• WordNet 3.6
    • adj crusty brusque and surly and forbidding "crusty remarks","a crusty old man","his curmudgeonly temper","gruff manner","a gruff reply"
    • adj crusty having a hardened crust as a covering
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Crusty Having a hard exterior, or a short, rough manner, though kind at heart; snappish; peevish; surly. "Thou crusty batch of nature, what's the news?"
    • Crusty Having the nature of crust; pertaining to a hard covering; as, a crusty coat; a crusty surface or substance.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • crusty Like crust; of the nature of crust; hard: as, a crusty surface or substance.
    • crusty Peevish; snappish; surly; harshly curt in manner or speech.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Crusty of the nature of or having a crust, as port or other wine: having a hard or harsh exterior: hard: snappy: surly
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Possibly a corruption of cursty,. Cf. Curst Curstness
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—L. crusta, rind.


In literature:

But so funny was his ferocious crustiness that nobody felt in awe of him.
"Patty's Friends" by Carolyn Wells
But she certainly was kind o' crusty when she left us there on the platform.
"The Mission of Janice Day" by Helen Beecher Long
I am not sure from what cause my own crustiness proceeds.
"Chimney-Pot Papers" by Charles S. Brooks
In the morning make into a loaf and put in a crusty bread pan.
"The Golden Age Cook Book" by Henrietta Latham Dwight
He's been damned crusty with me lately about money matters, as it is.
"Simon" by J. Storer Clouston
He's an odd compound, just like a great big roasted potato, all crusty and crabbed without, but mealy and soft-hearted within.
"The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor" by Samuel James Arnold
Old Earl Budde, Moll's father, was as crusty an old curmudgeon as one could find in a county.
"Terribly Intimate Portraits" by Noël Coward
I've seen crusty old fellows like that before.
"The Boy Scout Fire Fighters" by Robert Maitland
The host upon whom we officers were thrust was quite polite as long as our Boy Scout stood by, but, left to himself, turned out crusty.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, September 2nd, 1914" by Various
She showed me the real inside of herself, and it isn't half as crusty as the outside.
"The Brass Bound Box" by Evelyn Raymond

In poetry:

What is it maks a crusty wife
Forget to scold, an leeave off strife?
What is it smoothes th' rooad throo life?
It's sooap.
"What Is It?" by John Hartley
Take off, O gentle youth,
And coasting India
Scale crusty Everest
Whose mythic crest
Resists your truth;
And spying far away
"Ode To Our Young Pro-Consuls Of The Air" by Allen Tate
When first of wise old Johnson taught,
My youthful mind its homage brought,
And made the pond'rous crusty sage
The object of a noble rage.
"At Cheshire Cheese" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
If all's of a mullock and dirty and dusty,
When he pops home to dinner, he'll turn rayther crusty;
But be tidy, and careful in cookin' his grub,
And, I'll bet what you like, he wont go to the Pub.
"Bedfordshire Ballad - IV" by E W Bowling
The neighbors laid out their old neighbor,
With homely but tenderest art;
And some of the oldest ones faltered,
And tearfully stood apart;
For the crusty old man had often unguardedly shown them his heart.
"Uncle Sammy" by William McKendree Carleton

In news:

Jim Dilettoso is playing a duet on a piano with a man who has a cross made of his own crusty, drying blood on his forehead.
Most everyone that has ever owned a "Crusty Demons" or "Moto XXX" video has heard of Reche Canyon in Calif Myself, I was fortunate enough to grow up nearby, long before the hills were painted with video cameras and two stroke engine exhaust.
In 2010, the crusty, metallic hardcore band was riding high on the buzz generated from the bruising and intense Goner, an album that would end up reissued on the influential Southern Lord label.
Marcelle and Rock enjoy this for a Sunday night supper with crusty French bread and a Waldorf salad.
Serve it with crusty bread.
Rather than the customary sautéeing, this scampi is actually roasted in butter spiked with lemon and herbs as well as garlic, then served piping hot with crusty bread.
The plug looked a little crusty, it should have been a golden brown.
Elizabeth Strout 's new novel is about a crusty New England wife.
Local priest offers saucy spiritual counsel — without crusty image — at pizzeria.
When a big-time college basketball coach with a bad attitude (Martin Lawrence) gets fired, he starts over with a bunch of scrawny, no-talent junior high kids, who eventually warm his crusty heart and teach him the true meaning of the game.
Deford's new memoir captures his polished crustiness.
Try it spread on crusty bread -- the bright lemon flavor and fresh herbs provide relish.
A potato galette is simply thin slices of potatoes , fat, and seasoning layered into a shallow pan and roasted until crusty and browned.
In this case, look for great, crusty bread to provide the desired crunch.
Tracy Morgan brought his brand irreverent humor to the upper-crusty confines of NYC's Carnegy Hall on Friday, but many fans were shocked and appalled by what they heard.