• WordNet 3.6
    • v devise come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort "excogitate a way to measure the speed of light"
    • v devise arrange by systematic planning and united effort "machinate a plot","organize a strike","devise a plan to take over the director's office"
    • v devise give by will, especially real property
    • n devise (law) a gift of real property by will
    • n devise a will disposing of real property
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Stage bows were originally devised as a way for actors to thank the audience. The audience would or would not acknowledge each of the actors in turn, depending on how much they enjoyed the performance.
    • Devise A will or testament, conveying real estate; the clause of a will making a gift of real property. "Fines upon devises were still exacted."
    • n Devise Device. See Device.
    • Devise Property devised, or given by will.
    • Devise The act of giving or disposing of real estate by will; -- sometimes improperly applied to a bequest of personal estate.
    • v. i Devise To form a scheme; to lay a plan; to contrive; to consider.Devise was formerly followed by of; as, let us devise of ease. "I thought, devised , and Pallas heard my prayer."
    • Devise To form in the mind by new combinations of ideas, new applications of principles, or new arrangement of parts; to formulate by thought; to contrive; to excogitate; to invent; to plan; to scheme; as, to devise an engine, a new mode of writing, a plan of defense, or an argument. "To devise curious works.""Devising schemes to realize his ambitious views."
    • Devise (Law) To give by will; -- used of real estate; formerly, also, of chattels.
    • Devise To imagine; to guess.
    • Devise To plan or scheme for; to purpose to obtain. "For wisdom is most riches; fools therefore
      They are which fortunes do by vows devise ."
    • Devise To say; to relate; to describe.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The first crossword puzzle appeared in 1913 in an American paper called "World." It was devised by its editor Arthur Wynne. It was of 32 words and diamond shaped. There were no black boxes in the puzzle.
    • devise To divide; distinguish.
    • devise To say; tell; relate; describe.
    • devise To imagine; conjecture; guess, or guess at.
    • devise To think or study out; elaborate in the mind; invent; contrive; plan: as, to devise a new machine, or a new method of doing anything; to devise a plan of defense; to devise schemes of plunder.
    • devise To plan or scheme for; purpose to obtain.
    • devise To give, assign, make over, or transmit (real property) by will.
    • devise Synonyms To concoct, concert.
    • devise To consider; lay a plan or plans; form a scheme or schemes; contrive.
    • n devise (dē˙-vīs′ ). An obsolete spelling of device.
    • n devise In law: The act of bequeathing by will.
    • n devise A will or testament.
    • n devise A gift of real property by will: sometimes loosely used of personal property.
    • n devise The clause in a will by which such gift is made.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: STASI, the East German secret police organization, devised a devilishly clever way to prevent someone from giving them the slip during the Cold War: they managed to synthesize the scent of a female dog in heat, which they applied to the shoes of the person under surveillance. Then they simply had a male dog follow the scent.
    • v.t Devise de-vīz′ to imagine: to scheme: to contrive: to give by will: to bequeath
    • v.i Devise to consider, scheme
    • n Devise act of bequeathing: a will: property bequeathed by will
    • ***


  • Francis Bacon
    “It was prettily devised of Aesop, The fly sat on the axle tree of the chariot wheel and said, what dust do I raise!”
  • James Joyce
    “Writing in English is the most ingenious torture ever devised for sins committed in previous lives. The English reading public explains the reason why.”
  • Marquis De Sade
    “The horror of wedlock, the most appalling, the most loathsome of all the bonds humankind has devised for its own discomfort and degradation.”
  • Francis Herbert Hedge
    Francis Herbert Hedge
    “Every man is his own ancestor, and every man his own heir. He devises his own fortune, and he inherits his own past.”
  • Babe Didrikson Zaharias
    Babe Didrikson Zaharias
    “Practice, which some regard as a chore, should be approached as just about the most pleasant recreation ever devised.”
  • Raymond Chandler
    “A good story cannot be devised; it has to be distilled.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. deviser, to distribute, regulate, direct, relate, F., to chat, fr. L. divisus, divided, distributed, p. p. of dividere,. See Divide, and cf. Device


In literature:

He alone gives all church officers, and therefore none may devise or superadd any new officers, Eph.
"The Divine Right of Church Government" by Sundry Ministers Of Christ Within The City Of London
To this end he devised an ingenious system of deceit.
"The Divine Fire" by May Sinclair
The following suggestions are merely offered in illustration; each housekeeper can easily devise further for herself.
"Etiquette" by Emily Post
Neither was Prussian national efficiency built up merely by a well-devised and practicable policy of military aggression.
"The Promise Of American Life" by Herbert David Croly
It is manifest that we must devise some plan to protect the Government against bond issues for repeated redemptions.
"Messages and Papers of William McKinley V.2." by William McKinley
But the Duumvirate seemed utterly incapable of devising a coherent policy for central or eastern Europe.
"The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference" by Emile Joseph Dillon
Could a more perfect trap be devised by evil human ingenuity than this?
"The Story of the Foss River Ranch" by Ridgwell Cullum
No human counsel hath devised, nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things.
"Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln, 1832-1865" by Abraham Lincoln
Ugly reports of the King's health; God pity this poor country should that be so, but I think it a thing devised by the enemy.
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
In an unusually generous mood she devised this method of storing water.
"The Wings of the Morning" by Louis Tracy

In poetry:

and they were gathered and became the Child,
and he, more fast than any thought could know,
beyond all names wherewith he should be styled,
was with his own devised joy aglow;
"Vision " by Charles Walter Stansby Williams
Is put to fair devising in the curb
Of ordered limit; and all-changeful Hermes
Is Terminus as well. Yet we perturb
Our souls for latitude, whose strength in bound and term is.
"The Cloud's Swan-Song" by Francis Thompson
Pretty twinkling starry eyes!
How did Nature first devise
Such a sparkling in your sight
As to give Love such delight
As to make him, like a fly,
Play with looks until he die?
"Pretty Twinkling Starry Eyes" by Nicholas Breton
The will devised three hundred pounds
A year unto the son,
Three hundred, on her marriage-day,
To Jane, the little one.
Thus it was from the uncle's greed
That trouble first begun.
"The Babes In The Wood" by Clara Doty Bates
If there is vengeance in the Heaven of Heavens,
What punishment could Heaven devise for these
Who fill the rivers of the world with dead,
And turn their murderers loose on all the seas!
"A Curse For Kings" by Vachel Lindsay
But you fell. And, oh, how quickly did you fall!
And now you're feeling low, and mean, and small;
For, despite all your devising,
You have come to realising
That you're really only human after all.
"January 2nd" by C J Dennis

In news:

Editor's note: Using a point system devised by the ESPN Stats & Information department, is counting down the 50 most successful programs of the past 50 years.
Although bulbs may not be available in nurseries for several weeks, devising a planting plan and preparing the ground for them is a good idea so you can hit the ground running - or digging - as soon as bulbs are available.
Your chiropractor likely will devise an adjustment schedule for you, and follow-ups are important.
I devised a plan in which I would give a lot of them in a short time and work to figure out exactly how the best compliments worked, and why.
Knowledge of how the brain intuits what someone else is thinking helps Rebecca Saxe devise possible solutions to seemingly intractable political and social conflicts .
Borrowing techniques from nail and hair salons, researchers have devised a method to tag small, previously untrackable sea turtles.
Six months before turning 40, Kevin Warneke devised a 40-by-40 plan.
Days after the speech, he told a newspaper in Carmel, California — where he was once mayor — that he devised the improvised speech shortly before stepping onstage and therefore it could not be vetted as others' remarks were.
Devising new budget oversight for the agency.
With the recent transition of Dr Howard Hoody, a new leadership structure was devised to successfully guide the organization into the future.
It would be another 20 years before another large-scale community plan was devised.
A recent article in the Washington Post describes a controversial surgery devised by a pioneering and big-thinking surgeon, Paul Sugarbaker.
Researchers strive to devise methods that provide molecular-scale control.
To handle these small jobs, I devised a stand for my No.
Long the pursuit of scientists the world over, a Princeton University researcher has devised a means of alchemy by transforming common elements into rare and valuable ones.

In science:

Barriers to use are the problem of patients acknowledging the condition (typically they have devised compensatory strategies) and form factor for accessing the system.
Human Information Processing with the Personal Memex
In the line of Survey Propagation, we devised a series of algorithms for these tasks, which explicitly exploit the clustered structure of the solution space.
Geometrical organization of solutions to random linear Boolean equations
The algorithm devised in exploits the fact that the interaction between the width 1 part and the bounded strict width part of the instance is very constrained.
Generalized Majority-Minority Operations are Tractable
Therefore, it is meaningful to devise a techn ical tool to reduce the computational complexity.
Simple method to eliminate blur based on Lane and Bates algorithm
Here we do not try to devise uncertainty relations involving G, W and W † (or equivalently G, C and S ), but rather make an identification between quantum mechanics on the circle when the large radius limit is taken and quantum mechanics on the line.
Quantum Mechanics and the Generalized Uncertainty Principle