• WordNet 3.6
    • adj consummate without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers "an arrant fool","a complete coward","a consummate fool","a double-dyed villain","gross negligence","a perfect idiot","pure folly","what a sodding mess","stark staring mad","a thoroughgoing villain","utter nonsense","the unadulterated truth"
    • adj consummate perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities "a complete gentleman","consummate happiness","a consummate performance"
    • adj consummate having or revealing supreme mastery or skill "a consummate artist","consummate skill","a masterful speaker","masterful technique","a masterly performance of the sonata","a virtuoso performance"
    • v consummate make perfect; bring to perfection
    • v consummate fulfill sexually "consummate a marriage"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In earlier times, virginity on one's wedding night was of the greatest importance. To prove that the bride was a virgin, it was customary that the couple would display the bloodstained bedsheet for all to see once the wedding was consummated.
    • a Consummate Carried to the utmost extent or degree; of the highest quality; complete; perfect. "A man of perfect and consummate virtue.""The little band held the post with consummate tenacity."
    • v. t Consummate kŏn"sŭm*māt or kŏn*sŭm"māt To bring to completion; to raise to the highest point or degree; to complete; to finish; to perfect; to achieve. "To consummate this business happily."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • consummate To finish by completing what was intended; perfect; bring or curry to the utmost point or degree; carry or bring to completion; complete; achieve.
    • consummate Specifically To complete (a marriage) by sexual intercourse.
    • consummate Complete; perfect; carried to the utmost extent or degree: as, consummate felicity; consummate hypocrisy.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Consummate kon′sum-āt or kon-sum′āt to raise to the highest point: to perfect or finish: to make marriage legally complete by sexual intercourse
    • adj Consummate complete, supreme, perfect of its kind
    • v.t Consummate kon′sum-āt or kon-sum′āt, to raise to the highest point: to perfect or finish: to make marriage legally complete by sexual intercourse
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  • John Lyly
    John Lyly
    “Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. consummatus, p. p. or consummare, to accomplish, sum up; con-, + summa, sum. See Sum
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. consummare, to perfect—con, with, and summus, highest, perfect.


In literature:

This was not the consummation the high stars in far infinities told her vaguely might some day bless her life.
"The Rhodesian" by Gertrude Page
We will cite another, where misery was followed and consummated by ennui.
"The American Quarterly Review, No. 17, March 1831" by Various
In that he foresaw, or thought he foresaw, a withering blight to his budding hopes, and a final consummation to his foreboding fears.
"Alonzo and Melissa" by Daniel Jackson, Jr.
In Christianity, on the other hand, self-realization and not self-effacement must be the consummation of life.
"India, Its Life and Thought" by John P. Jones
And our triumph of triumphs was invariably consummated at the end of harvest, for then a supper was given to the tenants and servants.
"Our Home in the Silver West" by Gordon Stables
We do not know whether the Prince of Wales had really consummated it when he died before he was yet sixteen.
"A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)" by Leopold von Ranke
Lafayette was instrumental in consummating the alliance with France.
"From Farm House to the White House" by William M. Thayer
There could be only acquiescence and submission, and tremulous wonder of consummation.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
This conception, with the dream, blotted out all thought of the consummation of a slowly growing love.
"Chit-Chat; Nirvana; The Searchlight" by Mathew Joseph Holt
With consummate skill he led the conversation to Theos.
"The Traitors" by E. Phillips (Edward Phillips) Oppenheim

In poetry:

The eternal Night hath writ in stars
Denial of the ends ye name;
Ye stand rebuked by suns who claim
The consummation of her wars.
"The Testimony of the Suns" by George Sterling
The working of celestial love
In this bright consummation lies;
It brings down angels from above,
It raises mortals to the skies.
"Heaven the Christian's Home" by John Bowring
CYPRIAN. Then that God must be all sight,
Since he could foresee these trouble.
But, why could not thy enchantment
Be as potent and consummate?
"The Wonder-Working Magician - Act III" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
Nine months, to consummate his joys,
Brought forth a pair of blooming boys;
Thus John by ale a vigil kept,
And rais'd two votes while others slept.
"The Virtues Of Election Ale" by William Hutton
O glittering and rocking and bursting and blue
-Eternities of sea and sky shadow no pleasure:
Time unheard moves and the heart of man is eaten
Consummately at leisure.
"Far Rockaway" by Delmore Schwartz
Oh, thou dost teach me: ere the consummation,
The highest is the hardest, the most bare:
Here a sad Hill beheld His tribulation,
For Whom the gates of glory opened there.
"The Maiden's Reply To The Mountain" by Samuel John Stone

In news:

He was the consummate bureaucrat in his Vatican career and not given to striking out in new directions.
A rough and tumble vice presidential debate of two consummate politicians injects some real energy into the race.
But getting a Manhattan street corner named for Jerry Orbach, former star of stage and screen and consummate New Yorker, will be no open-and-shut case.
Consummate pro Akira Tana demonstrates his nimble touch and reliably swinging grooves on Moon Over the World (Sons of Sound).
'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn': Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart consummate their love in the series' most tedious , bizarre entry (review).
I used to be a consummate Christmas shopper.
Some consider the publisher of Playboy Magazine and consummate ladies man the luckiest male in the world.
Even when she's not feeling her best, Kate Hudson is a consummate professional.
When temperatures around the Mile High City start to dip below freezing, we stock the fridge with stouts—the consummate winter-brew style.
But Goldschmidt is becoming the consummate player.
SUPPLIED PHOTO Cameron Carpenter 's artistic weapon of choice may be the pipe organ, but that doesn't stop him from being a consummate entertainer.
Longtime Rome auto dealer Bob Williams said the publicity about a failed deal to sell his dealership to a Cartersville car dealer opened the door to a deal that has been consummated with the Greenway Auto Group, based in Florida.
Dodger 's consummate skill at everything he tries makes him a wish-fulfillment fantasy of competent coolness.
Widely lauded as one of the greatest emcees of hip-hop, Nas is a consummate storyteller who has influenced a new generation of rappers during his two-decade-long career.
Legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland was the consummate dreamer, a romantic who never looked back and propelled society forward.

In science:

We note that small τ2,min does not constrain the K¨ahler modulus/axion inflation, since the observed e-folds take place at large τ : only the approach to, and consummation of, preheating would be affected, and would be quite different than in the QFT case.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
The more pixels manipulated, the more CPU and memory will logically be consummated and the time before a particular image effect is shown to the user will be longer.
Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation
Whenever few matches are found, the most efficient way to consummate the query is to enumerate these matches so the user can the select the one of interest.
Towards a PURE Spoken Dialogue System for Information Access
Yet the game is intractable, since (iii) implies that the winner would have to live indefinitely to consummate a win.
Multivision: an intractable impartial game with a linear winning strategy
Otherwise it is intractable. A game is tractable if: (i) the recognition of the P -positions, (ii) the computation of a winning move, and (iii) the consummation of the win are tractable.
Multivision: an intractable impartial game with a linear winning strategy