• WordNet 3.6
    • n diligence a diligent effort "it is a job requiring serious application"
    • n diligence conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation
    • n diligence persevering determination to perform a task "his diligence won him quick promotions","frugality and industry are still regarded as virtues"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Diligence A four-wheeled public stagecoach, used in France.
    • Diligence Interested and persevering application; devoted and painstaking effort to accomplish what is undertaken; assiduity in service. "That which ordinary men are fit for, I am qualified in; and the best of me is diligence ."
    • Diligence (Scots Law) Process by which persons, lands, or effects are seized for debt; process for enforcing the attendance of witnesses or the production of writings. "And each of them doth all his diligence To do unto the festé reverence.""The sweat of industry would dry and die,
      But for the end it works to."
      "Diligence and accuracy are the only merits which an historical writer ascribe to himself."
    • Diligence The quality of being diligent; carefulness; careful attention; -- the opposite of negligence.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n diligence Constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; constancy in the performance of duty or the conduct of business; persistent exertion of body or mind; industry; assiduity.
    • n diligence Care; heed; caution; heedfulness.
    • n diligence In law, the attention and care due from a person in a given situation. The degree of care necessary to constitute diligence depends on the relation of the persons concerned to each other and the circumstances of the transaction.
    • n diligence In Scots law: The warrant issued by a court for enforcing tho attendance of witnesses or the production of writings.
    • n diligence The process of law by which persons, lands, or effects are attached on execution, or in security for debt.
    • n diligence Synonyms Industry, Application, etc. (see assiduity), assiduousness.
    • n diligence Caution, circumspection, vigilance.
    • n diligence A public stage-coach: usually with reference to France, but also applied to such stage-coaches elsewhere.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Diligence steady application: industry:
    • n Diligence (Scots law) a warrant to produce witnesses, books, &c., or a process by which persons or goods are attached: a French or continental stage-coach (also pronounced dē-lē-zhongs)—also Dill′y
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  • Miguel De Cervantes
    “Diligence is the mother of good fortune, and idleness, its opposite, never brought a man to the goal of any of his best wishes.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “Diligence is the mother of good luck.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “That which ordinary men are fit for, I am qualified in. and the best of me is diligence.”
  • John Donne
    “I observe the physician with the same diligence as the disease.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. diligence, L. diligentia,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—diligens, -entis, pr.p. of L. diligĕre, to choose.


In literature:

And what a multitude of these would a diligent Man meet with in his inquiries?
"Micrographia" by Robert Hooke
There is one that passeth all the others, and is the most diligent prelate and preacher in all England.
"The Reign of Henry the Eighth, Volume 1 (of 3)" by James Anthony Froude
No copy of the treaty can now be found, although diligent enquiry has been made for it.
"Life of Tecumseh, and of His Brother the Prophet" by Benjamin Drake
I am very well satisfied with his diligence.
"The Life of the Truly Eminent and Learned Hugo Grotius" by Jean Lévesque de Burigny
We have never seen it, though we have searched diligently.
"History of the Negro Race in America From 1619 to 1880. Vol 1" by George W. Williams
Day after day he worked hard, night after night he studied diligently.
"Ishmael" by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
The diligence from Rouen rolled and careened along the road to Rochelle.
"The Grey Cloak" by Harold MacGrath
We must now turn from Hiram, engaged in diligently pursuing his studies, and enter on another topic.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I, No. VI, June, 1862" by Various
Here is needless poverty in the lap of potential wealth, thriftlessness in the face of every seeming stimulus to diligence.
"American Missionary, Volume 43, No. 12, December, 1889" by Various
I was fortunate to be in time to secure my place in the Diligence.
"A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume One" by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

In poetry:

Of AGIB, who could readily, at sight,
Strum a march upon the loud Theodolite.
He would diligently play
On the Zoetrope all day,
And blow the gay Pantechnicon all night.
"The Story of Prince Agib" by William Schwenck Gilbert
"O do you imagine," said fearer to farer,
"That dusk will delay on your path to the pass,
Your diligent looking discover the lacking,
Your footsteps feel from granite to grass?"
"O Where Are You Going?" by W H Auden
You will not, I know, tell lies,
If you know what you are speaking.
Truth is shy, and from us flies;
Unless diligently seeking
Into every word we pry,
Falsehood will her place supply.
"Incorrect Speaking" by Charles Lamb
"Nor is it your proneness to domestication,
For he dwells in man's barn, and I build in man's thatch,
As we say to each other—but, to our vexation,
O'er your safety alone man keeps diligent watch."
"The Sparrow And The Hen" by Charles Lamb
Brown passed away, and Mrs Brown,
In weeds all smothered, went through town
By Brown's neat grave to take her stand,
And hold a metaphoric hand.
She diligently drove away
The sorrel springing every day.
"The Weeds" by Edward Dyson
The lower he drops in the social scale,
Tho' jobs never cease, nor diligence fail, Worse paid is work ever found;
That varnish'd chair in the furniture sale
Yields only some pence to this journeyman pale,
—To his master the rest of the Pound!
"A Dozen Ballads About White Slavery. X. Slop-Jobbing" by Martin Farquhar Tupper

In news:

Ed Rogers Says AIJ Declined Business After Due Diligence Request.
Avoiding it requires diligence .
Those paid preparers who have a PTIN number from the IRS must exercise due diligence when engaging with the client.
The hiring is subject to completion of due diligence.
Hopefully, with an appropriate amount of due diligence, you will not discover that your property is contaminated.
If there was ever a moment that demanded some diligent soul-searching from Republicans, this is it.
Self employed accounting practices need to be just as diligent as other employer accounting practices.
But Lattimore, Joe Schad reports, has been diligently rehabbing and has set a goal of jogging and catching passes for NFL executives by the end of March.
An Oxford woman who's expecting twins can be assured her babies will be safe and secure when riding in the car thanks to the diligence of the Oxford Fire Department and the generosity of Milosch's Palace Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Orion Township.
The directors failed to make a diligent effort to learn how the values were determined, the SEC said.
Baldwin's attorney says the actor is "working diligently" to resolve the tax liability.
Maintaining wood fences is not hard, as long as you are diligent.
IBM's holiday Benchmark is a seriously fine -tuned tracking machine and it'll be keeping diligent tabs on digital shopping trends throughout the Thanksgiving holiday.
As a younger child, Swan remembers accompanying his father to many senate sessions, where he witnessed his diligence and perseverance.
Experts say changing behaviors for the better requires diligence, support.

In science:

We will merely outline the description here and leave the details to the diligent reader.
On equations defining coincident root loci
Artificial mathematicians are far less ingenious and subtle than human mathematicians, but they surpass their human counterparts by being infinitely more patient and diligent.
Incompleteness, Complexity, Randomness and Beyond
This is done by estimating Gm and by a diligent choice of the free parameter m.
Learning Trigonometric Polynomials from Random Samples and Exponential Inequalities for Eigenvalues of Random Matrices
The diligent reader can verify all that we claim by direct computation in E (S ).
Subgroups of free idempotent generated semigroups need not be free
In the slightly more distant future, the radio community is looking forward to, and many are working diligently toward, the full Square Kilometre Array (SKA), which is to be sited in either Australia or South Africa.
Panoramic Radio Astronomy