• Magnetic concentrating installation
    Magnetic concentrating installation
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v concentrate cook until very little liquid is left "The cook reduced the sauce by boiling it for a long time"
    • v concentrate be cooked until very little liquid is left "The sauce should reduce to one cup"
    • v concentrate make denser, stronger, or purer "concentrate juice"
    • v concentrate make more concise "condense the contents of a book into a summary"
    • v concentrate compress or concentrate "Congress condensed the three-year plan into a six-month plan"
    • v concentrate make central "The Russian government centralized the distribution of food"
    • v concentrate direct one's attention on something "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"
    • v concentrate draw together or meet in one common center "These groups concentrate in the inner cities"
    • n concentrate a concentrated example of something "the concentrate of contemporary despair"
    • n concentrate a concentrated form of a foodstuff; the bulk is reduced by removing water
    • n concentrate the desired mineral that is left after impurities have been removed from mined ore
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Magnetic concentrator Magnetic concentrator

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In the world, the Netherlands has the highest concentration of museums in the world. Just in Amsterdam alone there are 42 museums
    • v. i Concentrate To approach or meet in a common center; to consolidate; as, population tends to concentrate in cities.
    • Concentrate To bring to, or direct toward, a common center; to unite more closely; to gather into one body, mass, or force; to fix; as, to concentrate rays of light into a focus; to concentrate the attention. "He concentrated whole force at his own camp."
    • Concentrate To increase the strength and diminish the bulk of, as of a liquid or an ore; to intensify, by getting rid of useless material; to condense; as, to concentrate acid by evaporation; to concentrate by washing; -- opposed to dilute. "Spirit of vinegar concentrated and reduced to its greatest strength."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Chameleons change their color by dispersing the concentration of pigment in their skin. This is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Color changes are determined by external factors such as light and temperature as well as emotions. They do not change color to match their background.
    • concentrate To bring or draw to a common center or point of union; cause to come close together; bring to bear on one point; direct toward one object; focus: both in literal and in figurative uses.
    • concentrate Hence To intensify the action of, as by bringing it to bear upon one point; render more intense the properties of, as by removing foreign weakening or adulterating elements; specifically, in chem., to render more intense or pure by removing or reducing the proportion of what is foreign or inessential; rectify.
    • concentrate In mining, to separate (ore or metal) from the gangue or rock with which it is associated in the lode. See dress, 5 .
    • concentrate To approach or meet in or around a common point or center: as, the clouds rapidly concentrated in a dense mass.
    • concentrate To become more intense or pure. See I., 2.
    • concentrate Reduced to a pure or intense state; concentrated.
    • n concentrate That which has been reduced to a state of purity or concentration by the removal of foreign, non-essential, or diluting matter.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In a University of Arizona study, rails and armsrests in public buses were found to be contaminated by the highest concentration of bodily fluids.
    • v.t Concentrate kon′sen-trāt or kon-sen′- to bring towards a common centre: to bring into a closer union: to condense, to render more intense the properties of
    • v.t Concentrate kon′sen-trāt or kon-sen′-, to bring towards a common centre: to bring into a closer union: to condense, to render more intense the properties of
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  • Andrew Carnegie
    “Concentration is my motto -- first honesty, then industry, then concentration.”
  • Chris Evert
    Chris Evert
    “Ninety percent of my game is mental. It's my concentration that has gotten me this far.”
  • Lee Iacocca
    “The ability to concentrate and to use time well is everything.”
  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell
    “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “Conversation should touch everything, but should concentrate itself on nothing.”
  • Tom Seaver
    Tom Seaver
    “The concentration and dedication- the intangibles are the deciding factors between who won and who lost.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. con-, + L. centrum, center. Cf. Concenter
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A lengthened form of Concentre.


In literature:

Christian II, no longer restrained by Margaret, had concentrated troops in Holland in order to attack Frederick of Holstein.
"Belgium" by Emile Cammaerts
During the last year more than 20,000 women and children died in the concentration camps, and their suffering there was terrible.
"The Peace Negotiations" by J. D. Kestell
Men hurried about among the tents, concentrating at the two points of attack.
"Captain Desmond, V.C." by Maud Diver
Sulphides of zinc, lead, silver, and other metals are similarly concentrated, in varying degrees.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
Journalism both broadened and concentrated.
"The New Nation" by Frederic L. Paxson
It assists in helping the student to concentrate.
"Great Pianists on Piano Playing" by James Francis Cooke
The main strength of the enemy had been concentrated for an invasion of Natal.
"History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902 v. 1 (of 4)" by Frederick Maurice
The French troops concentrated at Valmy.
"Louis Philippe" by John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott
Concentration of gravitational lines!
"Empire" by Clifford Donald Simak
The Concentration Camp at Netheravon.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh

In poetry:

Oh, memories of an only child,
How strong and rich ye are!
A wealth of concentrated love
That none beside can share.
"Madam Pond," by Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney
No shade! Its room in Summer time
Is filled with sultry air.
For it is easier to concentrate
When roasting in a chair.
"A Satire" by Joseph Pullman Porter
A long, long kiss, a kiss of youth, and love,
And beauty, all concentrating like rays
Into one focus, kindled from above;
Such kisses as belong to early day
"Don Juan: Canto The Second" by Lord George Gordon Byron
COUNSEL. Swiftly fled each honeyed hour
Spent with this unmanly male!
Camberwell became a bow'r,
Peckham an Arcadian Vale,
Breathing concentrated otto!—
An existence … la Watteau.
"Trial" by William Schwenck Gilbert
She ceased, she clasped her hands, nor yet withdrew
Her eye concentred in its piercing view.
“Nay,” said the Prince, “it ill befits those lips
To talk of kingdoms' and of thrones' eclipse!
"Nebuchadnezzar: Canto VI: The Banquet" by Thomas Aird
"Ere I proceed to illustrate
The views of each protesting State
Thus did the beast address me from the pot -
"Please understand I represent
All phases of State discontent;
In me is concentrated all the lot!"
"The Insect" by C J Dennis

In news:

New synthetic concentrates from MAG are lower cost than semi-synthetics or soluble oils.
I spent a few hours at Dachau concentration camp, not far from Munich, on a recent trip to Germany.
Since when do you think it's okay to fuck up the facts of your wretched culture and concentrate on the few who have done something with their lives.
Hey, mojado, since when do you think it's okay to fuck up the facts of your wretched culture and concentrate on the few who have done something with their lives.
Hey mojado: since when do you think it's okay to fuck up the facts of your wretched culture and concentrate on the few who have done something with their lives.
Entrepreneurs might be especially focused on productivity, but despite your best efforts to concentrate on your business, you're probably not awfully consistent at it.
Everyone makes mistakes, he said, but we don't have to concentrate on those mistakes.
3 POOR EYE CONTACT?Concentrate on maintaining eye contact throughout the interview.
The Associated Press This undated file image shows the main gate of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz I in Poland, which was liberated by the Russians in January 1945.
My main interest is bricolage, in why and how people make things, from cars to concentration camps.
ORANIENBURG, Germany, Dec 13— The 1945 liberation of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp just north of Berlin did not end its history as a place of misery and death.
Fruita concentrated on its ground game that seemed to yield the best results.
The women were given a battery of tests measuring their concentration, memory, and mood when they were dehydrated and when they were not.
The pads became popular, so Krause sold his detailing business so he could concentrate on marketing the pads.
Insulin sensitivity and concentrations of HDL cholesterol, two metabolic predictors of CHD, are also influenced by diet.

In science:

To find the change of mixed system symmetry with variation of concentration of components, we performed the calculations of L1 and L2 temperature and concentrational dependence.
Phase diagram of mixed system of ferroelectric relaxors in the random field theory framework
The present analysis indicates that the probability of recurrence of a single walker, the long time behavior of the time-dependent concentration for the annihilating random walks and the stationary concentration for the BARW in the limit P → 0 are strongly related to each other.
Branching annihilating random walk on random regular graphs
In other words, the osmotic coefficient develops a weak logarithmic concentration dependence. (If the cylinders were not completely hollow an extra concentration dependence would appear at high concentrations.
Osmotic Properties of Charged Cylinders: Critical Evaluation of Counterion Condensation Theory
In the low-concentration range and 2 mM salt the calculated pressures are slightly too large which might in part reflect a weak contribution from finite salt concentration that can be dealt with on the basis of a simple Donnan equilibrium picture [4, 12, 3].
Osmotic Properties of Charged Cylinders: Critical Evaluation of Counterion Condensation Theory
In the high-concentration range, the calculated variation of the pressure with concentration is clearly slower than what one observes for the experimental data.
Osmotic Properties of Charged Cylinders: Critical Evaluation of Counterion Condensation Theory