• WordNet 3.6
    • n dissembling the act of deceiving
    • n dissembling pretending with intention to deceive
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Dissembling That dissembles; hypocritical; false.
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  • James Baldwin
    “Rage cannot be hidden, it can only be dissembled. This dissembling deludes the thoughtless, and strengthens rage and adds, to rage, contempt.”


In literature:

Elizabeth, however, in order to save her life, was obliged to dissemble.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume VIII" by John Lord
How much better were it in such a case to dissemble or contemn it?
"The Anatomy of Melancholy" by Democritus Junior
I cannot dissemble with you; what would you have me do?
"The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 13, Issue 350, January 3, 1829" by Various
He certainly dealt not with himself in the manner of a dissembler with God.
"Seekers after God" by Frederic William Farrar
The guide's visible efforts to dissemble the truth only made things worse.
"The Wendigo" by Algernon Blackwood
She inquired for the guests, but Ioskeha, anxious to save them, dissembled, and replied that he knew not what she meant.
"American Hero-Myths" by Daniel G. Brinton
She expected she would have to be on her guard with her brother, even to dissemble a little.
"Big Timber" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
The King hath sent him, sure: I must dissemble.
"Miles Wallingford" by James Fenimore Cooper
He is to honorable to dissemble.
"Virgie's Inheritance" by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon
Eliza had to dissemble, but he knew that in her heart she was furious with him.
"The Lake" by George Moore

In poetry:

All ignorant we dared to own
The joys we now dissemble;
The greenfinch on the apple bough
Could make my enemies tremble.
"A Little Poem" by George Orwell
The Monarch hears, and with reluctant eyes
Gives the consent his boding heart denies;
His brow a placid guise dissembling wears,
While Reason vainly combats stronger fears.
"Shooting" by Henry James Pye
Evening fell, equivocal, dissembling,
The women who hung dreaming on our arms
Spoke in low voices, words that had such charms
That ever since our stunned soul has been trembling.
"The Young Fools (Les Ingénus) " by Paul Verlaine
You knew, dissembler! all the while,
How sweet it was to reconcile
After this heavy pelt;
That we should gain by this allay
When next we met, and laugh away
The care we never felt.
"Apology to Delia" by William Cowper
My heart gave frantic leap, as when the roebuck
Is started by the clamor of the chase,
And I halted all atremble
In the vain hope to dissemble,
Or cloak the leaden pallor on my face.
"In Deeper Vein" by Edwin Carty Ranck
Shall it not come? deny they or dissemble,
Is it not even as lightning from on high
Now? and though many a soul close eyes and tremble,
How should they tremble at all who love thee as I?
"Mater Triumphalis" by Algernon Charles Swinburne

In news:

Why Tax Policy Is a Dissembler 's Paradise.
No end to the dissembling .
I continue to maintain that Romney's ability to lie, dissemble, distort and equivocate so effortlessly is a far more important story — and is far more telling about his character — than any $10,000 bet.
Hey, the president dissembled on Libya.
From Corker 's standpoint, the explanation for the administration's public dissembling is plain.
FAIRBANKS — It's the election season, ripe with hyperbole, dissembling, and with it the deluge of ugly, misleading information.
Removing and dissembling the ignition lock can be difficult, but once the many rubber pieces, the screws and the outer and inner cylinders are removed, the cylinder has a standard wafer system.
No end to the dissembling.
What's more, allegations of White House dissembling since the run-up to war with Iraq have taken a toll on Bush's once-solid image as the refreshing antidote to previous Presidential prevarication .
But now, thanks to his own prevarication , dissembling and deceit, the most important question is, "Mr. Gore, can we trust you enough to make you president".
Those who suggests it's a tax are wrong, in error, disingenuous, and dissemblers.
Since self - tanners can serve as a soft and best) solution: self - tanners —master dissemblers Here you go: Since self - tanners react with the upper streaks.