• WordNet 3.6
    • n dehiscence (biology) release of material by splitting open of an organ or tissue; the natural bursting open at maturity of a fruit or other reproductive body to release seeds or spores or the bursting open of a surgically closed wound
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dehiscence (Biol) A gaping or bursting open along a definite line of attachment or suture, without tearing, as in the opening of pods, or the bursting of capsules at maturity so as to emit seeds, etc.; also, the bursting open of follicles, as in the ovaries of animals, for the expulsion of their contents.
    • Dehiscence The act of gaping.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dehiscence A gaping.
    • n dehiscence In botany, the opening of a pericarp for the discharge of the seeds, or of an anther to set free the pollen. Regular dehiscence in the case of capsules is septicidal, through the septa, or loculicidal, directly into the cells. It is also said to be septifragal when the valves break away from the septa. Irregular dehiscence may be transverse, circumscissile, etc., or variously lacerated. The dehiscence of an anther is by longitudinal slits, valves, pores, etc.
    • n dehiscence In pathol., a bursting open.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. déhiscence,


In literature:

For the second time, a spontaneous dehiscence seems called for.
"The Life of the Spider" by J. Henri Fabre
The fruit has loculicidal dehiscence.
"Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and TheNeighbouring Countries" by William Griffith
This isolated example thus appears to approach the Bryales in its mode of dehiscence.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
Dehiscing by irregular fracture.
"Synopsis of Some Genera of the Large Pyrenomycetes" by C. G. Lloyd
Apparently the high humidity hinders the dehiscence of anthers and shedding of the pollen grains.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943" by Various
Dehiscence: the splitting of the pupal integument in the emergence of the adult in Lepidoptera.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
The first group, the Lariciones, contains species with large ray-pits, cones dehiscent at maturity, and uninodal spring-shoots.
"The Genus Pinus" by George Russell Shaw
Anthers erect, with short filaments, two-celled; dehiscent longitudinally.
"The Pecan and its Culture" by H. Harold Hume
From the young to the matured dehiscing plant.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
Sporangia more or less depressed, roundish or more commonly polygonal and irregular, dehiscent in a circumscissile manner.
"The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio" by A. P. Morgan

In news:

Bilateral posterior semicircular canal dehiscence in the setting of Hallermann-Streiff syndrome.