• WordNet 3.6
    • n corrosion erosion by chemical action
    • n corrosion a state of deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The external tank on space shuttles is not painted. It is the only part of the shuttle that is lost after launch, so it is not necessary to worry about metal corrosion.
    • n Corrosion The action or effect of corrosive agents, or the process of corrosive change; as, the rusting of iron is a variety of corrosion . "Corrosion is a particular species of dissolution of bodies, either by an acid or a saline menstruum."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: From bridges to rebar, rust is everywhere. According to a recent study, the annual cost of metallic corrosion in the U.S. is approximately $300 billion. The report, by Battelle, Columbus, Ohio, and the Specialty Steel Industry of North America, Washington, D.C., estimated that about one-third of that cost could be avoided through broader application of corrosion-resistant material and "best anti-corrosive practice" from design through maintenance.
    • n corrosion Literally, the act or process of eating or gnawing away; hence, the process of wearing away, disintegrating, or destroying by the gradual separation of small parts or particles, especially by the action of chemical agents, as acids: often used figuratively of the destructive influence of care, grief, time, etc.
    • n corrosion In geology, the solution and removal of rocks, usually in water; the eating away by fusion and absorption of a solid mass of rock or of a mineral which is inclosed in a molten magma.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ornithologists often use Scotch tape to cover cracks in the soft shells of fertilized pigeon eggs, allowing the eggs to hatch. Scotch tape has also been used as an anti-corrosive shield on the Goodyear Blimp.
    • n Corrosion act of eating or wasting away
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  • Eugenio Montale
    Eugenio Montale
    “Man cannot produce a single work without the assistance of the slow, assiduous, corrosive worm of thought.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. corrosio,: cf. F. corrosion,. See Corrode
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. cor, inten., rodĕre, rosum, to gnaw.


In literature:

We often find that lemon-juice, vinegar, oil of vitriol and other sharp corrosives, stain dyed garments.
"Our Deportment" by John H. Young
It has a peculiar corrosive effect on the nose, throat and lungs, and is most deadly in its effect.
"The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front" by Victor Appleton
This may be induced by corrosion, caused by the presence of sea water, gun metal, and iron, assisted by the rotation of the shaft.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 717, September 28, 1889" by Various
Of these, corrosive sublimate is the most generally used.
"Manual of Surgery" by Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
It must have been new when this world froze, for there was no sign of corrosion or oxidation.
"Islands of Space" by John W Campbell
Chard's Anti-Corrosive Cylinder Oil.
"Scientific American, Volume XLIII., No. 25, December 18, 1880" by Various
Corrosive sublimate, poisoning from, 241.
"A Treatise on Domestic Economy" by Catherine Esther Beecher
Her memories burnt, as corrosive acids, in her brain.
"The Daughters of Danaus" by Mona Caird
Aylmer snatched the metallic plate and threw it into a jar of corrosive acid.
"The Short-story" by William Patterson Atkinson
But his humour is bitter as gall, and corrosive as sulphuric acid.
"Maxim Gorki" by Hans Ostwald

In poetry:

A fretful temper will divide
The closest knot that may be tied,
By ceaseless sharp corrosion;
A temper passionate and fierce
May suddenly your joys disperse
At one immense explosion.
"Friendship" by William Cowper
One is incisive, corrosive:
Two retorts, nettled, curt, crepitant;
Three makes rejoinder, expansive, explosive;
Four overbears them all, strident and strepitant,
Five… O Danaides, O Sieve!
"Master Hugues Of Saxe-Gotha" by Robert Browning
Lofty and enduring is the monument I've reared,—
Come, tempests, with your bitterness assailing;
And thou, corrosive blasts of time, by all things mortal feared,
Thy buffets and thy rage are unavailing!
"Horace To Melpomene" by Eugene Field
But O reprieve me!
For thou hast life and death at thy command;
Thou art both Judge and Saviour, feast and rod,
Cordiall and corrosive: put not thy hand
Into the bitter box; but O my God,
My God, relieve me!
"Sighs And Grones" by George Herbert
And turn'd and pass'd to other feats,
And left thee in thine iron robe,
To circle with the circling globe,
While Time's corrosive dewdrop eats
The giant warrior to a crust
Of earth in earth, and rust in rust.
"A Danish Barrow" by Francis Turner Palgrave
The fellow half was frozen as it bubbled
Corrosive spring out of the iceberg's crop,
The fellow seed and shadow as it babbled
The swing of milk was tufted in the pap,
For half of love was planted in the lost,
And the unplanted ghost.
"My World Is Pyramid" by Dylan Thomas

In news:

CRC Press, August 2011, 941 pages This resource explores the latest advances in corrosion and protection mechanisms.
It presents a detailed account of the chemical and electrochemical surface reactions that govern corrosion as well as the link between microscopic forces and macroscopic behavior.
Petro-Canada says its Purity FG industrial-strength lubricants are blended from 99.9 percent pure, crystal clear base oils and are formulated with additives to protect equipment against wear, extreme pressure loading and corrosion.
Cosmoline PTC is a water-based coating that inhibits rust and corrosion on pipes and tubing and improves their ability to resist general or uniform corrosion and localized pitting corrosion.
The Smoke features Quantum's Saltguard 2.0, a special-coated alloy meant to stop salty corrosion in its tracks.
The lifts feature a corrosion-resistant, galvanized base and legs as standard.
The pumps and pump gearboxes are fully machined stainless steel engineered to reduce external corrosion build-up.
Machine Lubricant Prevents Seizing, Wear and Corrosion.
This additive helps prevent seizing, wear and corrosion, as well as reduces vibration noise.
Revision of D4627 - 92(2007) Standard Test Method for Iron Chip Corrosion for Water-Dilutable Metalworking Fluids.
Water dilutable fluids corrosion test.
An acidic and corrosive substance used in most types of acid-based nail primers.
A depressing column by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni titled "The Bleaker Sex" explored the debasement of women, the corrosive impact of pornography and the dismal state of sexuality among the young and the hip.
Is a corrosion allowance required for internally coated tanks.
The company's line of cable glands now features electroless nickel plating for enhanced corrosion-resistance in harsh industrial environments.

In science:

In some cases, such as in corrosion, it can be a cause of undesirable deterioration.
Percolation-dependent Reaction Rates in the Etching of Disordered Solids
It can also be the randomness of a passivation layer that may appear spontaneously in the corrosion of polycrystalline solids.
Percolation-dependent Reaction Rates in the Etching of Disordered Solids
So defined, this quantity is proportional to an experimental signal, for example the corrosion current if the etching is the result of an electrochemical process.
Percolation-dependent Reaction Rates in the Etching of Disordered Solids
Evans, The corrosion and Oxidation of Metals: Scientific Principles and Practical Applications, Arnold, (London), 1960). H. H.
Percolation-dependent Reaction Rates in the Etching of Disordered Solids
Cracks and corrosion have been found for some samples which are stressed and thermally activated artificially.
Gadolinium study for a water Cherenkov detector