• WordNet 3.6
    • adj cosmic inconceivably extended in space or time
    • adj cosmic of or from or pertaining to or characteristic of the cosmos or universe "cosmic laws","cosmic catastrophe","cosmic rays"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The sun is estimated to be between 20 and 21 cosmic years old.
    • Cosmic Characteristic of the cosmos or universe; inconceivably great; vast; as, cosmic speed. "Cosmic ranges of time."
    • Cosmic of unsurpassed size, extent, or significance; vast; as, of cosmic proportions; of cosmic importance.
    • Cosmic Pertaining to the solar system as a whole, and not to the earth alone.
    • Cosmic Pertaining to the universe, and having special reference to universal law or order, or to the one grand harmonious system of things; hence; harmonious; orderly.
    • Cosmic (Astron) Rising or setting with the sun; -- the opposite of acronycal.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: A cosmic year is the amount of time it takes the sun to revolve around the center of the Milky Way, about 225 million years.
    • cosmic Of or pertaining to the universe, especially to the universe regarded as subject to a harmonious system of laws. But in the older writers it marks rather an opposite conception of the universe, as governed wholly by mechanics, and not by teleological principles.
    • cosmic Hence Pertaining to universal order; harmonious, as the universe; orderly: the opposite of chaotic.
    • cosmic Forming a part of the material universe, especially of what lies outside of the solar system.
    • cosmic In astronomy, visible for the first time before sunrise: only in the phrase the cosmical setting of a star.
    • cosmic Inconceivably prolonged or protracted, like the periods of time required for the development of great astronomical changes; immeasurably extended in space; universal in extent.
    • cosmic Of or pertaining to cosmism: as, the cosmic philosophy.
    • n cosmic A name proposed by H. L. Fairchild, in accordance with the new planetesimal hypothesis, for the primitive massive rocks.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Cosmic relating to the cosmos: orderly
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  • William James
    “For morality life is a war, and the service of the highest is a sort of cosmic patriotism which also calls for volunteers.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. kosmiko`s of the world, fr. ko`smos: cf. F. cosmique,. See Cosmos
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary


In literature:

Difference in environment would preclude any cosmic psychology of interrelationship.
"Dwellers in Arcady" by Albert Bigelow Paine
The coursing of cosmic-ray particles.
"The Great Gray Plague" by Raymond F. Jones
Divine Being is the cosmic force, the essential essence, the Life therefore of all there is in existence.
"The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit" by Ralph Waldo Trine
The cosmics, heat, light, everything.
"Empire" by Clifford Donald Simak
There is no reason to suppose luminosity an essential quality of cosmical bodies.
"A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century" by Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke
Comets consist of cosmical matter which exists in a condition of extreme tenuity, and especially so in the coma and tail.
"The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost'" by Thomas Orchard
An English country-bred maiden's cosmic horizon was sadly limited in those days.
"The Belovéd Vagabond" by William J. Locke
Social change was part of the whole cosmic process.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
They would be but mere links in the chain of cosmic happenings.
"Astronomy of To-day" by Cecil G. Dolmage
Not that they are at all crowded together, else they would make a cosmic haze.
"Pioneers of Science" by Oliver Lodge

In poetry:

Shall yet your feet essay, unharmed,
The glare of cosmic leaguers met
Round stellar strongholds gulfward set,
With night and fire supremely armed?
"The Testimony of the Suns" by George Sterling
And crave unanswered, till, denied
By cosmic gloom and stellar glare,
The brains are dust that bore the pray'r,
And dust the yearning lips that cried.
"The Testimony of the Suns" by George Sterling
For Sir, it was ordained that you
Buy me a drink (or maybe two)
Since ages hoary;
And doubtless it is predestined
our meeting shall affect in kind
Earth's Cosmic Story.
"Dram-Shop Ditty" by Robert W Service
I answered Her: The choice is mine — ah, no!
We all were made or marred long, long ago.
The parts are written; hear the super wail:
"Who is stage-managing this cosmic show?"
"Quatrains" by Robert W Service
He takes his turn as watchman with the rest,
With secret transports to the stars addressed,
With nightlong broodings upon cosmic law,
With daylong laughter at this world so raw.
"The Raft" by Vachel Lindsay
Yet I that am the babe, the sire, the dam,
Am also none of these at all; For now that cosmic chaos of I AM
Bursts like a bubble. Mystical
The night comes down, a soaring wedge of flame
Woven therein
To be a sign to them who yet have never been.
"The Garden of Janus" by Aleister Crowley

In news:

Sunday's sunset over the St Lawrence River was a cosmic masterpiece of undescribeable beauty as near-record temperatures followed on Monday.
Cosmic Dawn and the TMT' at 'Imiloa Nov 17.
Mykki Blanco's ' Cosmic Angel' Mixtape.
Catch cosmic triple threat lighting the sky this weekend.
Astronomers measure cosmic 'fog,' estimate space between stars.
Uses Cosmic -Ray Technology to Foil Nuclear Smugglers.
Cloud Atlas' maps souls on a cosmic journey.
Cosmic coincidence on the road to Glenelg.
Minute perception and the cosmic .
INTERVIEWS Hear Willis Earl Beal's Newly Imagined ' Cosmic Queries'.
The Cosmic Glue That Binds Us All.
Nazis' stolen statue's cosmic link.
Looking For Answers Beyond The Cosmic Horizon.
MacArthur Genius Turns to Stars for Cosmic Aid: Hot Art.
Scientists in town for topics cosmic and microscopic.

In science:

In our present paradigm of physical cosmology, the observed large-scale cosmic structures and the anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) are regarded as small deviations from the spatially homogeneous and isotropic Friedmann world model .
Cosmological perturbations in a generalized gravity including tachyonic condensation
So, although a cosmic ray muon spectrum is expected to follow a Landau distribution, the measured distribution is a sum of several different Landau distributions and is better described by a Gaussian function to obtain the ADC counts for the cosmic ray muon peak, as shown in fig. 16(right).
The CDF MiniPlug Calorimeters
The solid line is the cosmic-ray flux, the dashed line is the age of the cosmic rays as measured using the Be isotope ratio.
The Spiral Structure of the Milky Way, Cosmic Rays, and Ice Age Epochs on Earth
Another key-issue in the study of galaxy evolution is the determination of the cosmic SN rate, which can provide useful constraints on the cosmological parameters (Marri, Ferrara & Pozzetti 2000), on the possible SN progenitor models and on the evolution of the cosmic star formation history.
The cosmic evolution of the galaxy luminosity density
In this paper we have used detailed chemospectrophotometric models for galaxies of different morphological types, namely ellipticals, spirals and irregulars, in order to study the evolution of the galaxy luminosity density in various bands, the cosmic SFR density and the cosmic SN rate.
The cosmic evolution of the galaxy luminosity density