drift apart


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v drift apart lose personal contact over time "The two women, who had been roommates in college, drifted apart after they got married"
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In literature:

We drifted apart afore they could board ther frigate.
"Jack Wright and His Electric Stage;" by "Noname"
Hence, we were gradually drifting apart.
"The Seven Secrets" by William Le Queux
Thus, without definite intention, they drifted a little apart.
"Captain Desmond, V.C." by Maud Diver
We'll simply drift apart.
"The Dominant Dollar" by Will Lillibridge
But now they had drifted apart.
"The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton" by Wardon Allan Curtis
There had come a great change over their lives, and they had drifted farther apart again.
"The New Tenant" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
They drifted farther apart, and the old man constantly widened the breach between them.
"A Budget of Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens and Others" by Various
And then I'd quit my job with Uncle John, and we sort of drifted apart.
"Inside John Barth" by William W. Stuart
Taking the pouch in its beak the gull soared high above the two vessels, now drifting imperceptibly apart.
"Mr. Wicker's Window" by Carley Dawson
Families oughtn't to drift apart like that.
"Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas" by Lloyd Osbourne

In poetry:

It was so hard to say good-bye,
To drift apart from you;
But harder still to live the lie
That swept the long years through.
"Estrangement" by Charles Hanson Towne
From opposite far shores fate bid us start,
We knew not whither and we cared not then--
And shall we meet? Or shall we drift apart?
Or meet and part, never to meet again?
"The Sentamentalist" by Thomas MacDonagh
And if the rosebud dreamed e'er its awaking
How soon its perfumed leaves would drift apart,
Perchance 'twould fold them close to still the aching
Within its golden heart.
"The Unknowing" by Virna Sheard
You were the essence of Spring,
Wayward and bright as a flame:
Though we have drifted apart,
Still how the syllables sing
Mixed in your musical name,
Deep in the well of my heart!
"Palm Trees" by Laurence Hope
Love, let me thank you for this!
Now we have drifted apart,
Wandered away from the sea,--
For the fresh touch of your kiss,
For the young warmth of your heart,
For your youth given to me.
"Palm Trees" by Laurence Hope
Our steps--ah! how fond was our intercourse then--
Like the leaves of the autumn have drifted apart,
And the voices that moan in that overgrown glen
Now melt into weeping the sorrowful heart.
"The Friends" by Lennox Amott

In news:

What's wrong with the police kicking in the door of an apartment after they smell marijuana drifting from it, if they knock hard, announce who they are and then hear what sounds like evidence being destroyed.
But at Alla Spina , the Vetri crew’s new Italian gastropub off North Broad Street, my meals revealed two continents drifting farther apart with every little plate.
Anglicans must not drift apart , departing leader says.
The Change-Up Growing up together, Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) were inseparable best friends, but as the years have passed they've slowly drifted apart.
The two floated all night long and drifted apart.
Anglicans must not drift apart, departing leader says.
Publicly, the two sides appear to be drifting apart as Boehner, in a feisty moment during a morning news conference at the Capitol, insisted that spending cuts deeper than the president has proposed must be part of the deal.
Sides drift further apart in Lake Forest teacher strike.
How to identify behaviors that undermine love—and how to avoid drifting apart.
After their child is killed in an auto accident, a husband and wife (Aaron Eckhart, Nicole Kidman) drift apart.
Drifting Apart in the Twenty-first Century.
We love how honest this original short story written by a GL reader about drifting apart from your best friend is.

In science:

During the separation the two clouds push each other apart so that the fast cloud moves with a velocity ¯vf = ¯vL + δ ¯v that is slightly larger than the recoil velocity ¯vL caused by the laser light and the slow cloud drifts backwards with velocity −δ ¯v.
Prototyping method for Bragg-type atom interferometers
After the two-particle system is prepared in the Bell state |ψi, the two particles drift far apart.
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
Typically, they drift progressively apart and the polarities are collected in two main polarities revealing the global structure of the underlying flux tube (Zwaan, 1985; Strous et al., 1996; Pariat et al., 2004).
Solar filament eruptions and their physical role in triggering Coronal Mass Ejections
However, if k < (1 − ¯q)/2, computer simulations show that the population eventually splits into two populations that drift further apart and become reproductively isolated.
Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics
This is because equivalence is defined in a neighbourhood and so a “drift” resulting in µ0 and µ9 being too far apart to be considered equivalent can occur.
Gene profiling for determining pluripotent genes in a time course microarray experiment