come around


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v come around happen regularly "Christmas rolled around again"
    • v come around change one's position or opinion "He came around to our point of view"
    • ***


  • Sir Sidney Nolan
    Sir Sidney Nolan
    “When the critics come around it's always too late.”
  • Warren Buffett
    “Great investment opportunities come around when excellent companies are surrounded by unusual circumstances that cause the stock to be misappraised.”
  • Socrates
    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”


What goes around comes around - This saying means that of people do bad things to other people, bad things will happen to them.
What goes around, comes around - The good or bad you do to others is requited.


In literature:

They come around the grassy knoll when our luncheon-tent is pitched, and stare at us very much as the people stared in Es Salt.
"Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land" by Henry Van Dyke
He's coming around to see us when I get back home.
"Traffic in Souls" by Eustace Hale Ball
This bein' so, I ask myself, what has this feller come around with his yarn to me for?
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
If she hadn't come around Pete an' Ike would have bin living now.
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
Well, Potts comes a-runnin' to meet 'em and then he comes up and introduces 'em all around.
"Kid Scanlan" by H. C. Witwer
She was in the saddle before Dick could come around to her side to assist her.
"The Plunderer" by Roy Norton
May I come around for a little while?
"The Crimson Tide" by Robert W. Chambers
Most of those who had been around the tavern hurried outside at the first sign of alarm, and were now gaping at the coming troop.
"The Boy Scouts on Belgian Battlefields" by Lieut. Howard Payson
She was always coming home with Leslie for overnight and being around in the way.
"Cloudy Jewel" by Grace Livingston Hill
And so I said, right out before all the boys, 'Wot for do you allus come hangin' around our shack?
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum

In poetry:

Come dance around the compass
pointing north
Before, face downward, frozen,
we go forth.
"From: Preludes for Memnon" by Conrad Potter Aiken
COME swish around, my pretty punk,
And keep me dancing still
That I may stay a sober man
Although I drink my fill.
"A Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety" by William Butler Yeats
I loved to hear the children's glee
Around the cottage-door;
And peasant's song right merrily
The glebe come ringing o'er.
"Earth's Burdens" by Ernest Jones
May all the graces wait around,
And heighten all her charms!
He comes, with wealth and glory crown'd,
To my Louisa's arms.
"Louisa. A Tale." by Jane Bowdler
A gladness pulses through the earth,
And with a gentle sound
The rain comes down to give green birth
To all the buds around.
"An April Afternoon" by Alexander Anderson
We stood around thy dying bed,
We heard thee offer up a prayer
Unto thy Father God; who said,—
Come, and my kingdom share.
"Requiescat In Pace. On The Death Of Caroline Millen Clark, Who Died 1st December, 1857." by Benjamin Cutler Clark

In news:

The Pacific Bistro in Delafield is a nice place, but even nice places can run into problems when the health inspector comes around.
Holy Cross women's basketball coach Bill Gibbons has been singing, "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," around his office lately, and the reason has nothing to do with Advent or Christmas.
I know I wrote about this a year ago at this time, but having it come around again just gets me fired up again.
But with President Evo Morales in social media 101, he's beginning to come around to Twitter and Facebook.
Or perhaps more precisely, what comes around doesn't go around.
The busier you get, the less time you spend thinking about your childhood, until days like Memorial Day come around.
We're easy marks for holiday sentimentalism on Urbanite, so when Easter comes around, we expect to turn on the tube and get some retro comfort.
Add first four ingredients to a non-stick saucepan, (You will be glad you used this when clean-up comes around.).
For many people, New Year's Eve can be disappointing -- there's so much hype in the lead-up to the event that when it actually comes around, it often falls short of the mark.
I am starting to come around on the whole wasteful-spending-in-government thing.
The claw that is used to pick up leaves in Sacramento will be scaled back in operation times, coming around just during the leafiest month beginning next year.
She replied that we were very compatible but her heart doesn't skip a beat when I come around and lust was out of the question because of her religious values.
OK, I'm slowly starting to come around.
My weekend started so early that Friday comes around and I'm just looking at it like any other night of the week.
What Goes Around, Comes Around.

In science:

Once ionization energies are calculated, errors on the formation energies coming from the relaxation around the defect cancel out since defects in all charge states suffer from this effect.
Self-vacancies in Gallium Arsenide: an ab initio calculation
In a Be/X-ray binary, emission lines should be associated with a classical Be star and come from such a decretion disk (Okazaki 2001). A system like the black hole candidate LMC X-3 (Cowley et al. 1983) is not a Be/X-ray binary, as the emission lines most likely come from an accretion disk around the black hole.
Be/X-ray binaries: An observational approach
However, a bundle of geodesics will not come to an exact focus when there are fluctuations around a background geometry.
Stochastic Spacetime and Brownian Motion of Test Particles
As just shown, the first analyses devoted to the examination of possible differences in the characteristics and orbital properties of planets found in binaries and around single stars have come up with positive results.
Probing the Impact of Stellar Duplicity on Planet Occurrence with Spectroscopic and Imaging Observations
The main contribution to the integral comes from the oscillation centered around ˜v , whose width is about ∆v ≃ 4.
Theory and Numerics of Gravitational Waves from Preheating after Inflation