• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n dilly A kind of stagecoach. "The Derby dilly ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dilly An abbreviation of diligence.
    • n dilly Same as daffodil, daffodilly.
    • n dilly A small sapotaceous tree, Mimusops Sieberi, specifically called the wild dilly, found on the Florida keys and in the West Indies. Its wood is very heavy and hard, of a dark-brown color, and susceptible of a beautiful polish.
    • n dilly A bag woven of grasses or of fur twisted into cord; a small bag of any material.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Contr. fr. diligence,


In literature:

Dolly and Dilly are Kitty's sisters.
"The Right Stuff" by Ian Hay
Never mind, Dilly; here 's one o' Granpy's narvine lozenges; p'r'aps it'll help ye to set stiddier.
"Vesty of the Basins" by Sarah P. McLean Greene
In five days we reached Dilli, which is a Portuguese settlement on the north-west coast of Timor.
"Mark Seaworth" by William H.G. Kingston
We got into one which they called a dilly.
"Peter Simple" by Frederick Marryat
Thus I secured him, and told Dilly that he would find him very well pleased to be one of his guests on the day appointed.
"The Best of the World's Classics, Vol. V (of X) - Great Britain and Ireland III" by Various
Tharfor, no more dilly-dallying but on to't quick as our critters can take us.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid
Well, we mustn't dilly-dally here.
"Gaspar the Gaucho" by Mayne Reid
In 1773 he dined at Dilly's with Dr. Johnson.
"The Philadelphia Magazines and their Contributors 1741-1850" by Albert Smyth
Why stand dilly-dallying here?
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 2 (of 2)" by John Roby
When once Elizabeth made a decision, there was no dilly-dallying, no going back and wondering if she had done the right thing.
"Elizabeth Hobart at Exeter Hall" by Jean K. Baird

In poetry:

A lazy and careless boy was Jack,--
He would not work, and he would not play;
And so poor, that the jacket on his back
Hung in a ragged fringe alway;
But 'twas shilly-shally, dilly-dally,
From day to day.
"Jack And The Bean-Stalk" by Clara Doty Bates
Not guilty, yer Honor . . . An’ givin’ me reasons,
I’d like for to plead this ‘ere change in the seasons,
Plus one flamin’ goat with a terrible silly
Great grin on ‘is map wot ‘ud drive a man dilly
"'Wet'" by C J Dennis
"She was buried on her wedding day," these words a friend gave,
Her lover went as a mourner, a mourner to her grave,
His name was Forest Dilly, a young man over west,
He loved this handsome Maryette, the lily of the west.
"Maryette Myers" by Julia A Moore
The tale don't sound too good to me at all.
"If 'e's a crook," I sez, "'e wants a fall.
Maybe 'e's dilly. I'll go round and see.
'E'll grin at me
When I 'ave done, if 'e needs dealin' with."
So I goes down to interview this Smith.
"Digger Smith" by C J Dennis
Pride! Dilly pride an' down-an'-out despair:
When them two meet there's somethin' got to break.
I got that way, to see 'er sittin' there,
I felt like I could take
That 'arf-starved frame uv 'er's by might an' main,
An' shake 'er sane.
"Rose" by C J Dennis
This is the Queen of Nonsense Land,
She wears her bonnet on her hand;
She carpets her ceilings and frescos her floors,
She eats on her windows and sleeps on her doors.
Oh, ho! Oh, ho! to think there could be
A lady so silly-down-dilly as she!
"A Great Lady" by Carolyn Wells

In news:

William DeShazer/Staff Mi Ranchito owner Luis Trejo, serves a Pick-A-Dilly, an Italian ice treat, to Selestt Martinez, 6, of Immokalee, on Wednesday Aug 1, 2012.
The daughter of Howard and Dillie (Carroll) Lawson.
Dilly Deli features local favorites with relaxed flair.
Dispatch file photo by Brooke LaValley Dilly Duka and the Crew are about to face a marathon-like stretch of seven games in 21 days.
Renaud Dillies NBM/ComicsLit, $16.99 (80p) ISBN 978-1-56163-611-2.
Corral, has a dilly of a water fight on its hands.
From 6-9pm dilly, order eat & drink as the clock ticks.
Dilly Knol, Executive Director with some inner city kids at the Andrews Street Family Centre.
DILLY Knol easily lists the problems facing her William Whyte neighbourhood.
As part of their 100th anniversary celebration St Paul's United Church of Christ in Garwood, is holding a Hymn Fest on Sunday Oct 21 at 3 p.m. Justin Dilly, the church's Director of Music, has gathered a list of St Paul's favorite hymns.
And the Dilly Deli is no exception.
I think maybe the second funnest would be coming up with all the crazy menu item names on the Dilly Deli menu.
Campbell-Savona's Ryan Dilly puts up a shot in front of Naples defender Tanner Vandesande.
Dreaming of dilly beans.
Dillies has a well-earned reputation for creating innovative magic -- and one of the two major components in this nationwide campaign is an illusion involving the "mascots" of our two major political parties.

In science:

The first question in the first volume in 1920 was answered almost immediately, but the second was a dilly.
Problems from Topology Proceedings