• Featuring a winged scarab design
    Featuring a winged scarab design
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v design intend or have as a purpose "She designed to go far in the world of business"
    • v design plan something for a specific role or purpose or effect "This room is not designed for work"
    • v design conceive or fashion in the mind; invent "She designed a good excuse for not attending classes that day"
    • v design make or work out a plan for; devise "They contrived to murder their boss","design a new sales strategy","plan an attack"
    • v design make a design of; plan out in systematic, often graphic form "design a better mousetrap","plan the new wing of the museum"
    • v design create the design for; create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner "Chanel designed the famous suit"
    • v design create designs "Dupont designs for the house of Chanel"
    • n design the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan) "he contributed to the design of a new instrument"
    • n design a decorative or artistic work "the coach had a design on the doors"
    • n design a preliminary sketch indicating the plan for something "the design of a building"
    • n design the creation of something in the mind
    • n design an arrangement scheme "the awkward design of the keyboard made operation difficult","it was an excellent design for living","a plan for seating guests"
    • n design something intended as a guide for making something else "a blueprint for a house","a pattern for a skirt"
    • n design an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions "his intent was to provide a new translation","good intentions are not enough","it was created with the conscious aim of answering immediate needs","he made no secret of his designs"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

A repeated and complex spiral, wheel and lotus design A repeated and complex spiral, wheel and lotus design
Showing a repeated floral design with bead pattern border at the bottom Showing a repeated floral design with bead pattern border at the bottom
Repeated pattern, alternately reversed, forming a linear design Repeated pattern, alternately reversed, forming a linear design
Repeated linear design Repeated linear design
Showing palmette and honeysuckle design Showing palmette and honeysuckle design
Featuring floral and foliage design Featuring floral and foliage design
Showing central figures with floral design, the whole surrounded by a repeating key pattern Showing central figures with floral design, the whole surrounded by a repeating key pattern
Stylised floral design set in decorated squares Stylised floral design set in decorated squares

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: As part of the original design, the names of 72 French scientists and other famous people is imprinted on the sides of the Eiffel tower
    • Design A plan or scheme formed in the mind of something to be done; preliminary conception; idea intended to be expressed in a visible form or carried into action; intention; purpose; -- often used in a bad sense for evil intention or purpose; scheme; plot. "The vast design and purpose of the King.""The leaders of that assembly who withstood the designs of a besotted woman.""A . . . settled design upon another man's life.""How little he could guess the secret designs of the court!"
    • Design A preliminary sketch; an outline or pattern of the main features of something to be executed, as of a picture, a building, or a decoration; a delineation; a plan.
    • Design Specifically, intention or purpose as revealed or inferred from the adaptation of means to an end; as, the argument from design .
    • Design (Mus) The invention and conduct of the subject; the disposition of every part, and the general order of the whole. "Is he a prudent man . . . that lays designs only for a day, without any prospect to the remaining part of his life?""I wish others the same intention , and greater successes.""It is the purpose that makes strong the vow."
    • Design The realization of an inventive or decorative plan; esp., a work of decorative art considered as a new creation; conception or plan shown in completed work; as, this carved panel is a fine design, or of a fine design .
    • Design To create or produce, as a work of art; to form a plan or scheme of; to form in idea; to invent; to project; to lay out in the mind; as, a man designs an essay, a poem, a statue, or a cathedral.
    • Design To draw preliminary outline or main features of; to sketch for a pattern or model; to delineate; to trace out; to draw.
    • v. i Design To form a design or designs; to plan.
    • Design To intend or purpose; -- usually with for before the remote object, but sometimes with to. "Ask of politicians the end for which laws were originally designed .""He was designed to the study of the law."
    • Design To mark out and exhibit; to designate; to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint. "We shall see
      Justice design the victor's chivalry."
      "Meet me to-morrow where the master
      And this fraternity shall design ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the man who designed the Eiffel Tower, also designed the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour
    • design To draw the outline or figure of, especially of a proposed work of art; trace out; sketch, as a pattern or model.
    • design To plan or outline in general; determine upon and mark out the principal features or parts of, as a projected thing or act; plan; devise.
    • design To contrive for a purpose; project for the attainment of a particular end; form in idea, as a scheme.
    • design To devote to mentally; set apart in intention; intend.
    • design To purpose; intend; mean: with an infinitive as object: as, he designs to write an essay, or to study law.
    • design To mark out by tokens; indicate; point out; designate; appoint.
    • design To signify.
    • design To do original work in a graphic or plastic art; compose a picture, or make an original plan, as an architect, a landscape-gardener, or an inventor.
    • design To invent.
    • design To set out or start, with a certain destination in view; direct one's course.
    • n design A drawing, especially in outline or little more; any representation made with pencil, pen, or brush.
    • n design A plan or an outline in general; any representation or statement of the main parts or features of a projected thing or act; specifically, in architecture, a plan of an edifice, as represented by the ground-plans, elevations, sections, and whatever other drawings may be necessary to guide its construction.
    • n design Artistic invention in drawing or sculpture; the practical application of artistic principles or exercise of artistic faculties; the art of designing.
    • n design The arrangement or combination of the details of a picture, a statue, or an edifice.
    • n design A scheme or plan in the mind; purpose; intention; aim.
    • n design Specifically An intention or a plan to act in some particular way; a project; especially, in a bad sense, a plan to do something harmful or illegal: commonly with upon.
    • n design Contrivance; adaptation of means to a preconceived end: as, the evidence of design in a watch.
    • n design The purpose for which something exists or is done; the object or reason for something; the final purpose.
    • n design Synonyms Drawing, outline, draft, delineation.
    • n design Project, Scheme, etc. (see plan, n.), intent, aim, mark, object.
    • n design Specifically, in music, either the melodic pattern, the harmonic process, or the rhythmic and metric form adopted in composition, by which a particular work or a class of works is made coherent and characteristic. In the evolution of artistic music the principles of design have been but slowly perceived and established.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The designated instrument for the city of Detroit is the accordion
    • v.t Design de-zīn′ or de-sīn′ to draw: to form a plan of: to contrive: to intend
    • n Design a drawing or sketch: a plan in outline: a plan or scheme formed in the mind: plot: intention
    • n Design the art of making designs or patterns
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  • Philip Caldwell
    Philip Caldwell
    “Why kick the man downstream who can't put the parts together because the parts really weren't designed properly?”
  • Sir Terence Conran
    Sir Terence Conran
    “Perhaps believing in good design is like believing in God, it makes you an optimist.”
  • Issey Miyake
    Issey Miyake
    “Design is not for philosophy -- it's for life.”
  • Francois De La Rochefoucauld
    “Great souls are not those who have fewer passions and more virtues than others, but only those who have greater designs.”
  • Jim Rohn
    “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”
  • David Mamet
    “People may or may not say what they mean... but they always say something designed to get what they want.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. désigner, to designate, cf. F. dessiner, to draw, dessin, drawing, dessein, a plan or scheme; all, ultimately, from L. designare, to designate; de-, + signare, to mark, mark out, signum, mark, sign. See Sign, and cf. Design (n.) Designate


In literature:

A series of beautiful designs is published by E. Steiger, New York.
"Hand-Loom Weaving" by Mattie Phipps Todd
A differently designed fan-vaulting spreads over every chapel.
"Cathedrals of Spain" by John A. (John Allyne) Gade
The whole country is thought out in huge blotches to form a picture perfect in harmony and in design.
"Japan" by Dorothy Menpes
The plan was well designed, and the marshal faithfully executed his part of it.
"History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain." by William H. Prescott
This they hoped to effect on the arrival of a powerful armament, hourly expected, and designed for operations on the seaboard.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
His experiments in colour were not always successful, two of his most delightful designs he ruined by tinting.
"Aubrey Beardsley" by Robert Ross
It can be no design, believe me, sir; For crowns are won by other courses.
"A Select Collection of Old English Plays" by Robert Dodsley
Exuberant richness in decoration was the rage, and shows itself both in sculpture, tracery, and general design.
"Architecture" by Thomas Roger Smith
The old builders have not always been successful in preserving the unity of the roof line that is so essential to pleasing design.
"Remodeled Farmhouses" by Mary H. Northend
The designation was, however, exceedingly rare during the middle ages.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 4" by Various

In poetry:

"But grant Design,—we may imply
The job took toil aplenty;
Then why one sole designer, why
Not ten or twenty.
"Fool Faith" by Robert W Service
O painter of the fruits and flowers,
We own wise design,
Where these human hands of ours
May share work of Thine!
"Garden" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Great Nature's hand, in every plan,
Had laid in wise design,
But what design, or use, is in
This theory of thine?
"A Thought Of Heaven" by Madge Morris Wagner
Shall we say, "Thy will be done!"
And on our own errands run?
Vain and evil the design,
We pursue, apart from Thine.
"Thy Will Be Done" by Lucy Larcom
Jesus the Lord shall guard me safe
From every ill design,
And to his heavenly kingdom take
This feeble soul of mine.
"Hymn 16" by Noah Calwell W Cannon
ALL things are order'd for the best,
In perfect love design'd;
The sorrows that we so much dread,
But purify the mind.
"The Advantages Of Resignation" by Elizabeth Bath

In news:

Available now as a free download, the package presents three Lemur templates by master designer Antonio Blanca, a force to bereckoned with when it comes to interface design.
An innovation of Takao Injection Mold Engineering, the innovative lifter system offers design flexibility to OEMs and mold designers.
The American Lighting Association (ALA) invites lighting designers and lighting fixture manufacturers to compete in the first National Lighting Fixture Design Competition.
Homeowners no longer have to travel off the island in order to design the home of their dreams, inside and out, with the recent opening of the Sanibel Design Center.
Peacock items at the new shop, Scout Design Studio, in the design district which specializes in Hollywood Regency vintage items.
Inflatable beds are (probably) not designed to be slept on every night, and certainly not designed to support 215 pounds of stud reporter every night.
Recently, The Edmond Sun published an article about Hall Duncan's design of the UCO academic mace ("UCO inauguration preparations reunite academic mace , designer," The Edmond Sun, March 31, 2012).
Marc Dubreuil, Director of Business Development at Farm Design, talks about the collaboration and techniques used by Farm in the design of a MAKO surgical robot device.
Incoming National President Barbara Marini explores how designers can leverage technology, innovation and communication to enhance the value of inteior design.
In case you missed it (I did): Maya Lin , still most famous for designing the Vietnam Memorial at the preposterously young age of 21, spoke at UIC last month on her philosophy of design.
The New York-based designer talks to THR about how the red carpet "informs" his future designs and what surprised him about Taylor Swift the most.
The designer, who dressed six actresses for the Emmys last month, will show his resort collection at a major L.A. Mendel 's Gilles Mendel to Be the Featured Designer at 3rd Annual Autumn Party.
The ERO 6000 by Heidenhain has two design types with line counts of 9,000 and 18,000 and are designed for high dynamic applications like air bearing spindles and laser trackers.
Exotics David Glod Tour Proto Company founder and master designer David Glod designed these putters to be milled from stainless steel for the utmost in feel and balance.
AIA/Los Angeles' Design Education Conference at Dwell On Design This Week.

In science:

The design of that software depends (§2.2) on the instrument design.
A Search for Gamma-Ray Bursts and Pulsars, and the Application of Kalman Filters to Gamma-Ray Reconstruction
Formal Recommendation Modeling and Design Methodologies: As with any young, evolving, and multidisciplinary field, recommendation is l acking unified methodologies to study, design, and evaluate systems.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
The design concept, the prototype performance and the final design of the MiniPlugs are here described. A recent cosmic ray test resulted in a light yield of approximately 100 pe/MIP, which exceeds our design requirements.
The CDF MiniPlug Calorimeters
Approximately, the design characteristics of passive and active materials were transferred from the prototype to the final design.
The CDF MiniPlug Calorimeters
In this paper we described the final design of the MiniPlugs and presented results from a cosmic ray test, in which a light yield of approximately 100 pe/MIP was obtained, exceeding our design requirements.
The CDF MiniPlug Calorimeters