• WordNet 3.6
    • adj elliptical characterized by extreme economy of expression or omission of superfluous elements "the dialogue is elliptic and full of dark hints","the explanation was concise, even elliptical to the verge of obscurity"- H.O.Taylor"
    • adj elliptical rounded like an egg
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Elliptical Having a part omitted; as, an elliptical phrase.
    • Elliptical leaving out information essential to comprehension; so concise as to be difficult to understand; obscure or ambiguous; -- of speech or writing; as, an elliptical comment.
    • Elliptical Of or pertaining to an ellipse; having the form of an ellipse; oblong, with rounded ends. "The planets move in elliptic orbits.""The billiard sharp who any one catches,
      His doom's extremely hard
      He's made to dwell
      In a dungeon cell
      On a spot that's always barred.
      And there he plays extravagant matches
      In fitless finger-stalls
      On a cloth untrue
      With a twisted cue
      And elliptical billiard balls!"
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Elliptical pertaining to an ellipse: oval: pertaining to ellipsis: having a part understood
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. : cf. F. elliptique,. See Ellipsis
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—Gr. elleipsiselleipein, to fall short—en, in, leipein, to leave.


In literature:

Gerund phrases and a few elliptical sentences are included in the list.
"The Century Handbook of Writing" by Garland Greever
They sometimes inclose elliptical cavities filled with slimy, gelatinous masses.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
Speech had never been fluent with her, and she was still elliptical, curt, and in a sense inexpressive.
"Money Magic" by Hamlin Garland
But his elliptical patterns are interesting, above all bold.
"Ivory Apes and Peacocks" by James Huneker
The aethalium is generally elliptical or elongate, 2-3 cm.
"The North American Slime-Moulds" by Thomas H. (Thomas Huston) MacBride
It abounds in sudden transitions and elliptical expressions.
"Hazlitt on English Literature" by Jacob Zeitlin
I mean that the section should be elliptical, and not circular.
"Broad-Sword and Single-Stick" by R. G. Allanson-Winn
It is a very quaint and elliptical writing, and much must be supplied by the wit of the translator.
"A Year in the Fields" by John Burroughs
He allowed that there was an elliptical bridge at Florence, but he said carts were not allowed to go over it, which proved its fragility.
"Old and New London" by Walter Thornbury
Aristotle used Enthymeme in the wider sense of an elliptically expressed argument.
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" by William Minto

In news:

Chan Marshall took an elliptical path to recording "Sun," her first Cat Power album in six years.
The ElliptiGO is a cross between a bicycle and an elliptical.
Bryan Pate, co-founder of ElliptiGO in Solana Beach, Calif, sells a bicycle that uses an elliptical motion to propel it.
Pinto's Travels, written in Portugal between 1569 and 1578, is a crazed, dreamy, fascinating, elliptical book.
Sloshing helps prevent cooling of the gas in the cluster's core, setting limits on the growth of the giant elliptical galaxy and its supermassive black hole.
Optical double star Mizar and Alcor, the Sombrero Galaxy, and elliptical galaxy M60.
Now, astronomers have discovered that one well-known elliptical has a split personality .
Diane Keaton's memoir, ' Then Again ,' is elliptical and beautiful, covering her mother, motherhood, Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, but not much acting.
On Transference he builds elliptical, indelible songs from off-kilter drum patterns, cheap organ squeals, vocal harmony shards, and zipgun-taut guitar riffs.
The Infostream multi-channel raceway features an elliptically shaped profile that offers a sleek appearance and helps absorb shock if the raceway is accidentally struck.
Creative, Calorie-Torching Elliptical Routine .
If you can chat on the phone while on the elliptical, then you're not getting the most out of the machine.
The basic movement of an elliptical trainer is a sleek, flowing…well…elliptical movement.
I've been looking around the cardio room at the YMCA the past couple of weeks and I have noticed people using the treadmills that I would normally see on another piece of equipment such as the elliptical or Arc Trainer.
Namely, while she was on the elliptical machine last weekend.

In science:

The first is that the elliptic nature of the P.D.E. for Ricci curvature becomes hyperbolic for Lorentz metrics, and hyperbolic P.D.E. are much more difficult than elliptic P.D.E.
Cheeger-Gromov Theory and Applications to General Relativity
We have also corrected these radii for the ellipticity, using values from Geyer et al (1983). A more recent determination of the ellipticity (van Leeuwen & Le Poole 2002) suggests that the ellipticity is even larger.
A Simple Dynamical Model for Omega Cen
Finally in the case of elliptic random maps, as it is shown in reference , for small values of elliptic parameter k, elliptic chaotic maps are topologically conjugated with trigonometric chaotic maps.
Hierarchy of random deterministic chaotic maps with an invariant measure
Then P (x, ξ ) is W-elliptic if and only if its principal part Pm (x, ξ ) is S-elliptic.
Elliptic regularity and solvability for partial differential equations with Colombeau coefficients
For the purpose of the present paper we prefer the notation Wsc -Ell(P )c , the complement Wsc -Ell(P )c of Wsc -Ell(P ) in T ∗ (Ω) \ 0. (ii) Clearly, Wsc -ellipticity implies W -ellipticity.
Elliptic regularity and solvability for partial differential equations with Colombeau coefficients