• The Dummy
    The Dummy
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj dummy having the appearance of being real but lacking capacity to function "a dummy corporation"
    • v dummy make a dummy of "dummy up the books that are to be published"
    • n dummy a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no bullet
    • n dummy a figure representing the human form
    • n dummy an ignorant or foolish person
    • n dummy a person who does not talk
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dummy A floating barge connected with a pier.
    • Dummy (Railroad) A locomotive with condensing engines, and, hence, without the noise of escaping steam; also, a dummy car.
    • Dummy A sham package in a shop, or one which does not contain what its exterior indicates.
    • Dummy A thick-witted person; a dolt.
    • Dummy An imitation or copy of something, to be used as a substitute; a model; a lay figure; as, a figure on which clothing is exhibited in shop windows; a blank paper copy used to show the size of the future book, etc.
    • Dummy Fictitious or sham; feigned; as, a dummy watch.
    • Dummy One who is dumb.
    • Dummy (Drama) One who plays a merely nominal part in any action; a sham character.
    • Dummy Silent; mute; noiseless; as a dummy engine.
    • Dummy (Card Playing) The fourth or exposed hand when three persons play at a four-handed game of cards.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dummy One who is dumb; a dumb person; a mute.
    • n dummy One who is silent; specifically, in theatrical, a person on the stage who appears before the lights, but has nothing to say.
    • n dummy One who or that which lacks the reality, force, function, etc., which it appears to possess; something that imitates a reality in a mechanical way or for a mechanical purpose. Specifically— Some object made up to deceive, as a sham package, a wooden cheese, an imitation drawer, etc.
    • n dummy In mech.:
    • n dummy A dumb-waiter.
    • n dummy A locomotive with a condensing-engine, and hence avoiding the noise of escaping steam: used especially for moving railroad-cars in the streets of a city, or combined in one with a passenger-car for local or street traffic.
    • n dummy The name given by firemen to one of the jets from the mains or chief water-pipes.
    • n dummy A hatters' pressing-iron.
    • n dummy In card-playing:
    • n dummy An exposed hand of cards, asin whist when three play.
    • n dummy A game of whist in which three play, the fourth hand being placed face up. One player, with this and his own hand, plays against the other two.
    • dummy Silent; mute.
    • dummy Sham; fictitious; feigned: as, a dummy watch.
    • n dummy Proofs of pages of composed type pasted down upon a larger leaf in proper order, to show the general arrangement of an intended book or pamphlet.
    • n dummy The dealer's partner at bridge.
    • n dummy In the game of rounce, an extra hand of 6 cards in the center of the table.
    • n dummy A person who is put forward (by interested parties in the background) in some capacity in connection with a matter in which he has no real concern or as to which he is the mere tool of his movers: for example, as an incorporater or a director of a bank, a railway, or other company, in order to satisfy some statutory requirement as to number, place of residence, or the like, or as in Australia, when the public lands were thrown open, one who made application for an allotment in his own name, but really on behalf of another who had already made his own ‘selection.’
    • n dummy A horse affected with dumminess, which follows an acute inflammation of the brain. See dumminess, 2.
    • dummy To act as a dummy. See dummy, 6.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Dummy one who is dumb: a mere tool of another, man of straw: a sham package in a shop: the fourth or exposed band when three persons play at whist
    • ***


Spit the dummy - Reference to an infant spitting out their dummy (or pacifier) in order to cry. 'To spit the dummy' is to give up.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Dumb
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. dumb; Ger. dumm, stupid, Dut. dom.


In literature:

With dummy (blank or ball) cartridges, 2.
"The Plattsburg Manual" by O.O. Ellis and E.B. Garey
Dummy engines furnish the motive power.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
Once they mounted a dummy figure of a man on their parapet.
"Kitchener's Mob" by James Norman Hall
Mat Bailey was in here the other day to help me with these dummies.
"Forty-one Thieves" by Angelo Hall
When on dummy's left it is futile to finesse against a card not in dummy's hand.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
He couldn't talk about it like other folks, poor old Dummy!
"Cobwebs and Cables" by Hesba Stretton
Tents were left standing there and dummy-horse lines arranged.
"With the British Army in The Holy Land" by Henry Osmond Lock
The figure by the distant mustang then, was only a dummy.
"Horses Nine" by Sewell Ford
He carried a dummy wooden gun, bundles of food, maps, and a compass; and he wore a German cap.
"Winning a Cause" by John Gilbert Thompson and Inez Bigwood
I had three dummies ready to run on and make a trumped-up accusation.
"Cad Metti, The Female Detective Strategist" by Harlan Page Halsey

In poetry:

Some dummy built this pencil wrong,
The eraser's down here where the point belongs,
And the point's at the top - so it's no good to me,
It's amazing how stupid some people can be.
"Stupid Pencil Maker" by Shel Silverstein
The war came and a huge camp of soldiers
Grew from the ground in sight of our house with long
Dummies hanging from gibbets for bayonet practice
And the sentry's challenge echoing all day long.
"Carrickfergus" by Louis MacNeice
"It's the dummy wot done it," said Bleary Bill.
"As a child I was out o' luck.
A kid in me pram, that's wot I am
When they gimme the thing to suck.
An' I took to it good, for I like the taste;
With never a thought of a life laid waste.
"The Deadly Dummy" by C J Dennis
I know as me 'abits is not the best.
An' I know as the beer's a curse;
But don't blame me, for me choice weren't free,
An' the blame of it's all on nurse.
So, please, yer Honor, don't make it 'ot,
An' I'll swear off dummies right on the spot."
"The Deadly Dummy" by C J Dennis

In news:

Crickets / Music Indie Rock's Don Rickleses Release Their Hello Dummy .
A life-sized " dummy " was discovered last week by Chesapeake Energy employees, suspended by a noose from a tree along state Route 89 in the Silver Hill area of Wetzel County.
Judges rated the dummies on creativity, quality of air, quality of the crash and crowd response.
And don't be a dummy .
"The real dummies evict people and fuel climate chaos," read a sign stuck across the mannequin's chest.
It involves dummy documents being provided to unsuspecting businesses.
It's got a three-year warranty, dummy .
Defensive backs finally get a chance to tackle -- a dummy .
Defensive backs haven't been engaged in any live tackling during training camp, so tonight they took out their pent-up frustrations by diving at a tackling dummy placed on a thick-padded landing area.
Nashville Children's Theatre presents Einstein is a Dummy .
Lock the Door, Dummy .
People on welfare are taking a Dalton McGuinty dummy on a tour of Ontario soup kitchens and food banks for reaction to his austerity budget.
Shirtless FBI agent in Petraeus sex scandal posed with bullet-ridden target dummies.
The Eastern PA punks walk us through their latest, due next week on SideOne Dummy.
We'll dummy up the words and let this woman's butt tell the entire story.

In science:

We did not write explicit labels on arcs and vertices of Fig. 30, but a summation should be carried out, not only on the arcs e but over all “dummy vertex labels”, i.e. those not already labelling the vertices of Fig. 28.
Notes on TQFT Wire Models and Coherence Equations for SU(3) Triangular Cells
We use a dummy variable D as treatment indicator, C as the covariate of interest, and Z as the outcome measure.
Detection of treatment effects by covariate-adjusted expected shortfall
However, when the dataset is sparse in its underlying space, as is the case for most multi-attribute relations, then the effect of adding noise is to vastly increase the size of the published data: it implicitly creates a huge number of dummy data points to mask the true data, making it almost impossible to work with.
Differentially Private Publication of Sparse Data
If a vertex lies on an infinite edge, we store both the vertex and an arbitrary other point p on the infinite edge, where p is labeled a dummy vertex and given no adjacency list.
Voronoi Diagram: The Generator Recognition Problem
In the input of the algorithms we will describe, we require that the number of ordinary vertices and the number of dummy vertices be specified, and that the dummy vertices be placed at the end of the vertex list (we will consider them as degenerate).
Voronoi Diagram: The Generator Recognition Problem