• WordNet 3.6
    • v disarray bring disorder to
    • n disarray untidiness (especially of clothing and appearance)
    • n disarray a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior "a confusion of impressions"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Disarray Confused attire; undress.
    • Disarray To take off the dress of; to unrobe. "So, as she bade, the witch they disarrayed ."
    • Disarray To throw into disorder; to break the array of. "Who with fiery steeds
      Oft disarrayed the foes in battle ranged."
    • Disarray Want of array or regular order; disorder; confusion. "Disrank the troops, set all in disarray ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • disarray To undress or disrobe; divest, as of clothes or attributes.
    • disarray To throw into disorder; rout, as troops.
    • disarray To undress or strip one's self.
    • n disarray Disorder; confusion; loss or want of array or regular order.
    • n disarray Imperfect attire; undress.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Disarray dis-ar-rā′ to break the array of: to throw into disorder: to strip of array or dress
    • n Disarray want of array or order: undress
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. dis-, + array, v.: cf. OF. desarroyer, desarreier,


In literature:

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving I rejoined my workmen, finding the house in a worse state of disarray than when I had last seen it.
"A Daughter of the Middle Border" by Hamlin Garland
Her eyes wandered over the room's disarray, and all her senses quailed together in its exhausted atmosphere.
"Shining Ferry" by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Her feet were wet, her hair was for once in disarray, but her eyes shone with a faith restored.
"Moor Fires" by E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young
Her hair was in wild disarray.
"The Rich Little Poor Boy" by Eleanor Gates
It was blowing in wild disarray.
"Stubble" by George Looms
Nature does her best to beautify this disarray.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 108, October, 1866" by Various
The faces of men we had known and had called comrade looked at us now in ghastly disarray from odd sections of both walls.
"The Escape of a Princess Pat" by George Pearson
Olive crouched down beside its pitiful disarray.
"Olive in Italy" by Moray Dalton
The hair above his white face was torn in disarray.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
If there were any disarray, it was a fetching sort, with a certain rakish effect.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle

In poetry:

And instantly you broke away
From my embrace, and moved apart,
All fear, confusion, disarray-
And missing beats of a man's heart.
"Eve" by Boris Pasternak
Scholar, no dog will have your day
For all your capital's run out,
Wry baby in wet disarray-
Scholar, prepare your meagre clout
For the Day of Jubilo
"Jubilo" by Allen Tate
Hobbled horses do not neigh,
Aging warriors sprawl in disarray…
Hold your palms open wide!
Risen spring is bright,
but groves of darkness are not given
to leap for joy having leapt from dreams.
"The Sense Of Your Bidding" by Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
And in the suddenness of surprise the men were carried away,
Also camels, mules, and horses were thrown into wild disarray,
By thousands of the Arabs that in ambush lay,
But our brave British heroes held the enemy at bay.
"The Rebel Surprise Near Tamai" by William Topaz McGonagall
We are accused of terrorism
If we dare to write about the remains of a homeland
That is scattered in pieces and in decay
In decadence and disarray
About a homeland that is searching for a place
And about a nation that no longer has a face
"We Are Accused Of Terrorism" by Nizar Qabbani
Dear Heart, it shall be so. Under the sway
Of death the past’s enormous disarray
Lies hushed and dark. Yet though there come no sign,
Live on well pleased: immortal and divine
Love shall still tend you, as God’s angels may,
When you are old.
"When You Are Old" by William Ernest Henley

In news:

The quarterback situation for the Arizona Cardinals is in disarray again following the benching of John Skelton early in the team's 23-19 loss at Atlanta.
Razor-thin victory for new French conservative leader sows disarray in Sarkozy's party.
Disarray ' due to a few in village.
Lakers can Brown, throwing another West foe into disarray .
Reid's Eagles Are in Disarray .
CU Buffs head to Arizona in disarray .
Even with life in disarray , get out and vote.
Disarray , millions without power in storm's wake.
In Sandy's wake: disarray and millions without power on East Coast.
'Everything they said it was': Disarray , millions without power in superstorm Sandy's wake.
Chandler had spent the previous few days seeing and hearing the nightmare tales of New Yorkers in disarray in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and his thoughts strayed from the game.
McDonald's sales offset concerns over Italy's political disarray.
The universe tends toward disarray.
1 year after encampment began, Occupy in disarray.
1 Year After Encampment Began, Occupy In Disarray.

In science:

Although the DVCS model does not require a central, standard repository to which everyone refers, there often are strong conventions that prevent the disarray and confusion that can come to mind when one first hears about DVCSs.
A Wiki for Mizar: Motivation, Considerations, and Initial Prototype
Spearman’s footrule as a measure of disarray. J.
Effect of scale on long-range random graphs and chromosomal inversions
Given the theoretical disarray concerning ǫ′/ǫ, it appears to me premature to try to invoke the presence of some new physics to “explain” the experimental value of ǫ′/ǫ.
BCP3: Summary of Theory
Microarray data analysis: From disarray to consolidation and consensus.
A statistical framework for testing functional categories in microarray data
Rank correlation aims at the measure of disarray/concordance especially of short permutations.
On the Weakenesses of Correlation Measures used for Search Engines' Results (Unsupervised Comparison of Search Engine Rankings)