• WordNet 3.6
    • n cross-eye strabismus in which one or both eyes turn inward toward the nose
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Cross-eye See Strabismus.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n cross-eye Obliquity of vision; want of concordance in the optic axes; strabismus; squint; specifically, that sort of squint in which both eyes turn toward the nose, so that the rays of light, in passing to the eyes, cross each other; internal strabismus.
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In literature:

His straw hat was tilted over his eyes and his legs were crossed.
"Septimus" by William J. Locke
They crossed the dark landing, avoiding with their eyes the deep black space over the banisters.
"The Empty House And Other Ghost Stories" by Algernon Blackwood
He never crosses my mind unless he crosses my eyes.
"Children of the Mist" by Eden Phillpotts
She crossed her hands on her breast and raised her eyes as she had been taught.
"The Truce of God" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
He was an elderly man, and I could not help seeing a shadow cross his clean-shaven face the moment his eyes first fell on me.
"The Woman Thou Gavest Me" by Hall Caine
I strained my eyes in the darkness for a street-crossing on which to land.
"The Road" by Jack London
Look cross-eyed at thim an' they're into ye'er hair.
"Mr. Dooley Says" by Finley Dunne
Her eyes followed him with a pathetic child-like fear while he crossed the room and went out leaving her alone.
"The Wheel of Life" by Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow
She laughed to herself, clasped her hands, crossed her slender feet, and bent her eyes on the pool below.
"The Younger Set" by Robert W. Chambers
Seeing my eye fixed constantly upon him, he threw off his shawl, and crossed the room.
"A Gentleman Vagabond and Some Others" by F. Hopkinson Smith

In poetry:

A vision rose before his eyes,
The cross, the waiting tomb,
The people's rage, the darkened skies,
His unavoided doom:
"The Mother Mary" by George MacDonald
The Crosse shall there triumphant rise
And ev'ry Eye shall scan
That promis'd Ensign in the skies
Close by the Son of Man
"A Contemplation" by Anne Kingsmill Finch
No, 'tis no dream; my very eyes
Gaze on the hill-tops seven;
Where crosses rise and kiss the skies,
And grandly point to Heaven.
"In Rome" by Abram Joseph Ryan
Her captain he came over the side,
A cold-eyed swaggering Hun
That wore the Iron Cross on his breast
To tell of murders done —
"The Ballad Of The Dinkinbar" by Cicely Fox Smith
I think that nothing made is lost;
That not a moon has ever shone,
That not a cloud my eyes hath crossed
But to my soul is gone.
"A Prayer for the Past: All sights and sounds of day and yea" by George MacDonald
A head of gold one great weed tossed,
And leaned to look when I went by;
And where the brook the roadway crossed
The daisy kept on me its eye.
"The Speckled Trout" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

Cross-eyed opossum Heidi inspects her enclosure at the tropical hall of the Zoo in Leipzig this summer.
Germany's famous cross-eyed opossum , Heidi, dies.
My baby crosses her eyes.
BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Quinn eyes rare chance to repeat as state champ.
Opossum with crossed eyes warmed hearts worldwide.
When crossing the Hudson River on I-90 going east, just before Exit 7, Washington Avenue, there are two lights that shine right in one's eyes.
Getting cross-eyed drunk in in an unfamiliar place and then trying to find a suitable designated driver can be a painstaking task.
East Providence school officials eye more crossing guards.
Eyeing Obama, Red Cross and summer vacation.
Just take a gander at this list of Vick Knight credits until your eyes cross, or perhaps this shorter list of just songs.
Meditation "isn't just about bringing awareness to your experience while you're sitting cross-legged with eyes closed," says Byrne.
LA CROSSE, Wis (WEAU)- The Food and Drug Administration is cautioning parents about the dangers of over the counter eye drops and nasal decongestant sprays.
Best of NM 2012 It's the moment when your palms begin to sweat, your eyes become crossed and every clock is screaming at you.
Cross Eyed Possums and Government Dope.
If you want to cross life's finish line as a winner, you need to focus your energies—and keep your eyes on the prize.

In science:

We also review some important features of pp forward dispersion relations and crossing symmetry, which yield to two sum rules, keeping an eye on the large – NC expansion.
Large-Nc Properties of the rho and f0(600) Mesons from Unitary Resonance Chiral Dynamics
Note also that these results (Figure 1) corroborate another conclusion in FMS, relating the TOTEM point with the highest cosmic-ray estimates for the pp total cross section (Fly’s Eye Collaboration and Pierre Auger Collaboration ).
Reply to "Commentary on "Total Hadronic Cross Section Data and the Froissart-Martin Bound", by Fagundes, Menon and Silva"
The transitions between the two entries on the same row may be visualized by means of a cross-eyed stereo-opsis.
Structures and Diagrammatics of Four Dimensional Topological Lattice Field Theories
At Ramanujan’s funeral on April 26, 1920, most of his orthodox Brahmin relatives stayed away, since Ramanujan was tainted in their eyes, having crossed the waters on his sea voyage to England in April 1914.
And free lunch for all...
Experimental positron cross sections derived from the total response function given by Gu`eye et al., compared to the theoretical values shown in Fig. 9 obtained from the single particle model.
Coulomb corrections for quasielastic (e,e') scattering: eikonal approximation