elliptic geometry


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n elliptic geometry (mathematics) a non-Euclidean geometry that regards space as like a sphere and a line as like a great circle "Bernhard Riemann pioneered elliptic geometry"
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In literature:

The theory of parallels as it exists in hyperbolic space has no application in elliptic geometry.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 6" by Various

In news:

Elliptical Shapes Using Simple Geometry – video.
Elliptical Shapes Using Simple Geometry – video.

In science:

The elliptic curve must have two points of intersection with the lines over F8 , and so depending on the intersection geometry may have either 2 or 4 points of intersection with the lines over F64 .
The maximum number of points on a curve of genus 4 over F_8 is 25
By geometry, elliptic flow vanishes for zero centrality, as nuclei which completely overlap cannot have any anistropy.
Theory at Quark Matter '02
Recently: elliptic curves over finite fields ) Algebraic geometry The use of sets and set theory to establish transformations.
Will the Butterfly Cipher keep your Network Data secure? Developments in Computer Encryption
One can envision implementing finite volumes of quark-gluon plasma with more and more realistic geometries, incorporating longitudinal and radial expansion and elliptic flow.
Phases of QCD: Summary of the Rutgers Long Range Plan Town Meeting
While the expression for IB with respect to the body frame was given in (2.7) for an arbitrary body, the expression for the tensor of adjoint masses IF can be given explicitly only for rather simple geometries. A simple yet interesting case is an elliptical planar body with the semi-axes A > B > 0.
The Hydrodynamic Chaplygin Sleigh