• WordNet 3.6
    • v disobey refuse to go along with; refuse to follow; be disobedient "He disobeyed his supervisor and was fired"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Disobey Not to obey; to neglect or refuse to obey (a superior or his commands, the laws, etc.); to transgress the commands of (one in authority); to violate, as an order; as, refractory children disobey their parents; men disobey their Maker and the laws. "Not to disobey her lord's behest."
    • v. i Disobey To refuse or neglect to obey; to violate commands; to be disobedient. "He durst not know how to disobey ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • disobey To neglect or refuse to obey; transgress or violate a command or injunction of; refuse submission to: as, children disobey their parents; men disobey the laws.
    • disobey To refuse obedience; disregard authority or command; violate rules or regulations.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Disobey dis-o-bā′ to neglect or refuse to obey or do what is commanded.
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  • Jean Cocteau
    “The joy of youth is to disobey; but the trouble is that there are no longer any orders.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. désobéir,; pref. dés-,L. dis-,) + obéir,. See Obey, and cf. Disobedient
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. desobeirdes (= L. dis), and obeir, to obey.


In literature:

The explorers had disobeyed him in leaving without his permission.
"Pathfinders of the West" by A. C. Laut
There they lie, the inexorable leaders, whom we dare not disobey.
"A Mummer's Tale" by Anatole France
It is a very serious fault even in trifles to disobey orders.
"The Letters of Cassiodorus" by Cassiodorus (AKA Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator)
But against these modes of riddance there is a canon set, which some men still fear to disobey.
"Phineas Redux" by Anthony Trollope
To have his command thus disobeyed was an unheard-of crime.
"A Chinese Wonder Book" by Norman Hinsdale Pitman
So Sale decided to disobey Elphinstone's orders and to push on to Jellalabad further up the river.
"The Red Book of Heroes" by Leonora Blanche Lang
He didn't like to disobey his mother.
"The Southerner" by Thomas Dixon
God forgive all your sins, many as they are, if you disobey grandmother's wicked commands about my darling!
"The Entailed Hat" by George Alfred Townsend
No one who disobeyed it, they were certain, could possibly love God.
"Men Called Him Master" by Elwyn Allen Smith
He has disobeyed orders!
"Captain Jinks, Hero" by Ernest Crosby

In poetry:

"You are the one causing troubles," said Elijah.
"You disobey the one true God.
You worship idols.
That is the trouble."
"Elijah Proves Who The True God Is" by Doris Clore Demaree
Woman tries to be thy servant,
Disobeys dame Nature's laws,
Ere she reaches thirty summers,
Shattered frame and sunken jaws.
"Fashion" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Often my gracious Friend I grieve,
Neglect, distrust, and disobey,
And often Satan's lies believe,
Sooner than all my Friend can say.
"Is This Thy Kindness To Thy Friend (Christ A Redeemer And Friend)" by John Newton
'Tis Christ himself, that calls thee from above,
'Tis Christ commands, and who can disobey?
'Tis Christ, that deigns thy troubles to remove,
If thou to Him, thro' faith, wilt come away!
"Advice To A Sinner, To Come To Christ" by Rees Prichard
In the flickering lamplight the figure swayed,
In the shadows did melt and swim:
With tool and thumb he modelled and made,
Nor knew that feature and limb
Half-obeying, half-disobeyed,
And mocking eluded him.
"The Unseen Model" by George MacDonald
Now Rodney bow'd his face towards the ground,
Until his bosom this expression found:
"The humble subject of thy will I stand,
For thy request to me is a command,
The which to disobey 's the coward's task,
Mine is to do, fair one, and yours to ask.
"Saville In Trouble" by Albery Allson Whitman

In news:

While 'bishop of the poor' had sought laicization before campaign, he disobeyed Vatican's order to stay out of politics.
Notable deaths in arts, A to M. If your dog deliberately disobeys, you have a motivation problem.
A Hilliard couple is facing jail time after they disobeyed a judge's order to clean up their Darbyshire Drive property.
An 18-year veteran of the Army, Lakin disobeyed orders to report to a Kentucky army base earlier this year to prepare for deployment , saying he believed the orders were illegal.
The agency overseeing Frederick County's proposed waste-to-energy incinerator has been criticized for disobeying Open Meetings Act requirements.
Kovatch's instructor suggested he keep the number of glass pieces on his first project small, but he disobeyed and ended up using 121 different glass fragments to craft his masterpiece.
It dates back to the first woman, Eve, who persuaded Adam to disobey God.
A teenager in Flagler County, Florida is learning not to disobey her parents thanks to some tough love.
I have sometimes been a bit rebellious and disobeyed instructions and orders from my supervisors.
Aside from disobeying and failing God, the one thing I fear most is becoming phony .
Marion Police Sergeant Convicted of Disobeying DNR Officer Orders.
IOWA CITY, Iowa — A Marion police sergeant has been convicted of disobeying orders from water patrol officers at Coralville Reservoir.
Disobeyed her parents, it wasn't typical youthful rebellion.
The trial court correctly dismissed plaintiffs' case as a sanction for disobeying a discovery order, the Court of Appeals has decided.
We spoke with some people who disobeyed orders to evacuate before Sandy hit.

In science:

Thus the non-interacting version obeys simple scaling while the interacting version depends on the geometry (here: one-dimensional only) and disobeys simple scaling.
Scaling in a simple model for surface growth in a random medium
To the exist growing scale-free network, we can not convert its topology into the theoretical optimization directly disobeying its evolutionary principle.
Optimization of robustness of scale-free network to random and targeted attacks
When we say ‘rational’ we simply mean that one should assign them in such a way that we do not disobey certain criteria that our assignment should obey to be consistent.
Relationalism vs. Bayesianism
We show that HSE06 can qualitatively fail in such complex systems due to insufficient screening of the Coulomb interaction between localized d-electrons, leading to incomplete cancelation of the self-interaction error which manifests as disobeying the generalized Koopmans’ Theorem (gKT) [7, 17, 19, 20].
The role of screening in the density functional applied on transition metal defects in semiconductors
Kolmogorovian axioms, whereas these axioms are disobeyed by quantum mechanics. [8, 9] Clearly, all these problems turn around the fundamental question of giving a sensible meaning to a notion of probability associated with individual physical systems the state of which is assumed to be completely known.
Quantum dice