• WordNet 3.6
    • v disperse cause to separate "break up kidney stones","disperse particles"
    • v disperse cause to become widely known "spread information","circulate a rumor","broadcast the news"
    • v disperse distribute loosely "He scattered gun powder under the wagon"
    • v disperse separate (light) into spectral rays "the prosm disperses light"
    • v disperse move away from each other; "The crowds dispersed","The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached"
    • v disperse to cause to separate and go in different directions "She waved her hand and scattered the crowds"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Chameleons change their color by dispersing the concentration of pigment in their skin. This is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Color changes are determined by external factors such as light and temperature as well as emotions. They do not change color to match their background.
    • Disperse To distribute wealth; to share one's abundance with others. "He hath dispersed , he hath given to the poor."
    • Disperse To scatter abroad; to drive to different parts; to distribute; to diffuse; to spread; as, the Jews are dispersed among all nations. "The lips of the wise disperse knowledge.""Two lions, in the still, dark night,
      A herd of beeves disperse ."
    • Disperse To scatter, so as to cause to vanish; to dissipate; as, to disperse vapors. "Dispersed are the glories."
    • Disperse To separate; to go or move into different parts; to vanish; as, the company dispersed at ten o'clock; the clouds disperse.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Even when all the molecules in a single breath of air have been dispersed evenly in the earth's atmosphere, there will still be one or two of the same ones taken into the lungs with every subsequent breath. Every time you breathe in, you inhale one or two of the same molecules that you inhaled with the first breath you took as a baby.
    • disperse To scatter; separate and send off or drive in different directions; cause to separate in. different directions: as, to disperse a crowd.
    • disperse To distribute; dispense.
    • disperse To diffuse; spread.
    • disperse To make known; publish.
    • disperse To dissipate; cause to vanish: as, the fog is dispersed.
    • disperse Synonyms and
    • disperse Dispel, Scatter, etc. See dissipate.
    • disperse To distribute, deal ont, disseminate, sow broadcast.
    • disperse To separate and move apart in different directions without order or regularity; become scattered: as, the company dispersed at 10 o'clock.
    • disperse To become diffused or spread; spread.
    • disperse To vanish by diffusion; be scattered out of sight.
    • disperse Scattered; dispersed.
    • n disperse One who or that which disperses: as, a disperser of libels.
    • disperse In optics, to refract by amounts which vary with the wave-length of the refracted ray; separate a composite beam of light, into its components, forming a spectrum. See dispersion, 3.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Disperse dis-pėrs′ to scatter in all directions: to spread: to diffuse: to drive asunder: to cause to vanish
    • v.i Disperse to separate: to spread abroad: to vanish
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  • William Shakespeare
    “Glory is like a circle in the water, which never ceaseth to enlarge itself, till, by broad spreading, it disperse to naught.”
  • R. Buckminster Fuller
    “Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we've been ignorant of their value.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. dispersus, p. p. of dispergere, to strew, scatter. See Sparse


In literature:

Sometimes both luminaries tremble, all dispersed and broken, on the swirling river.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete" by John Symonds
The book was the property of the O'Donnells till the dispersion of their clan.
"The Great Book-Collectors" by Charles Isaac Elton and Mary Augusta Elton
Lilburne was accused before the star chamber of publishing and dispersing seditious pamphlets.
"The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part E. From Charles I. to Cromwell" by David Hume
In the bay of Biscay he was overtaken by a violent storm, that dispersed the ships, and drove them up the English channel.
"The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.II. From William and Mary to George II." by Tobias Smollett
When the family were dispersing to their chambers that night, Reginald lingered to speak to Kate.
"Kate Danton, or, Captain Danton's Daughters" by May Agnes Fleming
The consul falls, having received a mortal wound, and all around him are dispersed.
"The History of Rome, Books 01 to 08" by Titus Livius
Give out that you mean to set up a factory yourself and the company will be dispersed in a few days.
"Debit and Credit" by Gustav Freytag
Here log houses were knocked up, and the servants dispersed moose hunting for winter supplies.
"Canada: the Empire of the North" by Agnes C. Laut
Gradually the company dispersed.
"Ernest Linwood" by Caroline Lee Hentz
Advanced posts, or any other form of unnecessary dispersion, should be avoided.
"Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1911" by United States War Department

In poetry:

O Jesus, Lord of heavenly grace,
Thou Brightness of Thy Father's face,
Thou Fountain of eternal light,
Whose beams disperse the shades of night.
"O Jesus, Lord of Heavenly Grace" by Augusta Treverorum
Thus, on the raging sea of life,
While billows wild around us swell,
Let faith in Christ our fears disperse,
Let trust in Him our sorrows quell.
"The Tempest Stilled" by Thomas Frederick Young
It shall bathe in the living streams
Round the gardens of heaven that flow;
And revel in light, whose dazzling beams
Disperse all the mists of woe.
"Death" by John Bowring
Shine in our darkness, Light of light,
Our minds illumine, disperse our night;
Make us responsive to Thy will;
Our souls with all Thy fullness fill.
"Lord of Our Life, Whom We Fear" by Samuel Francis Smith
'Though the winds and the waves were perverse,
I was sure to be welcom'd with glee;
My presence the cares would disperse,
That were only awaken'd for me.
"The Old Fisherman" by Matilda Betham
When timorous Hope the head uprears,
Still drooping and still moist with tears,
If, through dispersing grief, be seen
Of Bliss the heavenly spark serene.
"To A Primrose" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

In news:

Antiwear films were generated from formulations of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) and various dispersants in base oil on 52100 steel in a pin-on-disk configuration within a boundary lubrication regime.
Syria protests continued for a third day in Deraa with security forces reportedly using tear gas and firing live ammunition to disperse demonstrators.
Crowds that Georgian police violently dispersed complain that the Saakashvili government's reforms have not helped them.
Kuwaiti security forces fired tear gas to disperse an unauthorized demonstration on Sunday by thousands of opposition supporters against new voting rules for parliamentary elections on December 1.
Greek riot police fired teargas to disperse demonstrators protesting outside parliament on Thursday against a new wave of wage and pension cuts demanded by foreign lenders.
The polytetrafluoroethylene fiber is a dispersion spun fiber.
Silane-coated Titanium Dioxide Dispersion for Protection and Skin Feel.
Her band, "Failure to Disperse," accompanies her.
TUNIS , Tunisia (AP) – Police used tear gas and truncheons to disperse protesters seeking to march Monday along the Tunisian capital's main boulevard despite a ban on demonstrations there.
Police fired tear gas into the crowd to disperse it.
Muminova said she and the child survived hours of violence last Friday when the government of Uzbekistan used gunfire to disperse a prison break and antigovernment rally in the city of Andijon.
MOSCOW (AP) — Moscow police violently dispersed a gay pride rally Saturday that was banned by city authorities, drawing attention to Russia's record on gay rights as it prepares to host a major international pop music competition.
Nearly half of Canadians do not have a formal will that states how assets will be dispersed.
MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — Riot police in Bahrain have fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of marchers trying to reach a heavily guarded square that was once the hub of their anti-government uprising.
MANAMA, Bahrain —Riot police in Bahrain have fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of marchers trying to reach a heavily guarded square that was once the hub of their anti-government uprising.

In science:

This contradicts with the well established fact that in the d → 0 limit, the linear dispersion relation will be replaced by quadratic Ferromagnetic spin-wave dispersion relation ω ∼ k2 due to the enlarged SU (2) symmetry at d → 0.
Mutual Composite Fermion and composite Boson approaches to balanced and imbalanced bilayer quantum Hall system: an electronic analogy of the Helium 4 system
Also, it would allow consistency between the comoving number density of massive halos as a function of velocity dispersion at radius re ∼ 10h−1 kpc) and SDSS counts of galaxies as a function of stellar velocity dispersion (as illustrated in Figure 2 of Loeb & Peebles( 2003) using the data from Sheth et al. (2003)).
Early Formation and Late Merging of the Giant Galaxies
H owever, when treated as an ensemble, the mean ratio of weak–she ar constrained velocity dispersions to multiple–image const rained velocity dispersion is 0.94±0.04.
A Hubble Space Telescope Lensing Survey of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters: IV. Mass, Structure and Thermodynamics of Cluster Cores at z=0.2
Consider weakly nonlinear dispersive waves in a periodic box with a dispersion relation ωk which allow three-wave interactions.
Probability densities and preservation of randomness in wave turbulence
To disperse however, the particle must visit both minima and maxima, due to the absence of saddles in one dimension, and so one could argue that, in some sense, both minima and maxima were equally important for determining the dispersion.
Perturbation theory for the effective diffusion constant in a medium of random scatterer