• WordNet 3.6
    • v couch formulate in a particular style or language "I wouldn't put it that way","She cast her request in very polite language"
    • n couch a narrow bed on which a patient lies during psychiatric or psychoanalytic treatment
    • n couch a flat coat of paint or varnish used by artists as a primer
    • n couch an upholstered seat for more than one person
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Greyhounds are not hyper and do not need constant exercise; they are quite happy occupying space on a couch.
    • Couch A bed or place for repose or sleep; particularly, in the United States, a lounge. "Gentle sleep . . . why liest thou with the vile
      In loathsome beds, and leavest the kingly couch ?"
      "Like one that wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."
    • Couch A mass of steeped barley spread upon a floor to germinate, in malting; or the floor occupied by the barley; as, couch of malt.
    • Couch (Painting & Gilding) A preliminary layer, as of color, size, etc.
    • Couch Any place for repose, as the lair of a beast, etc.
    • Couch To arrange or dispose as in a bed; -- sometimes followed by the reflexive pronoun. "The waters couch themselves as may be to the center of this globe, in a spherical convexity."
    • Couch To arrange; to place; to inlay.
    • Couch To bend the body, as in reverence, pain, labor, etc.; to stoop; to crouch. "An aged squire
      That seemed to couch under his shield three-square."
    • Couch To conceal; to include or involve darkly. "There is all this, and more, that lies naturally couched under this allegory."
    • Couch To lay or deposit in a bed or layer; to bed. "It is at this day in use at Gaza, to couch potsherds, or vessels of earth, in their walls."
    • Couch To lay upon a bed or other resting place. "Where unbruised youth, with unstuffed brain,
      Does couch his limbs, there golden sleep doth reign."
    • Couch To lie down for concealment; to hide; to be concealed; to be included or involved darkly. "We 'll couch in the castle ditch, till we see the light of our fairies.""The half-hidden, hallf-revealed wonders, that yet couch beneath the words of the Scripture."
    • Couch To lie down or recline, as on a bed or other place of rest; to repose; to lie. "Where souls do couch on flowers, we 'll hand in hand.""If I court moe women, you 'll couch with moe men."
    • Couch To put into some form of language; to express; to phrase; -- used with in and under. "A well- couched invective.""I had received a letter from Flora couched in rather cool terms."
    • Couch (Paper Making) To transfer (as sheets of partly dried pulp) from the wire cloth mold to a felt blanket, for further drying.
    • Couch (Med) To treat by pushing down or displacing the opaque lens with a needle; as, to couch a cataract. "He stooped his head, and couched his spear ,
      And spurred his steed to full career."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: When the EMTs arrived they found her sitting on her couch (mistake number two). She was now glued to her couch. She had crossed her legs (mistake number three). Her legs were now glued together. And they also found her cordless phone glued to her hand.
    • couch To lay down or away; put in a resting-place or in a repository of any kind; place; deposit.
    • couch Specifically To cause to recline or lie upon a bed or other place of rest; dispose or place upon, or as upon, a couch or bed.
    • couch In brewing, to spread out upon a floor, as steeped barley, in order to promote germination.
    • couch In paper-making, to take (a sheet of pulp) from the mold or apron on which it has been formed, and place it upon a felt.
    • couch To lay together closely.
    • couch To cause to hide or seek concealment; cause to lie close or crouch.
    • couch To include in the meaning of a word or statement; express; put in words; especially, to imply without distinctly stating; cover or conceal by the manner of stating: often, in the latter sense, with under: as, the compliment was couched in the most fitting terms; a threat was couched under his apparently friendly words.
    • couch To lower (a spear) to a horizontal position; place (a spear) under the right armpit and grasp (it) with the right hand, thus presenting the point toward the enemy. The use of the rest was of late introduction, and was not essential to the couching of a spear.
    • couch In surgery, to remove (a cataract) by inserting a needle through the coats of the eye and pushing the lens downward to the bottom of the vitreous humor, so as to be out of the axis of vision; remove a cataract from in this manner. See cataract, 3.
    • couch To inlay; trim; adorn.
    • couch To lie in a place of rest or deposit; rest in a natural bed or stratum.
    • couch To lie on a couch, bed, or place of repose; lie down; take a recumbent posture.
    • couch To lie as in ambush; be hidden or concealed; lie close; crouch.
    • couch To lie down, crouch, or squat, as an animal.
    • couch To bend or stoop, as under a burden.
    • couch In embroidery, to lay the thread on the surface of the foundation and secure it by stitches of fine material. See couching, 5.
    • n couch A bed; a place for sleep or rest.
    • n couch A long seat, commonly upholstered, having an arm at one end, and often a back, upon which one can rest at full length; a lounge.
    • n couch Any place for retirement and repose, as the lair of a wild beast, etc.
    • n couch The frame on which barley is spread to be malted.
    • n couch A layer, coating, or stratum. Specifically— In malting, a heap of steeped barley spread out on a floor to allow germination to take place, and so convert the grain into malt.
    • n couch Couch-grass.
    • couch In agriculture, to clear, as land, from couch-grass.
    • couch To lie in a heap or pile to decay and pass into compost, as leaves and litter.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ellen DeGeneres was the first stand-up comedian Johnny Carson ever asked to sit on "The Tonight Show" guest couch during a first appearance.
    • v.t Couch kowch to lay down on a bed, &c.: to lower: to level: to arrange in language, to express: to depress or remove a cataract in the eye
    • v.i Couch to lie down for the purpose of sleep, concealment, &c.: to bend or stoop in reverence
    • n Couch any place for rest or sleep: a bed: the lair of a wild beast
    • n Couch kowch a grass of the same genus with wheat, but a widespread and troublesome weed.
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  • Augustine J. Duganne
    Augustine J. Duganne
    “Pleasure's couch is virtue's grave.”
  • Marshall Mcluhan
    “If the nineteenth century was the age of the editorial chair, ours is the century of the psychiatrist's couch.”
  • John F. Kennedy
    “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.”
  • Jonathan Swift
    “Where I am not understood, it shall be concluded that something very useful and profound is couched underneath.”
  • Augustine J. Duganne
    Augustine J. Duganne
    “Pleasure which must be enjoyed at the expense of another's pain, can never be enjoyed by a worthy mind. Pleasure's couch is virtues grave.”


Couch potato - A couch potato is an extremely idle or lazy person who chooses to spend most of their leisure time horizontal in front of the TV and eats a diet that is mainly junk food.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. coucher, to lay down, lie down, OF. colchier, fr. L. collocare, to lay, put, place; col-, + locare, to place, fr. locus, place. See Locus
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A variant of Quitch.


In literature:

The wounded man was lying awake on his couch, his keen, black eyes burning with an unnatural light.
"The Boy Chums in the Forest" by Wilmer M. Ely
An ejaculation that followed fully awoke me, and I now saw two female forms close by the side of my couch.
"The Quadroon" by Mayne Reid
Its only inmate lay on a couch that brought her face on a level with the window.
"Mugby Junction" by Charles Dickens
She is reposing on a couch, closely resembling a modern French bed.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
Beth retired to the foot of the couch, and leant there, looking at him solemnly, with the hair-brush still in her hand.
"The Beth Book" by Sarah Grand
The glove still lay where he had placed it on the edge of the couch, palm upwards and with a suggestion of helplessness and pleading.
"A Modern Mercenary" by Kate Prichard and Hesketh Vernon Hesketh-Prichard
Further, in this more open couching the direction of the lines of couching goes for more than in solid work.
"Art in Needlework" by Lewis F. Day
She sighed, and then looked over at the couch on which Pye sat huddled.
"Hurricane Island" by H. B. Marriott Watson
Another couch is in my tent.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
There he flung himself on the couch of furs the old Indian woman had spread for him.
"The Bridge of the Gods" by Frederic Homer Balch

In poetry:

She sought a new couch
As the eve grew dim,
But at morning she ever
Returned to him.
"The Dew-Drop: A Metrical Fantasy" by Samuel Lover
Skyward looked the horseman
With imploring glance,
And for the impending
Fight he couched his lance.
"Fairy Tale" by Boris Pasternak
I have slept upon my couch,
But my spirit did not rest,
For the labours of the day
Yet my weary soul opprest;
"The Student's Serenade" by Anne Bronte
--Now with worms for his courtiers
He lies in the narrow
Cold couch of the chancel!
--But whence was the arrow?
"Death In The Forest" by Francis Turner Palgrave
--Now with worms for his courtiers
He lies in the narrow
Cold couch of the chancel:
--But whence was the arrow?
"Death In The Forest" by Francis Turner Palgrave
A tender leave she gently takes
Of him all wounded laid
Upon his weary couch of pain,
But hides her errand sad.
"A Ballad Of 1812" by Sarah Anne Curzon

In news:

From left are Rachel Gallentine, Jillian Pepperall, Angella Anderson and on the couch is Sean O'Shea.
Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Drive.
Couche-Tard acquired 2,300 Statoil service stations in Europe that are bright and staffed by committed employees.
A politician sometimes couches this as he or she is going to let the constituents decide the weighty matters.
Timmy Marquez cuts padding for couches while working at United Furniture International UFI is one of the newest and largest employers in the industrial park at Southern California Logistics Airport.
There are an old wooden desk, wooden file cabinets and a maroon leather couch that never gets sat on.
You probably lead a very ho- hum life, spent on the couch, watching re-runs on television.
During some financial house cleaning, the city of Clarkfield overturned some budgetary couch cushions to find a nice chunk of change, about $250,145 worth, laying around.
As I lay on the couch recovering from the stomach flu just a couple of days after Christmas, I saw advertising for Jenny Craig, the South Beach diet and Weight Watchers within minutes of turning on the television.
Police bike-push victim Christopher Long took the stand yesterday -- a self-described "couch surfing" stoner in red suspenders who told jurors he gets high every day.
Get Off the Couch or Striiv's Pedometer Will Text You Into Shape.
But To Make Her Feel At Home, She Always Needs A Seat On The Couch To Cheer Her Up.
A man's got to know his limitations but still never give in to being a couch potato.
After all, how could a TV do anything but make you into a couch potato.
She wasn't very familiar with a leash, but she is very sweet though and willing to jump right up on your couch.

In science:

Star formation and morphological evolution appear decoupled in cluster galaxies (Couch et al 2001), while star formation is still occuring actively now in groups (Balogh et al 2004).
Secular Evolution of Galaxies
Nevertheless, some of the intermediate results are couched in a more general terminology and notation, with a view towards building upwards from the case n = 2, to the case of a general n.
A fundamental domain of Ford type for $SO(3,Z[i])\backslash SO(3,C)/SO(3)$, and for $SO(2,1)_Z\backslash SO(2,1)/SO(2)$
Nevertheless, some of the intermediate results are couched in a more general terminology and notation, with a view towards building upwards from the case n = 2, to the case of a general n.
A fundamental domain of Ford type for $SO(3,Z[i])\backslash SO(3,C)/SO(3)$, and for $SO(2,1)_Z\backslash SO(2,1)/SO(2)$
Our treatment of ligand-receptor binding in the case of hemoglobin can be couched in the language of two-state occupation variables.
A First Exposure to Statistical Mechanics for Life Scientists
There are various models that have been set forth for thinking about binding in hemoglobin, many of which can be couched simply in the language of these occupation variables.
A First Exposure to Statistical Mechanics for Life Scientists