• WordNet 3.6
    • n dalliance playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest
    • n dalliance the deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dalliance Delay or procrastination.
    • Dalliance Entertaining discourse.
    • Dalliance The act of dallying, trifling, or fondling; interchange of caresses; wanton play. "Look thou be true, do not give dalliance Too much the rein.""O, the dalliance and the wit,
      The flattery and the strife!"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dalliance Familiar and easy conversation; idle talk; chat; gossip.
    • n dalliance A trifling away of time; delay; idle loitering.
    • n dalliance Play; sport; frolic; toying, as in the exchange of caresses; wantonness.
    • n dalliance The act of trifling, as with something tempting.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Dalliance dallying, toying, or trifling: interchange of embraces: delay
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From Dally
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. dalien, to play; prob. from A.S. dweligan, to err; cf. Ice. dvala, to delay, Dut. dwalen, to err; prob. conn. with dwell.


In literature:

Choo Hoo himself retired with his lovely bride to the ancestral ash, and passed the summer in happy dalliance.
"Wood Magic" by Richard Jefferies
She listened to the concert with a bleak face, and regarded the dalliance on the sofa out of a troubled and uncomprehending eye.
"The Prodigal Father" by J. Storer Clouston
Away the greedy host then gathered, Where they thought dalliance fair was feathered.
"Fables of John Gay" by John Gay
It is one of the most interesting phenomena in literature, this sly, quiet, half ironic dalliance with equivocal matters.
"Suspended Judgments" by John Cowper Powys
Has tender dalliance power to kill The wild, indomitable will?
"Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf" by George W. M. Reynolds
But we lose time in this amiable dalliance.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Volume XV" by Robert Louis Stevenson
The awakening from this sort of epicurean dalliance was, as the event proved, somewhat sharp and abrupt.
"The Record of Nicholas Freydon" by A. J. (Alec John) Dawson
In his critical eyes was a look of dalliance with a new problem.
"Banked Fires" by E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi
Warm ideal figures united with mankind by sweet love dalliance.
"A Christian But a Roman" by Mór Jókai
There is no busy competing commercial intrigue, no fickle market, no grudging dalliance on the sea.
"Merchantmen-at-Arms" by David W. Bone

In poetry:

What time the gifted lady took
Away from paper, pen, and book,
She spent in amorous dalliance
(They do those things so well in France).
"George Sand" by Dorothy Parker
And here, in that triumphant hour,
Shall yielding Beauty wed with Power;
And blushing earth and smiling sea
In dalliance deck the bridal bower.
"Northward" by John Hay
What shall I bring you, sweet?
Was ever trifle yet so held amiss
As not to fill love's waiting heart with bliss,
And merit dalliance at a long, long kiss?
"Trifles" by John Charles McNeill
I know her not. Unseen till now,
She smiles with wistful dalliance;
Quick gleaming pleasure and sweet chance
Illume her vision and endow
Her lips and cheeks and pallid brow.
"In The Cafe " by E J Rupert Atkinson
No warmth of heart, no passionate burst of feeling,
Repaid her welcoming smile and parting kiss,
No fond and playful dalliance half concealing,
Under the guise of mirth, its tenderness;
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
You whispered low, Illileo-- so low the leaves were mute,
And the echoes faltered breathless in your voice's vain pursuit;
And there died the distant dalliance of the serenader's lute:
And I held you in my bosom as the husk may hold the fruit.
"Illileo" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

Marlins' Dalliance With Albert Pujols Gets Serious.
A dalliance with the Duke.
The Dismemberment Plan's dalliance with Interscope Records.
Hugo Chávez's Russian Dalliance .
Twentieth-century Russian history provides a background for Valente's lush reimagining of folkloric villain Koschei the Deathless and his dalliance with Marya Morevna, a clever but troubled young woman.
Other friends' dalliances with cheap beer, ragged goatees and belly-baring T-shirts.
Chris Christie's dalliance with a presidential candidacy produced one unexpected side effect: It outed a bunch of secret fat haters.
In a new Vanity Fair interview, Lady Gaga comes clean about her past dalliances with drugs.
Now all the youth of England are on fire, And silken dalliance in the wardrobe lies.
The royal palace has lodged a complaint with a media ethics group over the publication of a book highlighting alleged dalliances and private family information about leading members of Belgium's monarchy.
BRUSSELS (AP) — The royal palace has lodged a complaint with a media ethics group over the publication of a book highlighting alleged dalliances and private family information about leading members of Belgium's monarchy.
What did we all learn from his little dalliance with homemade aviation.
Poor Tiger Woods, his dalliances appear to have caught up with him or so that's what it appears from the smut rag reports.
For years Kelly Clarkson's dalliance in country music has been little more than a playful tease.
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