• WordNet 3.6
    • v conceive become pregnant; undergo conception "She cannot conceive","My daughter was conceived in Christmas Day"
    • v conceive judge or regard; look upon; judge "I think he is very smart","I believe her to be very smart","I think that he is her boyfriend","The racist conceives such people to be inferior"
    • v conceive have the idea for "He conceived of a robot that would help paralyzed patients","This library was well conceived"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Cannes Film Festival was conceived in 1938 by two French journalists while they were traveling by train to the Venice Film Festival.
    • Conceive To apprehend by reason or imagination; to take into the mind; to know; to imagine; to comprehend; to understand. "I conceive you.""O horror, horror, horror! Tongue nor heart
      Cannot conceive nor name thee!"
      "You will hardly conceive him to have been bred in the same climate."
    • Conceive To form in the mind; to plan; to devise; to generate; to originate; as, to conceive a purpose, plan, hope. "It was among the ruins of the Capitol that I first conceived the idea of a work which has amused and exercised near twenty years of my life.""Conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood."
    • Conceive To have a conception, idea, or opinion; think; -- with of. "Conceive of things clearly and distinctly in their own natures."
    • Conceive To have an embryo or fetus formed in the womb; to breed; to become pregnant. "A virgin shall conceive , and bear a son."
    • Conceive To receive into the womb and begin to breed; to begin the formation of the embryo of. "She hath also conceived a son in her old age."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer was conceived by author Robert May in 1939. Two other names he thought of before deciding on Rudolph were Reginald and Rollo.
    • conceive To apprehend in the mind; form a distinct and correct notion of, or a notion which is not absurd: as, we cannot conceive an effect without a cause.
    • conceive To form as a general notion in the mind; represent in a general notion or conception in the mind; hence, design; plan; devise.
    • conceive To hold as an opinion; think; suppose; believe.
    • conceive To admit into the mind; have a sense or impression of; feel; experience.
    • conceive To formulate in words; express: as, he received a letter conceived in the following terms.
    • conceive To understand.
    • conceive To become pregnant with; bring into existence in the womb in an embryonic state.
    • conceive To generate; give rise to; bring into existence.
    • conceive To take in a mental image; have or form a conception or idea; have apprehension; think: with of.
    • conceive To hold an opinion: with of.
    • conceive To understand.
    • conceive To become pregnant.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There have been several documented cases of women giving birth to twins who had different fathers, including cases where the children were of different races. To do so, the mother had to have conceived both children in close proximity. There has also been one recent case where a mother gave birth to unrelated "twins." In that instance, the mother underwent in vitro fertilization and had her own child and the embryo of another couple accidentally implanted in her.
    • v.t Conceive kon-sēv′ to receive into and form in the womb: to form in the mind: to imagine or think: to understand: to express
    • v.i Conceive to become pregnant: to think
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  • Ted Koysis
    Ted Koysis
    “A new idea is like a child. It's easier to conceive than to deliver.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “I tell you that as long as I can conceive something better than myself I cannot be easy unless I am striving to bring it into existence or clearing the way for it.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “As long as I can conceive something better than myself I cannot be easy unless I am striving to bring it into existence or clearing the way for it.”
  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker
    “Only Christ could have conceived Christ.”
  • Virginia Satir
    Virginia Satir
    “I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them.”
  • Napoleon Hill
    “Just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds need ideas in order to conceive.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OF. conzoivre, concever, conceveir, F. concevoir, fr. L. oncipere, to take, to conceive; con-, + capere, to seize or take. See Capable, and cf. Conception


In literature:

He conceived that his exiled foes were plotting to poison him.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2" by John Addington Symonds
It is difficult to conceive of a more interesting human soul, I think.
"The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume II" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Two modes of reality now present themselves to the life, neither of which allows itself to be conceived of as an illusion.
"An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy" by W. Tudor Jones
Every theistic philosopher is bound, with whatever cautions, to conceive God by the analogy of the human mind.
"Theodicy" by G. W. Leibniz
It is then hard to conceive an appeal more singularly infelicitous than that which our modern positivists make to Buddhism.
"Is Life Worth Living?" by William Hurrell Mallock
Nothing like it was ever conceived of by the loftiest minds of antiquity.
"Companion to the Bible" by E. P. Barrows
She is a brave little woman, and helps me in every conceivable way.
"Certain Personal Matters" by H. G. Wells
We shall not labor this point, altho we conceive a great improvement might be effected in this department of learning.
"Lectures on Language" by William S. Balch
Perhaps it was the highest ideal that persons resembling the Major and Gertie could conceive.
"None Other Gods" by Robert Hugh Benson
If a man will follow after beauty, he is foolish not to conceive the beauty of all bodies as one and the same.
"The Evolution of Love" by Emil Lucka

In poetry:

From orb to orb, from sphere to sphere
Shall what your eyes behold, discern,
What your purg'd ear hath heard, shall hear,
And what your thoughts conceive, shall learn.
"Sudden Death" by Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney
One saw therein the life of man,
(Or so the poet found it,)
The yolk and white, conceive who can,
Were the glad earth, that, floating, span
In the glad heaven around it.
"Gold Egg: A Dream-Fantasy" by James Russell Lowell
Be patient:—and inform me, pray,
If this were worn by you or her to-day?
There lies the point, for, if you'll me believe,
Your husband did—the most you can conceive.
"The Servant Girl Justified" by Jean de La Fontaine
For Mary, conceived in all sinlessness;
And the sun, thro' the clouds of the East,
With the brightest and fairest of flashes,
Fringed the surplice of white for the Feast.
"The Immaculate Conception" by Abram Joseph Ryan
But had I wanted them had I liv'd still
With my deare Holiday; had there to my will
Beene an agreeing lucke, I can conceive
Happly I might have wish'd those, whom I leave.
"To Mr. Holiday Archdeacon of Oxon: from Flower 1625" by Robert Gomersall
Denys hath merited no slender praise,
In that She well supplied the Formers daies.
Conceive how Good she was, whose very worst
Unto her Knight was This, that She dyed First.
"On His Lady Denys" by William Strode

In news:

A Canadian Opera Company presentation of an opera in two acts, composed by Igor Stravinsky, production conceived and directed by Robert Lepage.
Opossum oppressed southern Brooklyn continues to blame City Hall for an ill-conceived rat-eradication scheme — but the mayor and even the governor say the whole thing is a figment of a varmint-obsessed population.
Is it going to be harder to conceive with just one ovary .
To determine when you're most likely to conceive, enter the first day of your last menstrual period.
This indicates the time in your cycle when you're most likely to conceive.
A Marriott Theater presentation of a musical and two acts, conceived and written by Aaron Thielen, music and lyrics by Michael Mahler.
Artist Jorge Pardo conceived and executed the installation design.
The Parthenon was conceived to embody the greatness of Greece and to celebrate Athens as the apex of that culture.
Conceived on the gigantic scale apparently customary in premodern Chinese literature, Tang's opera scored an equally gigantic, lasting success, both onstage and in print.
The walkway was first conceived in the 1960's by the Regional Planning Association to bring the public to the river.
The trend involves turning one's body into the shape of a wooden plank that rests rigidly, and often precariously, on chimneys, police cars, trees, basketball hoops, and any other conceivable surface.
No Survivor's Benefits For Posthumously Conceived.
Social Security Administration refusing to treat twins conceived through in vitro fertilization as heirs to deceased man.
One year after idea conceived, campus becomes a reality in Roseville.
Join Conceive Magazine in supporting the government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) campaign that aims to improve babies' and mothers' health long before conception.

In science:

Each of these different choices could conceivably give rise to different commutors and associators (i.e. bijections which prove commutativity and associativity).
Puzzles, Tableaux and Mosaics
It is quite conceivable that both of the statements in the above corollary hold.
On the Satisfiability Threshold and Clustering of Solutions of Random 3-SAT Formulas
If, on the other hand, the numerator is not significantly different from 0, then we cannot guarantee for anything: when dividing 0/0 any outcome is conceivable.
A Geometric Approach to Confidence Sets for Ratios: Fieller's Theorem, Generalizations, and Bootstrap
But it is conceivable to use independent Poisson variables at each of the nodes to construct the tree as well as the configuration space.
Contributions to Random Energy Models
It is quite conceivable that the present complicated model may always be equivalent to a tree GREM.
Contributions to Random Energy Models