• Direction of the Pad in French Polishing
    Direction of the Pad in French Polishing
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj direct lacking compromising or mitigating elements; exact "the direct opposite"
    • adj direct direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short "a direct route","a direct flight","a direct hit"
    • adj direct (of a current) flowing in one direction only "direct current"
    • adj direct straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action "a direct question","a direct response","a direct approach"
    • adj direct similar in nature or effect or relation to another quantity "a term is in direct proportion to another term if it increases (or decreases) as the other increases (or decreases)"
    • adj direct moving from west to east on the celestial sphere; or--for planets--around the sun in the same direction as the Earth
    • adj direct having no intervening persons, agents, conditions "in direct sunlight","in direct contact with the voters","direct exposure to the disease","a direct link","the direct cause of the accident","direct vote"
    • adj direct in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker "a direct quotation","repeated their dialog verbatim"
    • adj direct in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child "lineal ancestors","lineal heirs","a direct descendant of the king","direct heredity"
    • adj direct being an immediate result or consequence "a direct result of the accident"
    • adv direct without deviation "the path leads directly to the lake","went direct to the office"
    • v direct plan and direct (a complex undertaking) "he masterminded the robbery"
    • v direct specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public
    • v direct command with authority "He directed the children to do their homework"
    • v direct give directions to; point somebody into a certain direction "I directed them towards the town hall"
    • v direct put an address on (an envelope)
    • v direct intend (something) to move towards a certain goal "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face","criticism directed at her superior","direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"
    • v direct point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards "Please don't aim at your little brother!","He trained his gun on the burglar","Don't train your camera on the women","Take a swipe at one's opponent"
    • v direct guide the actors in (plays and films)
    • v direct lead, as in the performance of a composition; Barenboim conducted the Chicago symphony for years" "conduct an orchestra"
    • v direct direct the course; determine the direction of travelling
    • v direct cause to go somewhere "The explosion sent the car flying in the air","She sent her children to camp","He directed all his energies into his dissertation"
    • v direct take somebody somewhere "We lead him to our chief","can you take me to the main entrance?","He conducted us to the palace"
    • v direct be in charge of
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

View looking directly towards the stage View looking directly towards the stage
The Adminstration Buildin' hove up directly in front of us The Adminstration Buildin' hove up directly in front of us
Restoration of Brontosaurus by C.R. Knight, under direction of Professor Osborn Restoration of Brontosaurus by C.R. Knight, under direction of Professor Osborn
Direct electricity generation by combustion Direct electricity generation by combustion
Horizontal Direct-Acting Naval Screw-Engine Horizontal Direct-Acting Naval Screw-Engine

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: If you head directly south from Detroit, the first forign country you will enter is Canada
    • n Direct (Mus) A character placed at the end of a staff on the line or space of the first note of the next staff, to apprise the performer of its situation.
    • Direct Immediate; express; plain; unambiguous. "He nowhere, that I know, says it in direct words.""A direct and avowed interference with elections."
    • Direct (Astron) In the direction of the general planetary motion, or from west to east; in the order of the signs; not retrograde; -- said of the motion of a celestial body.
    • Direct In the line of descent; not collateral; as, a descendant in the direct line.
    • Direct (Political Science) Pertaining to, or effected immediately by, action of the people through their votes instead of through one or more representatives or delegates; as, direct nomination, direct legislation.
    • Direct Straight; not crooked, oblique, or circuitous; leading by the short or shortest way to a point or end; as, a direct line; direct means. "What is direct to, what slides by, the question."
    • Direct Straightforward; not of crooked ways, or swerving from truth and openness; sincere; outspoken. "Be even and direct with me."
    • Direct To arrange in a direct or straight line, as against a mark, or towards a goal; to point; to aim; as, to direct an arrow or a piece of ordnance.
    • Direct To determine the direction or course of; to cause to go on in a particular manner; to order in the way to a certain end; to regulate; to govern; as, to direct the affairs of a nation or the movements of an army. "I will direct their work in truth."
    • v. i Direct To give direction; to point out a course; to act as guide. "Wisdom is profitable to direct ."
    • Direct To point out or show to (any one), as the direct or right course or way; to guide, as by pointing out the way; as, he directed me to the left-hand road. "The Lord direct your into the love of God.""The next points to which I will direct your attention."
    • Direct To point out to with authority; to instruct as a superior; to order; as, he directed them to go. "I 'll first direct my men what they shall do."
    • Direct To put a direction or address upon; to mark with the name and residence of the person to whom anything is sent; to superscribe; as, to direct a letter.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: It has been proven that feathers directly evolved from reptiles' scales. Therefore, birds came after reptiles.
    • direct Straight; undeviating; not oblique, crooked, circuitous, refracted, or collateral: as, to pass in a direct lino from one body or place to another; a direct course or aim; a direct ray of light; direct descent (that is, descent in an unbroken line through male ancestors).
    • direct In astronomy, appearing to move forward in the zodiac according to the natural order and succession of the signs, or from west to east: opposed to retrograde: as, the motion of a planet is direct
    • direct Having a character, relation, or action analogous to that of straightness of direction or motion: as, a direct interest (that is, part ownership) in a property or business.
    • direct In the natural, unreflecting way; proceeding by a simple method to attain an object; without modifying one's procedure owing to recondite considerations; explicit; free from the influence of extraneous circumstances. Thus, a direct accusation is one made with the avowed intent of bringing the alleged offender to justice: opposed to a speech or writing which has the same effect without the avowal of the purpose, or perhaps not even of the meaning.
    • direct Plain; express; not ambiguous; straight forward; positive: as, he made a direct acknowledgment.
    • direct Straightforward; characterized by the absence of equivocation or ambiguousness; open; ingenuous; sincere.
    • direct In logic, proceeding from antecedent to consequent, from cause to effect, etc.
    • direct To point or aim in a straight line toward a place or an object; cause to move, act, or work toward a certain object or end; determine in respect to direction: as, to direct an arrow or a piece of ordnance; to direct the eye; to direct a course or flight.
    • direct To point out or make known a course to; impart information or advice to for guidance: as, to direct a person to his destination; he directed his friend's attention to an improved method.
    • direct To control the course of; regulate; guide or lead; govern; cause to proceed in a particular manner: as, to direct the steps of a child, or the affairs of a nation.
    • direct To order; instruct; point out to, as a course of proceeding, with authority; prescribe to.
    • direct In music, to conduct; lead (a company of vocal or instrumental performers) as conductor or director.
    • direct To superscribe; write the name and address of the recipient on; address: as, to direct a letter or a package.
    • direct To aim or point at, as discourse; address.
    • direct In astrology, to calculate the arc of the equator between the significator and the promoter.
    • direct To act as a guide; point out a course; exercise power or authority in guiding.
    • direct In music, to act as director or conductor.
    • n direct In musicalnotation, the sign placed at the end of a staff or of a page to indicate to the performer the position of the first note of the next staff or page.
    • direct In a direct manner; directly; straight: as, he went direct to the point.
    • direct In mathematics, according to the natural order or correlation: in contradistinction to inverse.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Mercury is the only planet whose orbit is coplanar with its equator. Venus and Uranus are the only planets that rotate opposite to the direction of their orbit.
    • adj Direct di-rekt′ quite straight: straightforward: in the line of descent: outspoken: sincere: unambiguous: unsophisticated in manner
    • v.t Direct to keep or lay quite straight: to point or aim straightly or correctly: to point out the proper course to: to guide: to order: to mark with the name and residence of a person
    • v.i Direct to act as director
    • n Direct a body of directions: a guide: a book with the names and residences of the inhabitants of a place: a body of directors: the Directoire, or French Republican government of 1795-99
    • ***


  • Rex Steven Sikes
    Rex Steven Sikes
    “A stop sign is a gift for you to learn that moving in the same direction won't take you any place new.”
  • W. H. Sheldon
    W. H. Sheldon
    “Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere wholeheartedly, one-directionally, without regret or reservation.”
  • Susan Sontag
    “In good films, there is always a directness that entirely frees us from the itch to interpret.”
  • Doug Horton
    “Change occurs in direct proportion to dissatisfaction, but dissatisfaction never changes.”
  • Florence Griffith-Joyner
    Florence Griffith-Joyner
    “The main reason I wanted to be successful was to get out of the ghetto. My parents helped direct my path.”
  • Joseph Addison
    “Rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. directus, p. p. of dirigere, to direct: cf. F. direct,. See Dress, and cf. Dirge


In literature:

Before either of the gunners could direct their aim, he was beyond the range of shot, and both prudently reserved their fire.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
The glittering forms that had first induced me to turn my steps in that direction, seemed to gleam still brighter as I drew near.
"The Boy Tar" by Mayne Reid
Can you give us directions for reaching the vessel, Captain?
"Boy Scouts in the North Sea" by G. Harvey Ralphson
He can then direct the pupils effectively.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education
The telescope is directed towards a star, and the image of the star is a minute point of light.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
The water-vessel would also be missed, and a search would be made for it in the right direction.
"The Giraffe Hunters" by Mayne Reid
He nodded in the direction of the screen-door.
"El Diablo" by Brayton Norton
The initial requisite to the effective use of the armed forces is an agency authorized to direct them.
"Sound Military Decision" by U.s. Naval War College
Do not give directly before nor directly after a meal.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
The Revolution had failed and the political philosophy, which had directed and justified it, was bankrupt.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park

In poetry:

My gracious God, how plain
Are thy directions giv'n!
O may I never read in vain,
But find the path to heav'n!
"Psalm 19 part 2" by Isaac Watts
It was a glimpse of truth divine
Unto my spirit given,
Illumined by a ray of light
That shone direct from heaven.
"In Memory Of A Happy Day In February" by Anne Bronte
To skim the surface of knowledge,
And seldom its root to reach,
Is a recipe one may offer
To direct "How Not To Teach."
"Our Profession" by Jared Barhite
Awake my soul! in cheerful mood,
Thy matin thanks to pay!
The God, who gives thee rest, and food,
Directs thee to be gay.
"A Morning Hymn." by William Hayley
How? That is wrapt in mystery;
I ask not its solution now:
He who directs all issues,—He,
And He alone, can order—how!
"Where? When? How?" by John Bowring
Sometimes I find him in my way,
Directed by a heav'nly ray;
I leap for joy to see his face,
And hold him fast in mine embrace.
"Hymn 71" by Isaac Watts

In news:

Gross margin (sales minus direct costs) is what is left over after costs associated directly with the sale of a product or service, such as materials and direct labor, are paid for.
It can handle peak forward and reverse power levels to 20 W and average power of 5 W in the forward direction and 1 W in the reverse direction.
Pinero's Trelawney of the Wells directed by film director Joe Wright in his stage directing debut.
If you lived in Prohibition-era Franklin County, Va. You could hock a stream of tobacco juice in any direction and the odds were good that you'd score a direct hit on a moonshine still.
Under direct supervision of the registered nurse provides direct patient care to assigned patients.
Another Earth Directed by Mike Cahill How to Live Forever Directed by Mark Wexler Films about life on this planet and the one next door.
In general, magma 's interaction with water comes in two flavors — phreatic, where the eruption is steam-driven, but no magma is directly involved, just heat, and phreatomagmatic, where magma is involved directly in the eruption.
Whereas Creo Elements/Direct doesn't make a distinction between part and assembly modeling environments (you can model more than one independent part in the same window to create your assembly), Creo Direct does distinguishes the two.
The direction Mor For Less has taken is literally a matter of direction.
Reed Brown, OAT 's original artistic director and co-founder, has returned to direct "The Diviners," which he last directed for OAT in 1988, back in season one.
War Horse Adapted by Nick Stafford from the novel by Michael Morpurgo Directed by Bijan Sheibani, based on original direction by Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris.
He likes chatting with, for instance, actor Byron Jennings, whom he's directing in Theatre for a New Audience's upcoming Don Juan, and whom he directed to an Obie three years ago in Waste.
Redi -Mail Direct Marketing, an operating unit of Redi -Direct Marketing, has opened a state- and Drug Enforcement Administration-approved sample distribution facility located in Fairfield, NJ.
Redi-Mail Direct Marketing, an operating unit of Redi-Direct Marketing, has opened a state- and Drug Enforcement Administration-approved sample distribution facility located in Fairfield, NJ.
Directional Protection and Directional Zone Selectivity and Safety.

In science:

Spontaneous symmetry breaking means that the ground state has a preferred direction, leaving n − 1 directions for the Goldstone modes.
Random Matrix Theory and Chiral Symmetry in QCD
Note that the scaling variable x is invariant for boosts in the longitudinal direction, and it is rotation-invariant in the transverse direction, but x is not boost-invariant in the transverse directions.
Simple solutions of relativistic hydrodynamics for cylindrically symmetric systems
The initial pro jection direction is ba, while the final pro jection direction is the z direction.
Generalized Spherical Harmonics
Now, observe that, if we redefine preferred directions as before but using ∆′ instead of ∆, then although (0, 1) may no longer be a γ -preferred direction, it is still a γ 2 − ǫ-preferred direction (in particular, it is a δ -preferred direction).
Random Surfaces
Here the Neumann matrices for the Neumann directions are different than those along the Dirichlet directions, so we must keep track of the direction of the oscillator.
Open+Closed String Field Theory From Gauge Fields