• Different Postures for Approaching the King
    Different Postures for Approaching the King
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n difference the quality of being unlike or dissimilar "there are many differences between jazz and rock"
    • n difference a disagreement or argument about something important "he had a dispute with his wife","there were irreconcilable differences","the familiar conflict between Republicans and Democrats"
    • n difference a variation that deviates from the standard or norm "the deviation from the mean"
    • n difference the number that remains after subtraction; the number that when added to the subtrahend gives the minuend
    • n difference a significant change "the difference in her is amazing","his support made a real difference"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Russian Imperial Necklace has been loaned out by Joseff jewelers of Hollywood for 1,215 different feature films.
    • Difference (Her) An addition to a coat of arms to distinguish the bearings of two persons, which would otherwise be the same. See Augmentation, and Marks of cadency, under Cadency.
    • Difference Choice; preference. "That now he chooseth with vile difference To be a beast, and lack intelligence."
    • Difference Disagreement in opinion; dissension; controversy; quarrel; hence, cause of dissension; matter in controversy. "What was the difference ? It was a contention in public.""Away therefore went I with the constable, leaving the old warden and the young constable to compose their difference as they could."
    • Difference That by which one thing differs from another; that which distinguishes or causes to differ; mark of distinction; characteristic quality; specific attribute. "The marks and differences of sovereignty."
    • Difference The act of differing; the state or measure of being different or unlike; distinction; dissimilarity; unlikeness; variation; as, a difference of quality in paper; a difference in degrees of heat, or of light; what is the difference between the innocent and the guilty? "Differencies of administration, but the same Lord."
    • Difference (Logic) The quality or attribute which is added to those of the genus to constitute a species; a differentia.
    • Difference (Math) The quantity by which one quantity differs from another, or the remainder left after subtracting the one from the other.
    • v. t Difference To cause to differ; to make different; to mark as different; to distinguish. "Thou mayest difference gods from men.""Kings, in receiving justice and undergoing trial, are not differenced from the meanest subject.""So completely differenced by their separate and individual characters that we at once acknowledge them as distinct persons."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There are 300 distinct different types of honey.
    • n difference The condition or relation of being other or different; the relation of non-identity; also, the relation between things unlike; dissimilarity in general.
    • n difference Any special mode of non-identity; a relation which can subsist only between different things; also, a special relation involving unlikeness; a particular dissimilarity.
    • n difference A character which one thing or kind of things has and another has not.
    • n difference Controversy, or ground of controversy; a dispute; a quarrel.
    • n difference An evidence or a mark of distinction.
    • n difference The act of distinguishing; discrimination; distinction.
    • n difference In mathematics: The quantity by which one quantity differs from another; the remainder of a sum or quantity after a lesser sum or quantity is subtracted.
    • n difference The increment of a function produced by increasing the variable by unity. The operation of taking the difference in this sense is denoted by the letter Δ. The second difference, Δ, is the difference of the function that represents the difference of another. So third, fourth, etc., difference. The following table is an example:
    • n difference In heraldry, a bearing used to discriminate between shields or achievements of arms, as of brothers who inherit an equal right to the paternal coat. The most common form of differencing is cadency; another is the baston.
    • n difference On the exchanges, the amount of variation between the price at which it is agreed to sell and deliver a thing at a fixed time and the market-price of the thing when that time arrives. In wagering contracts, payment of the difference is expected and accepted in lieu of actual delivery.
    • n difference A part or division.
    • n difference [Difference is often followed by a prepositional phrase indicating the things or persons that differ. The preposition is usually between or among, or from, but sometimes also to (after the formula different to: see remarks under different).
    • n difference In mathematics, the result of performing the operation of taking the difference once.
    • n difference A difference between individuals of the same species; a character possessed by one individual and not by the others of the same species. Also frequently called individual, individuant, or singular difference.
    • n difference Synonyms and Difference, Distinction, Diversity, Dissimilarity, Disparity, Disagreement, Variance, Discrimination, contrariety, dissimilitude, variety. The first five words express the fact of unlikeness; difference and distinction apply also to that wherein the unlikeness lies, and discrimination to the act of making or marking a difference, and to the faculty of discerning differences. (See discernment.) Distinction applies also to the eminence conferred on account of difference. Difference is the most general, applying to things small or great, internal or external. Distinction is generally, but not always, external, and generally marks delicate differences: as, the distinction between two words that are almost synonymous. Diversity, by its derivation, is a great or radical difference, equal to going in opposite directions. Dissimilarity is unlikeness, generally in large degree or essential points. Disparity is inequality, generally in rank or age. Disagreement and variance are weak words by their original meaning, but through euphemistic use have come to stand for dissimilarity of opinion of almost any degree, and for the resulting alienation of feeling, or even dissension and strife.
    • n difference Dissension, contest, falling out, strife, wrangle, altercation.
    • difference To cause a difference or distinction in or between; make different or distinct.
    • difference To distinguish; discriminate; note the difference of or between.
    • difference In heraldry, to bear with a difference; add a difference to.
    • difference In mathematics, to take the difference of (a function); also, to compute the successive differences of the numbers in a table.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: X-ray technology has shown there are 3 different versions of the Mona Lisa under the visible one.
    • ns Difference (Shak.) dissimilarity: the quality distinguishing one thing from another: a contention or quarrel: the point in dispute: the excess of one quantity or number over another:
    • ns Difference (her.) the modification of an achievement of arms to indicate the wearer's relation to the head of the house, as by marks of cadency
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  • Anton Chekhov
    Anton Chekhov
    “Doctors are just the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.”
  • Earvin ''Magic'' Johnson
    Earvin ''Magic'' Johnson
    “You're the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it.”
  • Edgar R. Fiedler
    Edgar R. Fiedler
    “Ask five economists and you'll get five different explanations six if one went to Harvard.”
  • Finley Peter Dunne
    “It don't make much difference what you study, so long as you don't like it.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else.”
  • Charles A. Garfield
    Charles A. Garfield
    “The fact is, the difference between peak performers and everybody else are much smaller than everybody else thinks.”


Different kettle of fish - If something is a different kettle of fish, it is very different from the other things referenced.
Different ropes for different folks - (USA) This idiom means that different people do things in different ways that suit them.
Different strokes for different folks - (USA) This idiom means that different people do things in different ways that suit them.
From a different angle - If you look at something from a different angle, you look at it from a different point of view.
Horse of a different color - (USA) If something is a horse of a different color, it's a different matter or separate issue altogether.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. différence, L. differentia,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. differredif (= dis), apart, ferre, to bear.


In literature:

My reflections were turned into a far different channel.
"The Quadroon" by Mayne Reid
Besides the obvious difference in the style of the vases, there is a remarkable difference in the execution of the paintings.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
Even with the best-known performers the effects differ at different performances.
"Great Pianists on Piano Playing" by James Francis Cooke
But while this mighty work was proceeding in the north of Europe, a revolution of a very different kind had taken place in the south.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Can you detect any difference in the movement of the different parts of the story?
"English: Composition and Literature" by W. F. (William Franklin) Webster
It will be remarked that the situation of Great Britain is, in this respect, widely different from that of the United States.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
Recently, in connexion with two different fields of study, attention has been directed to the sexual life of the child.
"The Sexual Life of the Child" by Albert Moll
This is something different from any thing that has ever come in my way before.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
Here the letters in italics, or the signs of the cases and numbers, are different; the difference being brought about by the difference of gender.
"A Handbook of the English Language" by Robert Gordon Latham
What differences other than innate mental ability enter into competition between different social groups and different persons?
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park

In poetry:

She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
The difference to me!
"Lucy " by William Wordsworth
Are of different substance.
But their peace and their war
Are like wind and storm.
"From A German War Primer" by Bertolt Brecht
In fowls there is a difference;
"The good die young," they say,
And for the death of innocence
To make us meat, we pray.
"A Fowl Affair" by Hattie Howard
And see! along each different way,
To yonder temple fair,
With soft, slow step, and solemn mien,
The village folk repair.
"Sabbath" by James Avis Bartley
He saddened if my cheer was sad,
But gay he grew if I was gay;
We never differed on a hair,
My yes his yes, my nay his nay.
"Love From The North" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Mirror twins are different
although their features jibe,
and lovers think quite different thoughts
while lying side by side.
"Human Family" by Maya Angelou

In news:

The Artisan String Quartet has been playing around Austin under different names and with a different roster for more than 20 years now.
Aside from the lemon, though, he said he couldn't really taste a difference between the ashes from the two different woods.
It has an international lineup of drivers and manufacturers, which attract a different crowd, so Chitwood has to approach the race differently than he would a NASCAR race.
We did, among all of the different blocks, put in place different kinds of rules, and we auctioned them off in different sizes.
Every type of game and terrain requires a different strategy, and a different set of skills.
Instead, try to change superficial behavior first and hope that, if they act differently, they'll eventually think differently.
Different angled lips are available to reach different depths.
A legislative committee is expected to recommend against allowing the University of Washington to charge different tuition rates for different programs.
Five different players tallied goals for UWSP and 10 different players notched at least one point.
In the long run, however, a multiethnic society such as ours must take care to invigorate the bonds among people of different backgrounds so that we see one another as fellow Americans in spite of our differences.
Three different films, three different stories.
Michael Kinsley, the former editor of this magazine, once observed (in Slate ) that different presidents embrace different styles of lying.
WASHINGTON – Wednesday night's presidential debate will feature two candidates with very different strategic imperatives talking, to some extent, to different audiences.
But what it means is that, without copy protection, a user who buys a song can now make copies of it, can move it around among different devices and equipment, PCs, cell phones, even different media players.
We'll have different views, my view and Senator Corker 's view, as to where we ought to go on entitlements is different, but we will have to find some spending cuts and we will.

In science:

This remark reveals that according to relation (7.24) a single gravitational wave signal may cause different angular displacements and/or time delays for different sources of light located at different distances from the source of gravitational waves even if the directions to the light sources are the same.
General Relativistic Theory of Light Propagation in the Field of Radiative Gravitational Multipoles
As found by Zhou et al. (1989), maps made in NH3 and CS present systematically different sizes (NH3 maps are a factor of 2 smaller), different shapes, and often different peak positions.
Observations of pre-stellar cores
Note that we do not assume independence between different cookies at the same site nor between transition probabilities to different neighbors of the same site, but only between cookies at different sites.
Recurrence and transience of excited random walks on $\Z^d$ and strips
No distinction is made between partitions which differ merely by the number of zero parts, and different partitions of weight r represent different ways to write r as a sum of natural numbers.
On absolute moments of characteristic polynomials of a certain class of complex random matrices
They come from three different papers, were observed with different telescopes (although SN 1998as and SN 1997ce were both partially observed with HST), and their photometry was reduced by different authors using different techniques.
Measurement of \Omega_m, \Omega_{\Lambda} from a blind analysis of Type Ia supernovae with CMAGIC: Using color information to verify the acceleration of the Universe