities or actions; an assiduous striving to equal or excel another; rivalry. "A noble emulation heats your breast."
    • Emulation (Computers) the imitation of the actions of a computer system or component, especially a processor, by means of a computer program, with the goal of predicting the behavior and performance characteristics of that system without actually manufacturing it. "1996 marked the year that emulation became a mainstream design verification tool."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n emulation Love of superiority; desire or ambition to equal or excel others; the instinct that incites to effort for the attainment of equal or superior excellence or estimation in any respect.
    • n emulation Effort to equal or excel in qualities or actions; imitative rivalry, as of that which one admires in another or others: as, the emulation of great actions, or of the rich by the poor.
    • n emulation Antagonistic rivalry; malicious or injurious contention; strife for superiority.
    • n emulation Synonyms and Emulation, Competition, Rivalry. The natural love of superiority is known as emulation; in common use the word signifies the desire and the resulting endeavor to equal or surpass another or others in some quality, attainment, or achievement. It is intrinsically neutral both as to time and motive, but it is most frequently applied to the relations of contemporaries or associates, and to feelings and efforts of an honorable nature. Competition is the act of striving against others; the word is used only where the object to be attained is pretty clearly in mind, and that object is not mere superiority, but some definite thing: as, competition for a prize; competition in business. Rivalry, unless qualified by some favorable adjective, is generally a contest in which the competitors push their several interests in an ungenerous spirit, malignant feelings being easily a result. Rivalry may be general in its character: as, the rivalry between two states or cities; in such cases it may be friendly and honorable.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Emulation act of emulating or attempting to equal or excel: rivalry: competition: contest:
    • n Emulation (obs.) jealous rivalry
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  • David Packer
    David Packer
    “Make a technical contribution; innovate, don't emulate.”
  • Confucius
    “When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, then examine your inner self.”
  • Henry Fielding
    “Worth begets in base minds, envy; in great souls, emulation.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. aemulatio,: cf. F. émulation,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. æmulāri, æmulātusæmulus, striving with.


In literature:

They should succor the oppressed, and pay to the upright the reverence due in hero-worship by seeking to emulate them.
"Woman in the Nineteenth Century" by Margaret Fuller Ossoli
He seemed emulous to display every kind of virtue and gallantry that would render him amiable.
"The Winning of Canada: A Chronicle of Wolf" by William Wood
We sit humbly at your feet, ambitious to emulate, but without hope of excelling.
"Jennie Baxter, Journalist" by Robert Barr
They emulate their walk, their manner of dress, their hair styles, and their tough way of talking.
"Dorothy's Mystical Adventures in Oz" by Robert J. Evans
The cats didn't dream of catching the chickens, only wanting, evidently, that they should emulate Joey and keep moving on.
"Concerning Cats" by Helen M. Winslow
Here emulation most effectually operates upon us, and inspires our imitation in an irresistible manner.
"Joseph Andrews Vol. 1" by Henry Fielding
But emulation was now fairly roused within her.
"Night and Morning, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Women of all descriptions were emulous of attracting his Royal Highness's attention.
"Beaux and Belles of England" by Mary Robinson
It is indeed a species of writing entirely new to me, and has filled my head with a thousand fancies of emulation; but, alas!
"The Letters of Robert Burns" by Robert Burns
Eyre's descriptions, animated by remembrances of past sufferings, possess a graphic vigour which cannot be successfully emulated.
"Explorations in Australia" by John Forrest

In poetry:

Should glory stimulate,
And daring deeds propose,
That only fame I'd emulate,
To triumph in the cross.
"Hymn II" by William Duke
Thus the more beauteous Cloe sat to thee,
Good Howard, emulous of the Grecian art:
But happy thou, from Cupid's arrow free,
And flames that pierced thy predecessor's heart!
"An Ode To Mr. Howard" by Matthew Prior
With emulation fir'd on ev'ry spray,
They seem to strive throughout the live-long day,
Which best shall praise the bounteous God above,
Who fills their bellies in the secret grove.
"A Rebuke, For Neglecting To Beg A Blessing On, And To Return Thanks For, Our Food" by Rees Prichard
Still her eyes come deeply glowing
Through the leafy lattices;
And the rustle of the trees,
'Neath the west wind softly blowing,
Only emulates the flowing
Of her love-toned melodies.
"Wytham Woods" by Walter Richard Cassels
We picture with unfeigned dismay
Man-glutted lands of other flags,
They multiply but to decay,
And rot in pestilence and rags;
Why hasten we to emulate
These helpless tragedies of Fate ?
"The Prodigals" by Robert James Campbell Stead
And growing Youth will look with wistful eyes
On unexampled manhood meeting death
With unexampled scorn and sacrifice,
Till to their mighty yearning there cometh
An inspiration to achieve and emulate
The youth who died Life's grandeur to perpetuate.
"The Dead" by John William Streets

In news:

Hornets program is one Trailblazers can emulate .
Syracuse special teams must emulate game-changers from past.
Teachers should emulate the work ethic of craftsmen.
Casey misses chance to emulate Ballesteros.
Katy Perry Wants to Emulate Madonna's Career.
Derek Jeter, a star for Bryce Harper to emulate .
New technology used to emulate the old.
With its enviable waistlines (and lifespans) Holland's two-wheel culture is something America should emulate .
With the American economy struggling, it's sensible to save commuting money and reduce dependency on government for preventable health care costs by emulating the Dutch, who cycle everywhere, always.
Jamaican sprinter Blake aims to emulate Bolt.
Michigan looks to emulate Chrysler's turnaround.
Emulate Lands at Hillside and return bottles for refund.
Kids wanting to be just like their athletic heroes is nothing new, but a Pop Warner football coach emulating the New Orleans Saints' "Bountygate" program, where players were paid extra to injure members of the other team.
Intelligent System Emulation Technology.
Britain is looking for up to 100 apprentice spies to emulate staff at Bletchley Park, the former code-breaking centre that was once the most secret place in.

In science:

The selection (the emulation of pressing the button on a mouse) is achieved by the software detecting an unnatural event.
Eye-GUIDE (Eye-Gaze User Interface Design) Messaging for Physically-Impaired People
One of them (referred to as number 2 in the following) is designed to emulate as closely as possible the fourth-order Kreiss-Oliger dissipation used by Pretorius.
Testing outer boundary treatments for the Einstein equations
We define a Dark Matter Emulator as any modified gravity theory for which: 1.
A Generic Test of Modified Gravity Models which Emulate Dark Matter
If physics is described by a dark matter emulator then the pulse of gravity waves will reach us on a lightlike geodesic of gµν , whereas neutrinos and photons travel along a lightlike geodesic of egµν .
A Generic Test of Modified Gravity Models which Emulate Dark Matter
Therefore simultaneous pulses of neutrinos and/or photons would have arrived 5.3 days before the gravity waves if physics were described by a dark matter emulator.
A Generic Test of Modified Gravity Models which Emulate Dark Matter