crowd together


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v crowd together to gather together in large numbers "men in straw boaters and waxed mustaches crowded the verandah"
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  • Mychal Wynn
    Mychal Wynn
    “The only certainty about following the crowd is that you will all get there together.”


In literature:

The houses were crowded close together.
"Hebrew Life and Times" by Harold B. Hunting
The assemblage crowds the roofs and lines the walls below, all confusedly gathered together.
"The Delight Makers" by Adolf Bandelier
She had crowded more emotion into these few short months than in all the rest of her dull, uneventful life put together.
"The Land of Promise" by D. Torbett
When they are close together they are called crowded, and when far apart distant.
"Among the Mushrooms" by Ellen M. Dallas and Caroline A. Burgin
They walked now between the borders, where old-fashioned flowers crowded together, towards the stone bench.
"John Ward, Preacher" by Margaret Deland
It was certainly a varied crowd; all centuries had met together.
"A Popular Schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
The men were talking together in a crowd.
"The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone" by Margaret A. McIntyre
After the game had come to an end, and the crowd commenced to separate, as usual, Hugh and Thad started to walk home together.
"The Chums of Scranton High" by Donald Ferguson
Even so, the Moonship and the Platform were linked together for thirteen full days, during which the Platform seemed extraordinarily crowded.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
Soon the crew began to crowd together, whispering fearfully and glancing timidly at the knight and his fair ladies.
"Undine" by Friedrich de la Motte Fouquée

In poetry:

The Youth of green savannahs spake,
And many an endless, endless lake,
With all its fairy crowds
Of islands, that together lie As quietly as spots of sky
Among the evening clouds.
"Ruth" by William Wordsworth
Then the people together in crowds did run,
Resolved to capture the whale and to have some fun!
So small boats were launched on the silvery Tay,
While the monster of the deep did sport and play.
"The Famous Tay Whale" by William Topaz McGonagall
Oh, 'twas a ghastly picture!
Oh, 'twas a gruesome crowd!
Each bearing a skull on his shoulder,
Each trailing a long white shroud,
As they whirled in the dance together,
And the music shrieked aloud.
"The Phantom Ball" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In news:

Democrats cobble together stadium crowd for Obama's speech piece by piece.
The "Saturday Night Live" comedian told the stylish New York crowd at the fashion awards show that their industry and comedy "go together like Bar Mitzvahs and Galliano .".
The crowd-pleasing skit-comedy show celebrates family and the difficult joys of coming together for obligatory Christmas joy.
One cold winter's day, a group of hedgehogs crowded together for warmth so as not to freeze to death.
Students squeeze together in crowded desks at Majengo Primary School in Moshi, Tanzania.
They were often crowded closely together with many small, cramped apartments in each building.
You can always put something together for the family or a crowd with these essentials.
A small group of Parkview boys and a bigger group of Texas Christian Academy boys crowded together with their parents for a football meeting.
Mix vodka, lime juice and ginger beer together to create this crowd-pleasing Moscow Mule cocktail.
We're more crowded together than anybody else.
A rolling stone gathers no moss, but put a lot of stones together and you'll gather a crowd of people.
A company put together a high-def, 360-degree panorama shot of the crowd from early in the first quarter.
Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd of thousands at UC Davis Tuesday that everyone has to work together for the country to move forward.
Usually this fun resort amenity is associated with mass -produced frozen drinks, made from bottled mixes thrown together in industrial size blenders to satisfy the all-you-can-drink party crowd.
Springfield Expo Center brings together two very different crowds.

In science:

In this sense, the mountain-valley pattern is “crowded” and the mountains and valleys must “mingle” together.
When Can You Fold a Map?
Probably the most interesting aspect of the figure is the crowding together of the points as one approaches the x = 0 point.
Towards a Coherent Theory of Physics and Mathematics: The Theory-Experiment Connection
However one would expect that a real financial market is not in a dilute phase at all, since it does have large groups of agents forming crowds which rush to the market together, thereby creating the bursty activity pattern observed empirically.
Designing agent-based market models
Photometry was extracted for all the sources (from the two passes) together to obtain the best possible results in crowded regions.
Spitzer view on the evolution of star-forming galaxies from z=0 to z~3
This sensitivity to extinction, together with the extreme crowding which bedevils ground-based photometry, is well illustrated by the recent history of structural analyses of the inner Milky Way disk by the OGLE microlensing group, based on low spatial-resolution optical data.
Galactic Bulges