• WordNet 3.6
    • adj dense slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity "so dense he never understands anything I say to him","never met anyone quite so dim","although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick"- Thackeray","dumb officials make some really dumb decisions","he was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse","worked with the slow students"
    • adj dense having high relative density or specific gravity "dense as lead"
    • adj dense hard to pass through because of dense growth "dense vegetation","thick woods"
    • adj dense permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter "dense smoke","heavy fog","impenetrable gloom"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Hydrogen gas is the least dense substance in the world, at 0.08988g/cc
    • Dense Having the constituent parts massed or crowded together; close; compact; thick; containing much matter in a small space; heavy; opaque; as, a dense crowd; a dense forest; a dense fog. "All sorts of bodies, firm and fluid, dense and rare.""To replace the cloudy barrier dense ."
    • Dense Stupid; gross; crass; as, dense ignorance.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The more a person struggles to get out of quicksand the faster they will sink. Staying still, and being calm will actually make the body float in the quicksand because the body is less dense than the quicksand is
    • dense Having great or unusual consistency of elements or closeness of parts; closely compacted or conglomerated; compact; close; thick: as, a dense body; a dense cloud or fog; a dense panicle of flowers.
    • dense In zoology, closely set; separated by very small intervals: as. dense punctures, hairs, etc.
    • dense In photography, more or less opaque; strong in the contrast of lights and shades: said of a negative exhibiting these characteristics, and capable of giving a brilliant print, or even, if it be too dense, a harsh one, as distinguished from a weak or thin negative, the picture on which presents small contrasts, while its film is inclined to be more or less transparent, even in the lights, and the resulting print is flat. Also expressed by strong and intense.
    • dense Figuratively, without break or interruption; difficult to penetrate; solid and heavy: as, dense ignorance; dense wit; dense stupidity.
    • dense Thick-headed; obtuse; stolid; stupid; dull.
    • dense Synonyms Condensed, compressed.
    • n dense A thicket.
    • dense In optics, having a large index of refraction; capable of transmitting light at a less velocity than the velocity of light-waves in vacuo.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: If the entire population of the world were moved to Texas, it would still be less densely populated than New York City.
    • adj Dense dens thick, close, compact: impenetrably stupid
    • n Dense a thicket
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  • W. Stanley Jevons
    W. Stanley Jevons
    “Value is the most invincible and impalpable of ghosts, and comes and goes unthought of while the visible and dense matter remains as it was.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. densus,; akin to Gr. thick with hair or leaves: cf. F. dense,


In literature:

The forest is pathless and dense with June undergrowth, shutting out the sun and all sign of direction.
"Canada: the Empire of the North" by Agnes C. Laut
In vain he tried to pierce the dense darkness which surrounded them, for now the moon had disappeared, and bad weather seemed imminent again.
"The Wizard of the Sea" by Roy Rockwood
Only the enormously dense atmosphere permitted them to move.
"Invaders from the Infinite" by John Wood Campbell
The English walnut makes a dense shade, nothing grows under it.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
One drear autumnal afternoon, when the sky was dull, a dense white mist overspread the valley.
"The Young Mountaineers" by Charles Egbert Craddock
You see how easy it would be to do that without being discovered, the foliage being so dense over the trail.
"Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders Among the Kentucky Mountaineers" by Jessie Graham Flower
A dense fog surrounded Petru, a fog so dense that he could not even see himself in it.
"Roumanian Fairy Tales" by Various
Now they could get their power from the air that each instant grew more dense about them.
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
For several days mist lay so dense over the desert that we had to trust chiefly to the compass.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
The woods grew more dense.
"A Little Girl in Old Detroit" by Amanda Minnie Douglas

In poetry:

Tranquil in the twilight dense
By the spreading branches made,
Let us breathe the influence
Of the silence and the shade.
"En Sourdine" by Paul Verlaine
And then about the slumbering palace
The fairy made up-spring
A wood so heavy and dense that never
Could enter a living thing.
"The Sleeping Princess" by Clara Doty Bates
In gloom as dense can Spica grope
As this that bars the human will?
Desires as vast her children fill,
Or kindred mystery and hope?
"The Testimony of the Suns" by George Sterling
Nor did I think (How dense we are!)
That any day, however far,
Would find me holding, unrepelled,
The place that Doctor Johnson held!
"At Cheshire Cheese" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Of winged, unmiraculous women,
I am no drudge
Though for years I have eaten dust
And dried plates with my dense hair.
"Stings" by Sylvia Plath
We might not see a lance's length,
So dense was their array,
But the long fell sweep of the Scottish blade
Still held them hard at bay.
"The Heart Of The Bruce" by William Edmondstoune Aytoun

In news:

Use firm, dense eggplant for best results) 4 cups soybean oil (for deep frying) 1 cup rice flour 2 Tbsps.
Patchy Dense Fog, A Few More Flurries and COLD.
Dense fog and some freezing fog on roadways will leave some icy spots early Sunday AM.
"The material built well, with a nearly 100% dense part, no cracking and it held tolerances," says Greg Morris.
Dense fog advisory Monday morning.
The National Weather Service has reported that locally dense fog has spread into the Treasure Coast this morning.
Authorities say a man has been fatally shot in a densely populated area of New York City, popular with tourists during the Christmas season.
It's not just that woods and forests persist inside the city limits but also the fact that a city was densely built amidst them.
SeaMicro made its name by developing technologies that allow it to build highly dense, power-efficient servers for Internet-scale workloads.
Colder air is more dense than warm air, which allows it to slide under and lift up as it approaches , offering an easy trigger for showers and storms.
While we woke up to dense fog in our area this morning, those states hit by Sandy last week woke up to snow and ice.
Palestinian militants targeted densely populated Tel Aviv in Israel's heartland with rockets for the first time Thursday, part of an unprecedented barrage that threatened to provoke an Israeli ground assault on Gaza.
Palestinian militants responded on Thursday with rocket attacks on densely populated Tel Aviv in Israel's heartland.

In science:

To prove that adGs (na ) = ¯O it is sufficient to prove that O ⊂ adGs (qa) is dense, or that adQs e ⊂ qa is dense.
Induced and simple modules of double affine Hecke algebras
This can be read off from Theorem 18, or argued more simply: if G had a giant-free subgraph H with linearly more than n edges, H (and thus G ) would have to have a linear-size dense component, but a random sparse graph has no linear-size dense component.
Random MAX SAT, Random MAX CUT, and Their Phase Transitions
In some limits the set of primitive macroscopically definable ensembles can be dense in the set of all macroscopically definable ensembles, or can be not dense, etc.
Geometry of irreversibility: The film of nonequilibrium states
In this case F is an Lp -dense class of functions for all 1 ≤ p < ∞ (with an exponent and a parameter depending on p) if there is a number 1 ≤ p < ∞ for which it is Lp -dense.
An estimate on the maximum of a nice class of stochastic integrals
To do this we have to show that if F is an L2 -dense class with some parameter D and exponent L, and F ′ ⊂ F , then F ′ is also an L2 -dense class with the same exponent L, only with a possibly different parameter D ′ .
An estimate on the maximum of a nice class of stochastic integrals