• WordNet 3.6
    • v disk draw a harrow over (land)
    • n disk a flat circular plate
    • n disk (computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored
    • n disk sound recording consisting of a disk with a continuous groove; used to reproduce music by rotating while a phonograph needle tracks in the groove
    • n disk something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate "the moon's disk hung in a cloudless sky"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The CIA has made a disk camera that is as big as a quarter. This gadget can take many pictures at a time when the disk is opened.
    • Disk (Biol) A circular structure either in plants or animals; as, a blood disk; germinal disk, etc.
    • Disk A discus; a quoit. "Some whirl the disk , and some the javelin dart."
    • Disk A flat, circular plate; as, a disk of metal or paper.
    • Disk (Bot) A part of the receptacle enlarged or expanded under, or around, or even on top of, the pistil.
    • Disk (Zoöl) In owls, the space around the eyes.
    • Disk (Zoöl) The anterior surface or oral area of cœlenterate animals, as of sea anemones.
    • Disk (Bot) The central part of a radiate compound flower, as in sunflower.
    • Disk (Astron) The circular figure of a celestial body, as seen projected of the heavens.
    • Disk (Zoöl) The lower side of the body of some invertebrates, especially when used for locomotion, when it is often called a creeping disk.
    • Disk (Bot) The whole surface of a leaf.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Frisbee got its name from William Russel Frisbee, who was a pie baker. He used to sell his pies in a thin tin pan, which had Frisbee written on it. When Walter Frederick Morrison thought of the idea of making saucer like disks to play catch, he visited the campus of Yale and noticed people there were using the pie pan to play catch so he therefore renamed his invention to Frisbee
    • n disk Same as discus, 1.
    • n disk In the Gr. Ch., a paten.
    • n disk Any flat, or approximately or apparently flat, circular plate or surface.
    • n disk Specifically In botany: The flat surface of an organ, such as a leaf, in distinction from the margin.
    • n disk Any flat, circular, discus-shaped growth, as the adhesive disks which form on the tendrils of the Virginia creeper.
    • n disk In the tubuliflorous Compositæ, the series of flowers having a tubular corolla, and forming the central portion or whole of the head, as distinct from a surrounding ligulate-flowered ray; also, the central portion of any radiate inflorescence
    • n disk An enlargement of the torus of a flower about the pistil. This assumes many forms, and is usually glandular or nectariferous. It may be either free (hypogynous) or adnate to the calyx (perlgynous), or when the ovary is inferior it may be upon its summit (epigynous). It may also be entire or variously lobed.
    • n disk A name sometimes given to the bordered pits (otherwise called dots and discoid markings) which characterize the woody tissue of gymriosperms, as the pine.
    • n disk The hymenium of a discocarp; the cup-like or otherwise expanded surface on which the asci are borne in Discomycetes.
    • n disk In zoöl, and anatomy, any flattened and rounded surface or part; a discus. Specifically— In conchology, the part of a bivalve shell between the margin and the umbo.
    • n disk In armor, same as roundel.
    • n disk One of the collars separating and securing the cutters on a horizontal mandrel.
    • n disk A small medicated gelatin tablet about of an inch thick, which contains a small amount of glycerin to prevent it from becoming hard and brittle: a simple means of applying accurately adjusted quantities of mydriatic, myotic, and anesthetic alkaloids such as atropin, physostigmine, and cocaïne to the eye.
    • disk In agriculture, to cultivate with a disk-cultivator.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Every day, the Hubble telescope transmits enough data to fit 10,000 standard computer disks
    • n Disk the face of a round plate, any flat, round object: the face of a celestial body:
    • n Disk (bot.) the flat surface of an organ, as a leaf, any flat, round growth
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. discus, Gr. di`skos. See Dish
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. discus—Gr. diskos, a round plate, a quoit—dikein, to cast. See Desk, Dish.


In literature:

As he climbed up, small bright metal disks cascaded from a pocket.
"The Pirates of Ersatz" by Murray Leinster
In minutes it was a rounded, end-on disk.
"The Aliens" by Murray Leinster
Now, if you spin a copper disk in a magnetic field, you get eddy currents.
"The Ambulance Made Two Trips" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
A coin may be used in place of a disk.
"Games and Play for School Morale" by Various
And again he played that green disk of deadly light upon the faces of her crew.
"The Wreck of the Titan" by Morgan Robertson
The crimson disk of the Sun has plunged beneath the Ocean.
"Astronomy for Amateurs" by Camille Flammarion
Travis snapped open the box, fed the first disk into the reader, and applied his eyes to the vision tube at its apex.
"The Defiant Agents" by Andre Alice Norton
The remaining mother disk settled to earth on the level land directly below our hiding place, and the smaller disk settled now around it.
"Valley of the Croen" by Lee Tarbell
It proved to be merely a small lead disk, utterly useless and valueless; he didn't even know what it could have been used for.
"Antony Gray,--Gardener" by Leslie Moore
He wanted to know where this strange person had been hiding when he set the disk rolling.
"Panther Eye" by Roy J. Snell

In poetry:

One was a snowy myrtle-bud,
Another blushed as if with blood,
A third was pink of softest tinge,
Then came a disk with purple fringe.
"Dedication" by Henry Timrod
Gently and very slowly swayed.
The wind a wordless rhapsody
Sings--and the shimm'ring air doth braid
An aureole of filigree
Round every disk with emerald laid.
"The Gardens" by Emile Verhaeren
Higher, higher, gathering light,
Veiling with a golden gauze
All the trembling atmosphere,
See, the rayless disk grows white!
Hark, the glittering billows pause!
"A June Night" by Emma Lazarus
Her white fogs veil the morn that rims
With wet the moonflow'r's elfin moons;
And, like exhausted starlight, dims
The last slim lily-disk; and swoons
With scents of hazy afternoons.
"Undertone" by Madison Julius Cawein
Her white fogs veil the morn, that rims
With wet the moonflower's elfin moons;
And, like exhausted starlight, dims
The last slim lily-disk; and swoons
With scents of hazy afternoons.
"Autumn Sorrow" by Madison Julius Cawein
As well might the Judas of treason endeavor
To write his black name on the disk of the sun
As try the bright star-wreath that binds us to sever
And blot the fair legend of "Many in One."
"In Response" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Holographic digital storage will let consumers store a DVD library on a single disk.
Toshiba and Samsung Electronics to Integrate Optical Disk Device Businesses Sep 22, 2003 Printable format Email this Article Search.
Toshiba Corporation and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd signed a memorandum of terms covering integration of the companies' respective optical disk drive businesses in a joint venture.
Langford, "Queueing Analysis of an Optical Disk Jukebox Based Office System," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol 39, no.
Radioactive disks were used to add radioactivity in drinking water.
Partition Manager also allows you to hide partitions from the OS, copy partitions to other areas of disk, and shrink a partition while copying it so it can fit in more areas.
The most straightforward, but not cheap, option is to buy a disk- partitioning utility that can merge partitions without reformatting them, such as Symantec's Norton Partition Magic ($70).
Partition Magic stole my hard disk.
There is currently much interest in using external memory, such as disk storage, to scale up graph-search algorithms.
A set of digital instructions that makes it easier to manage the increasingly large amounts of data found on farms of inexpensive disk drives.
Seagate plans to apply perpendicular recording to its 7,200-rpm Momentus disk drives and to its smaller device 1-inch drives and desktop-oriented 3.5-inch products.
A few magazines will soon have floppy disks containing computer programs to accompany the printed articles.
Dust disk that might have made planets disappears.
Auslogics Software Releases Disk Defrag 3.2.
Make Room on Your Hard Disk.

In science:

Calculated magnetization response (a) for a disk with D = 8ξ, h = 0.1ξ and λ = 0.28ξ. L is the fluxoid number which, for simplicity911, can be considered as the number of vortices inside the disk. (b) – amount of flux Φ inside the disk replotted from the M-H dependence.
Non-Quantized Penetration of Magnetic Field in the Vortex State of Superconductors
Introduction The standard model of accretion disks, also called the α disk model, proposed by Shakura and Sunyaev 1) states that the angular momentum is transported from the inner part of the disk to the outer part, due to the action of some kind of viscosity.
Is Angular Momentum in an Accretion Disk Transported Inwards?
Bekki et al.’s (2001) N-body/SPH simulations of tidal interactions between M31 and an orbiting early-type spiral galaxy predict either a complete stripping of the disk, or at least a vertical heating of the satellite’s disk to create a thick disk.
Evidence for an outer disk in the Prototype `Compact Elliptical' Galaxy M32
We present a phenomenological approach to the study of disk galaxy evolution, based on i) a detailed modelling of the Milky Way (used as a prototype disk galaxy) and ii) an extension of the model to other disks through some simple scaling relations, obtained in the framework of Cold Dark matter models.
The Milky Way and the evolution of disk galaxies
The adopted scaling of the gas surface density brings the disk of NGC 2915 close to the critical value of the Toomre parameter, for which the disk is unstable to axisymmetric modes and fragments (Qcrit ≈ 0.5 for a vertically resolved disk).
On the Spiral Structure of NGC 2915 and Dark Matter