• Joe's Wall Paper Duds
    Joe's Wall Paper Duds
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj dud failing to detonate; especially not charged with an active explosive "he stepped on a dud mine"
    • n dud an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual "the first experiment was a real turkey","the meeting was a dud as far as new business was concerned"
    • n dud an explosion that fails to occur
    • n dud someone who is unsuccessful
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Oscar Wilde and his friends came up the with the word "dude." It came from the words "duds" and "attitude."
    • n dud A coarse cloak or mantle.
    • n dud A rag.
    • n dud plural [Formerly also spelled dudes, as in Harman's “Caveat” (1567), where the word is erroneously set down as “pedlar's French”—that is, thieves' cant.] Clothes; especially, poor or ragged clothing; tatters: used in contempt.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Dud dud (coll.) in pl. poor or ragged clothes, tatters
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
There is a M. E. dudd, birrus, a cloak, which may be Celt.


In literature:

But mind it isn't a dud one.
"The Golden Face" by William Le Queux
Let's see: where are your duds?
"The Kopje Garrison" by George Manville Fenn
She reared and charged, but to no purpose; those boys made her shake her duds.
"Hanover; Or The Persecution of the Lowly" by David Bryant Fulton
I s'pose she's got some old duds to dress it in?
"The Dust Flower" by Basil King
But Dud Peakslow ain't like no other man ye ever see.
"The Young Surveyor;" by J. T. Trowbridge
If I'm not, what a haul I'll make in these duds!
"Divided Skates" by Evelyn Raymond
Now, young un, let's see how the duds fit you.
"Harper's Young People, April 6, 1880" by Various
He hated to brag about an idea and then have it turn out to be a dud.
"Smugglers' Reef" by John Blaine
But you'll have to put on some miner's duds and spend to-day riding around the hills to get a little sunburn.
"They of the High Trails" by Hamlin Garland
There were Snap and I; and Shac and Dud Ardley, upon whom we could doubtless depend.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various

In poetry:

Each bosom thuds, as each his duds
He snatches and away,
And to the distant shaft he flees
With all the speed he may.
"The Hartley Calamity" by Joseph Skipsey
She turnt her face to the drivin snaw,
To the snaw but and the weet;
It claucht her snood, an' awa like a dud
Her hair drave oot i' the sleet.
"The Yerl O' Waterydeck" by George MacDonald
And there on a cloud - far away from the crowd
In a real Paradise, not a 'dud' 'un,
I'll do nowt for ever and ever and ever
But gollup up real Yorkshire pudden!
"Yorkshire Pudden" by Weston and Lee
Says aw, "Owd trump, it's rayther late
For one 'at's dress'd i' sich a state,
Across this Slack to mak ther gate:
Is ther some pairty?
Or does ta allus dress that rate--
Black duds o'th' wairty?"
"A Strange Stooary" by John Hartley
"Can't I?" 'e grins. "I'll do the best I can,
Considerin' I'm only 'arf a man.
Give us a light. I can't get none from Flood,
An' mine is dud."
I parts; an' 'e stands grinning at me still;
An' then 'e sez, "'Ave yeh fergot me, Bill?"
"Digger Smith" by C J Dennis
That's 'ow it was all night. I schemed a treat,
Workin' shrood points, an' sweatin' blood, almost;
But every time I'm beat
Right on the post.
All me matchrnakin's bust -- the task uv days --
Through Danny's duds an' my wife's tackless ways.
"The Dance" by C J Dennis

In news:

Can't afford designer duds .
Durant's offense and defense boosts him on Thursday night's studs and duds .
Peter's Del Mar seeks designer duds for annual fashion show.
New Wonder Woman Loses Patriotic Costume in Favor of 'Globalized' Duds .
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In science:

In Dud ley’s entropy integral inequality, the entropy can be replaced by the combinatorial dimension.
Random processes via the combinatorial dimension: introductory notes
However, not having spectroscopic con firmation and being he sitant about releasing a potential dud this early in the prototype search establish the SNfactory as a source of reliable supernova, this candidate was not released the candidate to the International Astronomical Union Circulars (IAUC).
Rates and Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
Z (cid:8)π(s, u)∂sGn (s, u) + φ(π(s, u))∇ · A∇Gn (s, u)duds.
Scaling limits for gradient systems in random environment
Z (cid:8)π(s, u)∂sG(s, u) + φ(π(s, u))∇ · A∇G(s, u)duds for every G : [0, T ] × U d → R of class C 1,2 .
Scaling limits for gradient systems in random environment
The above display is obtained by the fact that mes(uΞε ) = ud mes(Ξε ) = κdud/2+dδ .
Tail approximations of integrals of Gaussian random fields