• WordNet 3.6
    • n disparagement the act of speaking contemptuously of
    • n disparagement a communication that belittles somebody or something
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Disparagement Injurious comparison with an inferior; a depreciating or dishonoring opinion or insinuation; diminution of value; dishonor; indignity; reproach; disgrace; detraction; -- commonly with to. "It ought to be no disparagement to a star that it is not the sun.""Imitation is a disparagement and a degradation in a Christian minister."
    • Disparagement Matching any one in marriage under his or her degree; injurious union with something of inferior excellence; a lowering in rank or estimation. "And thought that match a foul disparagement ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n disparagement The matching of a man or a woman to one of inferior rank or condition, and against the rules of decency.
    • n disparagement Injury by union or comparison with something of inferior excellence.
    • n disparagement The act of undervaluing or lowering the estimation or character of a person or thing; the act of depreciating; detraction.
    • n disparagement Diminution of value or excellence; reproach; disgrace; indignity; dishonor: as, poverty is no disparagement to greatness.
    • n disparagement Synonyms Derogation, depreciation, debasement, degradation.
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  • Edward N. Hurley
    Edward N. Hurley
    “If we devote our time disparaging the products of our business rivals, we hurt business generally, reduce confidence, and increase discontent.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. OF. desparagement,


In literature:

Intellect has been disparaged and instinct has been exalted.
"Cambridge Essays on Education" by Various
Such a man should not be disparaged.
"Sketches of the Covenanters" by J. C. McFeeters
As usual, they miss the essential point and disparage philosophy by falsifying it.
"The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII." by Various
Nor doth the similitude of creatures disparage the variety of nature, nor any way confound the works of God.
"Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 6" by Various
But let it not seem as if this were meant for disparagement.
"New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1" by Various
A recent critic has said disparagingly that Bunyan would have called Hamlet Mr. Facing-both-ways.
"The Art of Letters" by Robert Lynd
Therefore, beware of disparaging the present in your own mind.
"Literary Taste: How to Form It" by Arnold Bennett
He was inclined to disparage the military achievements of the Allies and to justify the acts of Germany.
"The Tree of Heaven" by May Sinclair
This may be one reason why Cooper has more admirers, or at least fewer disparagers, abroad than at home.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 09, No. 51, January, 1862" by Various
The word conveys some sense of disparagement and, so used, is inaccurate.
"Plays, Acting and Music" by Arthur Symons

In poetry:

Yet is it no disparagement to you,
To see your Sauiour in a Shepheards weed,
Vnworthily presented in your viewe,
Whose worthinesse will grace each line you reade.
"The Authors Dreame To The Ladie Marie" by Aemilia Lanyer
Well know we our birthright may serve but to show
How the meanest of weeds in the richest soil grow;
But we need not disparage the good which we hold;
Though the vessels be earthen, the treasure is gold!
"The Quaker Alumni" by John Greenleaf Whittier
They soon became like brothers from community of wrongs:
They wrote each other little odes and sang each other songs;
They told each other anecdotes disparaging their wives;
On several occasions, too, they saved each other's lives.
"Etiquette" by William Schwenck Gilbert

In news:

Nobel Chief Disparages US as 'Too Insular ' for Great Writing.
Gaddis's Kennan : Strategies of Disparagement The Nation.
Slice will compete on Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter,' working for UFC President Dana White, who had said some disparaging words about him.
It piqued my interest because the author was so passionate and disparaging towards our state representative, Bob Barrett.
Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney took a public beating today for comments he made that were seen as disparaging poor and middle class taxpayers.
Kansas governor apologizes for ' overreaction ' to teen's disparaging tweet.
Unsatisfied with knocking one federal prosecutor from office for making anonymous, disparaging comments online, River Birch landfill owner and federal target Fred Heebe has set his sights on another.
Reporting the disparaging comments about New Jersey's economy by Aussie Treasurer Wayne Swan for today's story, I couldn't help but note the oddity of two politicians with radically opposing views both being obsessed with The Boss.
Scottish-born conductor Douglas Boyd, who led the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at Orchestra Hall on Thursday night and Friday morning, ruffled a few feathers earlier this week when he tweeted some disparaging remarks about his host city.
I think my colleague is right to disparage the " diagnosis rather than argument" frame, so I'm not going to use it.
In a press statement announcing the Sept 13 showing of "Miss Representation" LaFawn A Gilliam of the Women's Fund promised a "provocative documentary" detailing the media's "limited and often disparaging portrayals of women and girls.
Indeed, what so many disparage as "neoconservatism" is a variant of a realist theory.
Lindsay Lohan recently announced that she is suing Pitbull for using her name in a disparaging way in his song 'Give Me Everything.
Much of what's on the Web is extremely disparaging of both the industry and government.
To say that a Jew can't do that gesture as homage to Chaplin's masterpiece 'The Great Dictator' is like Muslim extremists killing a cartoonist for disparaging Mohammed in his art.

In science:

The results described here should not be seen as an attempt to discredit or disparage the previous work by Miller (1999), rather, it is simply a matter of a result with very important implications requiring confirmation, especially in an independent data set.
Oscillations During Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts
I do not want to disparage the brilliant series of Mark’s papers of 19711976 in any way.
West-Side Story (On the History of Density-Wave Spiral Theories in the 1960s)
Given that the Loebner prize, as constituted, is at best a diversion of effort and attention and at worst a disparagement of the scientific community, what might a better alternative use of Dr.
Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test