• "'Hullo, Susan!' cried Augustus."
    "'Hullo, Susan!' cried Augustus."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj crying conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible "a crying shame","an egregious lie","flagrant violation of human rights","a glaring error","gross ineptitude","gross injustice","rank treachery"
    • adj crying demanding attention "clamant needs","a crying need","regarded literary questions as exigent and momentous"- H.L.Mencken","insistent hunger","an instant need"
    • n crying the process of shedding tears (usually accompanied by sobs or other inarticulate sounds) "I hate to hear the crying of a child","she was in tears"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

I cried and wept in front of it, and cried and wept I cried and wept in front of it, and cried and wept
Before she had been up there two minits she begun to cry Before she had been up there two minits she begun to cry
He Did Cry Like a Cow--frontispiece He Did Cry Like a Cow--frontispiece
You need not cry over spilt milk You need not cry over spilt milk
Blue Beard cried out so loud for her to come down, that his voice shook Blue Beard cried out so loud for her to come down, that his voice shook
He heard a cry of alarm He heard a cry of alarm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The reason why your nose gets runny when you are crying is because the tears from the eyes drain into the nose
    • a Crying Calling for notice; compelling attention; notorious; heinous; as, a crying evil. "Too much fondness for meditative retirement is not the crying sin of our modern Christianity."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying
    • crying Demanding attention or remedy; notorious; unendurable.
    • crying Melancholy; lamenting.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Heart-attacks are more common among men because they cry less frequently than women.
    • Crying act of calling loudly: weeping
    • ***


  • Alan Bleasdale
    Alan Bleasdale
    “I think when the full horror of being fifty hits you, you should stay home and have a good cry.”
  • Arabian Proverb
    Arabian Proverb
    “I came to the place of my birth and cried, The friends of my youth, where are they? And echo answered, Where are they?”
  • William Shakespeare
    “When we are born we cry that we are come.. to this great stage of fools.”
  • James Baldwin
    “People can cry much easier than they can change.”
  • Turkish Proverb
    Turkish Proverb
    “He that falls by himself never cries.”
  • Richard Gere
    Richard Gere
    “I cry every chance I get.”


Cry wolf - If someone cries wolf, they raise a false alarm about something.
Cry your eyes out - If you cry your eyes out, you cry uncontrollably.
Cry-baby - A cry-baby is a person who gets emotional and cries too easily.
Don't cry over spilt milk - When something bad happens and nothing can be done to help it people say, 'Don't cry over spilt milk'.
Far cry from - This means that something is very different from something.
Hue and cry - Hue and cry is an expression that used to mean all the people who joined in chasing a criminal or villain. Nowadays, if you do something without hue and cry, you do it discreetly and without drawing attention.
It's no use crying over spilt milk - This idiom means that getting upset after something has gone wrong is pointless; it can't be changed so it should be accepted.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. crier—L. quiritāre, to scream—freq. of L. queri, to lament.


In literature:

And, hearing, the beggar-woman cried with joy.
"Tell Me Another Story" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
I feel as if I wanted to cry!
"The Eternal City" by Hall Caine
In answer to his knock, a tall, thin man with a long beard came to the door, and Jack gave a cry of joy.
"Jack Haydon's Quest" by John Finnemore
Finally she came back to the bundle, looking as if about to cry.
"Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House)" by James S. De Benneville
He started back with a cry of surprise.
"Ted Strong in Montana" by Edward C. Taylor
You don't know your father as I do,' cried the mother in consternation.
"Sarah's School Friend" by May Baldwin
Many and various were the sounds echoing around Maung Yet, and ever and anon he seemed to distinguish from among them a sound like a human cry.
"Chatterbox, 1905." by Various
The woman was cursing and crying.
"The Call of the Blood" by Robert Smythe Hichens
The cavalryman, taken by surprise, let out a cry of rage and pain.
"The Boy Land Boomer" by Ralph Bonehill
He didn't come till about nine o'clock the next morning and I was that glad to see him that I jest cried and cried.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various

In poetry:

"Nay, now, nay,"
Quoth the good dame.
"I cannot," Muriel cried;
"He does not, surely, think I should."
"Laurance - [Part 3]" by Jean Ingelow
Wild geese fly overhead
In the wild Autumn weather.
Souls of the newly-dead
Crying and flying together.
"The Wild Geese" by Katharine Tynan
"MY Polly is so very good,
Belinda never cries;
My Baby often goes to sleep,
See how she shuts her eyes.
"Mammas and Babies" by Kate Greenaway
'DUSTMAN, dustman!'
Through the deserted square he cries,
And babies put their rosy fists
Into their eyes.
"The Dustman" by Bliss William Carman
She lost a ring of pearls
With a ruby in them set;
But the dearest girl of girls
Cried only, did not fret.
"The Girl That Lost Things" by George MacDonald
In this endless rain
You make the very sky resound,
What regrets have you,
To cry so all night long?
"In this endless rain" by Ki no Tsurayuki

In news:

What Made Jennifer Aniston Cry On TV.
But, a reporter up in Colorado didn't do anything funny, in fact he made a little boy cry.
Why it's good to let boys cry.
Howard Stern makes 7-year-old boy cry on 'America's Got Talent': Who's the meanest reality TV judge.
He's only been on "America's Got Talent" for two episodes, but Howard Stern has already made a little kid cry.
County GOP official's dissent draws rallying cry on Facebook.
Kate Hudson Uses Madonna's Hard, Sinewy Shoulder to Cry On .
She had to make it through the Nine premiere without A-Rod there to support her, and with only Madonna, Fergie, and Goldie Hawn's shoulders to cry on .
'Freedom Now' Should Be US Cry on Iran.
Voters' misjudgments on judges cry out for a method that involves merit: Brent Larkin.
Milwaukee well represented at 38th annual PUSH convention in Chicago: Day Cares cry out to Reverend Jesse Jackson.
Participants gather in the courthouse entryway Tuesday during the National Cry Out America Sept 11 prayer rally.
Letting babies cry out at nighttime is OK. You're logged in as.
Two recent crimes in Jackson area cry out for creative punishments.
Nearby resident heard animal's cries.

In science:

Yet this extension is not countably saturated due to the fact that the ultraLet fi = cri , thus, fi ∈ F and fi (x) = ri , ∀ x.
A definable nonstandard model of the reals
Random numbers play a fundamental role in classical information theory, with practical applications including system identification, stochastic simulation, and a variety of cry ptographic protocols.
Random Quantum Circuits and Pseudo-Random Operators: Theory and Applications
Kim was supported by a Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (CRI, No. 2008-0054850).
Anatomy of a young giant component in the random graph
The embedding z(bg) ֒→ V cri (g) induces the isomorphism z(bg) ∼→ Z (Wcri (g, f )).
W-algebras at the critical level
It also generalizes a result of Frenkel and Gaitsgory [FG], who proved the freeness of V cri (g) over z(bg).
W-algebras at the critical level