• WordNet 3.6
    • v cuff confine or restrain with or as if with manacles or handcuffs "The police handcuffed the suspect at the scene of the crime"
    • v cuff hit with the hand
    • n cuff the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the sleeve or leg
    • n cuff shackle that consists of a metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Cuff A blow; esp.,, a blow with the open hand; a box; a slap. "Snatcheth his sword, and fiercely to him flies;
      Who well it wards, and quitten cuff with cuff ."
      "Many a bitter kick and cuff ."
    • Cuff Any ornamental appendage at the wrist, whether attached to the sleeve of the garment or separate; especially, in modern times, such an appendage of starched linen, or a substitute for it of paper, or the like.
    • Cuff The fold at the end of a sleeve; the part of a sleeve turned back from the hand. "He would visit his mistress in a morning gown, band, short cuffs , and a peaked beard."
    • Cuff To buffet. "Cuffed by the gale."
    • v. i Cuff To fight; to scuffle; to box. "While the peers cuff to make the rabble sport."
    • Cuff To strike; esp., to smite with the palm or flat of the hand; to slap. "I swear I'll cuff you, if you strike again.""They with their quills did all the hurt they could,
      And cuffed the tender chickens from their food."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • cuff To strike with or as with the open hand.
    • cuff To buffet in any way.
    • cuff To fight; scuffle.
    • n cuff A blow with the open hand; a box; any stroke with the hand or fist.
    • n cuff A blow or stroke from or with anything.
    • n cuff A glove; a mitten.
    • n cuff A distinct terminal part of a sleeve at the wrist, intended for embellishment. The cuff was made originally by turning back the sleeve itself and showing either the same material as that of the sleeve or a different material used as a lining. In the fifteenth century a prominent part of the dress was the large cuff, which could be turned down so as to cover the hand to the finger-tips, and when turned back reached nearly to the elbow. In modern times the coat-sleeve has been sometimes made with a cuff which can be turned down over the hand, though not intended to be so used, and sometimes with a semblance of a cuff, indicated by braid and buttons, or by a facing of velvet or other material, or merely by a line or lines of stitching around the sleeve.
    • n cuff A band of linen, lace, or the like, taking the place of, and covering a part of the sleeve in the same manner as, the turned-up cuff. In the seventeenth century such cuffs, worn by ladies, were often extremely rich, of expensive lace, and reached nearly to the elbow. Plain linen cuffs were also worn about 1640, and were especially affected by the Puritans in England. When the plain linen wristband worn attached to the shirt by men first came into use, in the early part of the nineteenth century, it was commonly turned back over the sleeve, and was a true cuff.
    • n cuff In recent times, a separate band of linen or other material worn about the wrist and appearing below the end of the sleeve. As worn by men, it is buttoned to the wristband of the shirt.
    • n cuff That part of a long glove which covers the wrist and forearm, especially when stiff and exhibiting a cylindrical or conical form.
    • n cuff The scruff of the neck; the nape.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Cuff kuf a stroke with the open hand
    • v.t Cuff to strike with the open hand: to beat
    • n Cuff kuf the end of the sleeve near the wrist: a covering for the wrist: a handcuff (q.v.).
    • n Cuff kuf Scotch form of Scruff
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Off the cuff - If you do something off the cuff, you do it without any preparation.
Put it on the cuff - If you put something on the cuff, you will take it now and pay for it later.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Perh. from F. coiffe, headdress, hood, or coif; as if the cuff were a cap for the hand. Cf. Coif


In literature:

She put on a soft black dress, open at the throat, and with a wide white collar and cuffs of some sheer material.
"K" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
I had one more jack in my cuff, however.
"Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 26, September 24, 1870" by Various
J. H. Cuff (father of Messrs. Cuff, of this town), at an Independent Chapel in Wellington.
"Our Churches and Chapels" by Atticus
I bought a pair of the iron hand-cuffs with which the men-slaves are confined.
"The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the" by Thomas Clarkson
A great variety of dresses, scarfs, caps, collars, cuffs, and pocket-handkerchiefs, were shown us.
"The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes" by Tomás de Comyn
Cuffs, pulls, blows, kicks, seemed to have no effect.
"De La Salle Fifth Reader" by Brothers of the Christian Schools
As the coat was a good deal too small for him, a terrible length of dark, bony wrist appeared below the cuffs.
"The Dog Crusoe and His Master" by Robert Michael Ballantyne
The man behind the bar turned back his cuffs.
"The Claim Jumpers" by Stewart Edward White
There were several which ranked about the same, and scribbling three or four names on his shirt-cuff, he rushed off to find the first.
"The Port of Adventure" by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
It had a great fur collar and cuffs.
"Jack Archer" by G. A. Henty

In poetry:

"That randy quean, Job's graceless wife,
Wha bade him curse his God and dee—
Auld Scotlan' wad hae cuff'd her lugs
Had she been here advice to gie.
"Grannie's Crack Aboot The Famine In Auld Scotlan' In 1739-40" by Janet Hamilton
I was just going to hand-cuff his trousers
When he said, "You've made a mistake."
So I hit myself on the head with my trucheon
To see if I was awake.
"The Sergeant's Overcoat (Or The Policeman That Nearly Got Caught)" by Billy Bennett
What date did I bob my moustache, Sir?
To answer that’s easy enough.
It happened just twelve months ago, Sir—
I’ve still got the date on my cuff.
"The Memory Man" by Billy Bennett
A smart cuff over their little brains
Is the only answer the mother deigns
"Not another word from one of you!"
It means, so without more ado,
Ashamed and slow
Away they go.
"The Three Little Kittens" by Clara Doty Bates
Justice freeing the slave.
Justice freeing the slave.
For God who fashioned him and me,
No doubt made all his children free.
So justice o'er his mind held sway,
And Cuff in freedom, went his way.
"Amusing Trial, in Which a Yankee Lawyer Rendered a Just Verdict." by Anonymous Americas
But soon he paused his cause to try,
And thus he said, Why should not I
Be slave instead of Cuff, and he
As well be running after me
As I for him?—I'll let him go,
Whether he's free by law or no.
"Amusing Trial, in Which a Yankee Lawyer Rendered a Just Verdict." by Anonymous Americas

In news:

We're loving the vintage styles from Crème de la Cuff that date back to the '40s through the '60s.
Former president's off-the- cuff fashion choice.
Comedy off the cuff .
Articles Tagged with "soft pliable cuff ".
Zoe Saldana and Selena Gomez both donned sparkling cuffs by jewelry designer Ofira.
Coker off the cuff on Miami.
Scaffold wheel catches floor opening, causes rotator cuff injury.
Rockin' rolled flower cuff .
Suspect Breaks Cuffs, Escapes Sheriff's Custody Overnight.
Because only so much can be cut out of a garment, cost savings amount to a few pennies here, a few pennies there: eliminating cuffs and pleats, scrimping on linings inside coats, switching to coarser material for pockets.
0Joe Cuff learned firsthand when one door closes, another door opens after he received a limited edition 2001 Nissan Altima from his Bacton church on Sunday.
Widely divergent approaches from rep candidates Cuff, Moran.
Candidates Frank Moran and Kevin Cuff will be on the ballot looking to become the state representative for the new 17th Essex district.
Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs Help Fight Infections.
A single-patient disposable blood pressure cuff that travels with the patient throughout her hospital stay is reducing the risk of spreading infectious disease and decreasing overall costs.

In science:

If the 3g − 3 curves of P are called cuffs, then these uniquely determine 3g − 3 (not closed) curves called inseams which orthogonally connect pairs of cuffs.
Thin triangles and a multiplicative ergodic theorem for Teichm\"uller geometry
Call the cuffs γi and the inseams δij (for all i, j such that γi , γj bound the same pair of pants, including δii when γi is separating).
Thin triangles and a multiplicative ergodic theorem for Teichm\"uller geometry
In particular, the cuff lengths—here no longer than R1 and no shorter than ǫ—determine the inseam lengths, so let R2 be largest possible inseam length.
Thin triangles and a multiplicative ergodic theorem for Teichm\"uller geometry
The surface C is the result of either gluing two pairs together along the loop li or of gluing together two cuffs of the same pair.
Heegaard splittings and the pants complex
Cuff, “Communication in Networks for Coordinating Behavior,” Ph.D. dissertation, Princeton University, July 2009.
On Secure Communication with Constrained Randomization