• WordNet 3.6
    • v detect discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of "She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water","We found traces of lead in the paint"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There are 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world each year
    • a Detect Detected.
    • Detect To inform against; to accuse. "He was untruly judged to have preached such articles as he was detected of."
    • Detect To uncover; to discover; to find out; to bring to light; as, to detect a crime or a criminal; to detect a mistake in an account. "Plain good intention . . . is as easily discovered at the first view, as fraud is surely detected at last.""Like following life through creatures you dissect,
      You lose it in the moment you detect ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Dogs can be trained to detect an upcoming epileptic seizure
    • detect To uncover; lay bare; expose; show.
    • detect To discover; find out; ascertain the existence, presence, or fact of: as, to detect an error in an account; to detect the presence of arsenic.
    • detect To find out the action or character of; discover a fault or wrong in; unveil, as a person: as, to detect a man in the act of cheating; to detect a hypocrite.
    • detect To reveal the guilt or alleged guilt of; inform against; complain of; accuse.
    • detect Synonyms To find, ascertain, descry, make out, ferret out, penetrate.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cows can detect odors up to five miles away
    • v.t Detect de-tekt′ (lit.) to uncover—hence to discover: to find out
    • n Detect a policeman employed in the investigation of special cases of crime, or in watching special classes of wrong-doers, usually not in uniform
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  • George Eliot
    “It is generally a feminine eye that first detects the moral deficiencies hidden under the dear deceit of beauty.”
  • George Eliot
    “Jealousy is never satisfied with anything short of an omniscience that would detect the subtlest fold of the heart.”
  • Phaedrus
    “Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth.”
  • Raymond Chandler
    “A really good detective never gets married.”
  • Diane Ackerman
    Diane Ackerman
    “There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar-net of our senses.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. detectus, p. p. of detegere, to uncover, detect; de, + tegere, to cover. See Tegument


In literature:

I ain't a detective, but in my eight-and-forty years I've had to keep my wits sharpened and my eyes open.
"The Chestermarke Instinct" by J. S. Fletcher
There are twelve detectives under your windows.
"The Confessions of Arsène Lupin" by Maurice Leblanc
Despite its scowl the ex-detective's face dawned upon her like the sun upon an occupant of the haunted chamber.
"The Big Bow Mystery" by I. Zangwill
So that Bradley, by their detection, at once raised the science to a higher grade of precision.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
The clavicle being subcutaneous throughout its whole length, any irregularity in its outline can be easily detected.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
Alison detected some concealment in Grannie's voice, and pursued her inquiries.
"Good Luck" by L. T. Meade
First, I shall put a detective on the case.
"Counsel for the Defense" by Leroy Scott
And now you're goin' to do the detective act!
"The Boy Broker" by Frank A. Munsey
Suddenly the detective got up, and, holding a paper in his hand, began walking up and down the room.
"A Nest of Spies" by Pierre Souvestre
A long, close, breathless scrutiny, with the most powerful magnifying glasses, and the detective jumped to his feet.
"The Crevice" by William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander

In poetry:

Thou with Christians here detected?
Thou here in their caverns hidden?
Thou a prisoner? Wherefore, wherefore,
O immense and mighty Jove,
Are thy angry bolts suspended?
"The Two Lovers Of Heaven: Chrysanthus And Daria - Act I" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
Say, can thy magic stream procure repose
To murd'rous Guilt, with restless, wide-stretch'd eye,
Fearing Detection's torch for ever nigh,
And Justice with its scourge the scene to close?
"To Oblivion" by Charlotte Dacre
I have come to grow young--on my word I declare
I have thought I detected a change in my hair!
One hour with "The Boys" will restore it to brown--
And a wrinkle or two I expect to rub down.
"What I Have Come For" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Detective Innes, who was passing at the time of the fire,
Rendered help in every way the audience could desire,
By helping many of them for to get out,
Which was a heroic action, without any doubt.
"The Burning of the People's Variety Theatre, Aberdeen" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then he fled from London without delay,
Knowing he wouldn't be safe there night nor day,
And embarked on board a ship bound for Spain,
Thinking he would escape detection there, but 'twas all in vain.
"Richard Pigott, the Forger" by William Topaz McGonagall
And when arrested in the hotel he seemed very cool,
Just like an innocent schoolboy going to school.
And he said to the detectives, "Wait until my portmanteau I've got."
And while going for his portmanteau, himself he shot.
"Richard Pigott, the Forger" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

The test, which runs on Cepheid 's GeneXpert® System, detects and differentiates influenza A, influenza B, and the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus simultaneously in about one hour.
Stanislaus County Sheriff's detectives are investigating a shooting early this morning at a motel outside of Ceres .
Seizure-detection dog helps girl with epilepsy.
New sensor detects wire chafing .
Chewing gum could detect malaria.
Tease through the evidence in the ingredients like a CSI (Cocktail Special Investigation) detective and you can find the (figurative) fingerprints of the maker — or fascinating motives and backstories.
Detected levels are more than 11 times higher than California's new standard.
(CBS News) Dogs have long been known for their powerful noses and scientists are now trying to develop "electronic noses" to mimic this canine sense, in an effort to detect diseases.
Respiratory Therapists Aid Early Detection of COPD: National RC Week Focuses on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in October.
ST PAUL — A 500-deer farm in Ramsey County is under quarantine, after chronic wasting disease was detected in a red deer.
Kent County detective says yes.
Redeye, is a former Seneca Nation Councilor, former Seneca Gaming Corporation Chair, and former Erie County detective.
And here's what you can do to mitigate the effect on your accounting policies, disclosures, and error detection.
The levels detected are low enough to allow hand washing, but too high to be used for drinking water.
Generally, about 15% of virtual colonoscopies detect an abnormal growth that must be removed through a conventional colonoscopy , Zalis says.

In science:

In addition, all 13 of the Claussen et al. (1997) masers with 3σ Bθ detections also have positive Stokes Q and/or U detections.
OH Zeeman Magnetic Field Detections Toward Five Supernova Remnants Using the VLA
For multiply detected ob jects, the indices were weighted by the inverse of the squared magnitude uncertainties, then averaged over all the detections.
QSOs and Absorption Line Systems Surrounding the Hubble Deep Field
Studies of the galaxies detected in both fields have provided the first tentative interpretation of the nature of the galaxies detected in ISOCAM surveys (Flores et al. 1999).
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View
Given the far-IR selection of the faint ISO sources, which is expected to preferentially detect dusty star-forming galaxies, this result would be difficult to understand, as it lets open the question of ”why the ongoing active starbursts are not detected”.
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View
As they travel to the earth from the sun, neutrinos oscillate between the easier-to-detect neutrino state and the more difficult-to-detect neutrino state.
How the sun shines