• WordNet 3.6
    • n decision the act of making up your mind about something "the burden of decision was his","he drew his conclusions quickly"
    • n decision the trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose "a man of unusual decisiveness"
    • n decision a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration "a decision unfavorable to the opposition","his conclusion took the evidence into account","satisfied with the panel's determination"
    • n decision the outcome of a game or contest "the team dropped three decisions in a row"
    • n decision (boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred "had little trouble in taking a unanimous decision over his opponent"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Decision An account or report of a conclusion, especially of a legal adjudication or judicial determination of a question or cause; as, a decision of arbitrators; a decision of the Supreme Court.
    • Decision Cutting off; division; detachment of a part.
    • Decision The act of deciding; act of settling or terminating, as a controversy, by giving judgment on the matter at issue; determination, as of a question or doubt; settlement; conclusion. "The decision of some dispute."
    • Decision The quality of being decided; prompt and fixed determination; unwavering firmness; as, to manifest great decision .
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n decision The act of separating or cutting off; detachment of a part; excision.
    • n decision Determination, as of a contest or an event; end, as of a struggle; arbitrament: as, the decision of a battle by arms.
    • n decision Determination, as of a question or a doubt; final judgment or opinion in a case which has been under deliberation or discussion: as, the decision of the Supreme Court.
    • n decision A resolution; a fixing of a purpose in the mind.
    • n decision The quality of being decided; ability to form a settled purpose; prompt determination: as, a man of decision.
    • n decision Decision, Determination, Resolution. Decision is the quality of being able to make up one's mind promptly, clearly, and firmly as to what shall be done and the way to do it. Determination is the settling upon some line of action with a fixed purpose to stick to it; it is somewhat nearer than the others to doggedness, and sometimes approaches obstinacy. Determination may be negative, as not to do a thing, but resolution is generally positive or active; it often implies more courage than the others, and is otherwise more high-minded. But these words are often used interchangeably.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Decision de-sizh′un the act of deciding: settlement: judgment: the quality of being decided in character
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  • Donald Bullock
    Donald Bullock
    “Most of our executives make very sound decisions. The trouble is many of them have turned out not to have been right.”
  • James Callaghan
    James Callaghan
    “Some people, however long their experience or strong their intellect, are temperamentally incapable of reaching firm decisions.”
  • Elias Canetti
    “Every decision is liberating, even if it leads to disaster. Otherwise, why do so many people walk upright and with open eyes into their misfortune?”
  • Edward Dahlberg
    “Every decision you make is a mistake.”
  • Peter F. Drucker
    “Decision making is the specific executive task.”
  • Sir Girad
    Sir Girad
    “Make decisions from the heart and use your head to make it work out.”


Abide by a decision - If you abide by a decision, you accept it and comply with it, even though you might disagree with it.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. decisio, fr. decīdere, decisum,: cf. F. décision,. See Decide
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
See Decide.


In literature:

Even though I may differ in opinion, the decision of the majority is my decision.
"The Peace Negotiations" by J. D. Kestell
When did you know the decision of the Board?
"Captain Desmond, V.C." by Maud Diver
With admirable promptitude, both of decision and action, the Essex sailed the same night for the Pacific.
"Admiral Farragut" by A. T. Mahan
And that highest tribunal affirmed the decision of Judge Cartter.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume II"
In the northern parts of Europe, the victory of Protestantism was rapid and decisive.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
I will bow to your decision.
"Alonzo and Melissa" by Daniel Jackson, Jr.
The decision may be conditioned by lethal circumstances that permit only a 'not' decision.
"The Great Gray Plague" by Raymond F. Jones
The mission of the subsidiary problem is thus seen to be identical with the basic Decision linked to the purpose of that Decision.
"Sound Military Decision" by U.s. Naval War College
From their decision there was no appeal.
"Louis Philippe" by John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott
Perhaps it is needless to say that Mr. Dale was at the bottom of my decision.
"A Romantic Young Lady" by Robert Grant

In poetry:

Tortur'd by severe suspense,
I the Jurors' Verdict wait,
Ere I may depart from hence,
Their decision seals my fate.
"The Culprit" by Nathaniel Bloomfield
And why? The vast beyond is dark
And veiled in deepest mystery,
And reason's lamp reveals no mark
Decisive of our destiny.
"Tribute To Rev. William Paul Quinn" by James Madison Bell
In short, I spurned the shelly joy,
And spoke with strange decision -
Men pointed to me as a boy
Who held them in derision.
"The Periwinkle Girl" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Of our own will we are not free,
When freedom lies within our power.
We wait for some decisive hour,
To rise and take our liberty.
"Lost Liberty" by Robert Fuller Murray
'Twas for decisions such as this
I lost my property and bliss.
Could I have let both parties win,
Then safe most perfectly I'd been.
"The Milkman" by William Hutton
Sometimes its power seemed but presence,
Sometimes, a soft, mild tone,
Sometimes, a look of decision,
Ofttimes, from a source unknown.
"The Desirable Undefined" by Jared Barhite

In news:

Fallin faces key decision on health law.
Parson said the decision is for personal reasons.
The decision was made at a meeting in Palm Beach Gardens.
But in the weeks since that decision, Hertling has had some pushback.
Clifton Park Supervisor Phil Barrett made his decision: He is going full-time.
Like the decision by the Wake County school board to fire superintendent Tony Tata or not, it's certain there will be a new leader of the state's largest school system.
Papandreou's decision to call a referendum has put the Greek government at risk.
Even though Yu Darvish was credited with a 'no decision' in his last start versus the Rangers' foes, the LA Angels of Anaheim, he was credited with 7 earned runs.
Early on in their presentation on the perils of poor decision making for youngsters, Street Smart - 5:24 am.
The decision to make Brady Quinn the Kansas City Chiefs' backup quarterback is no shock.
The decision was widely expected.
This fall would be a good time for government IT managers to take inventory of the PCs in their collections and make some hard decisions about establishing and enforcing lifecycle rules.
In what some saw a pivotal decision for downtown, elation filled the City Council chambers July 3 when the City Council approved a German- themed restaurant and beer garden that had been blocked by a handful of neighbors.
Norway's confessed mass murderer is sane, according to a unanimous decision by judges.
Havre de Grace made a decisive case for favoritism in next month's Breeders' Cup Classic (gr.

In science:

QBFs mentioned above), in principle any formalism having a decision problem in PSPACE can be handled by QUIP, provided a proper transformation has been found.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
We depend on the rough assumption that decisions to disband or grow legs have immediate effect on the strain felt by the modules in the system.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
Our accepted manner to describe physical reality does not assign decisive role to the perspective — or standpoint — of the observer who is the sub ject of the description.
Quantum Theory within the Framework of General Relativity
It is a simple model of a closed market: There are K agents who have to make a binary decision σν ∈ {+1, −1} at each time step.
Predicting and generating time series by neural networks: An investigation using statistical physics
If each agent makes a random decision, then G is of the order of √K .
Predicting and generating time series by neural networks: An investigation using statistical physics