• Collie
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v colly make soiled, filthy, or dirty "don't soil your clothes when you play outside!"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Border collies are the most intelligent breed of dog
    • n Colly A kind of dog. See Collie.
    • v. t Colly To render black or dark, as of with coal smut; to begrime. "Thou hast not collied thy face enough.""Brief as the lighting in the collied night."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Smartest dogs: 1) Scottish border collie; 2) Poodle; 3) Golden retriever
    • colly To make foul or dirty; grime, as with the smut of coal; blacken.
    • n colly The black grime or soot of coal or burned wood.
    • n colly See collie.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Lassie was played by several male dogs, despite the female name, because male collies were thought to look better on camera. The main "actor" was named Pal.
    • n Colly a shepherd's dog.
    • v.t Colly kol′li to begrime with coal-dust:
    • v.t Colly kol′li (Shak.) to darken
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
See Coal.


In literature:

Presently Sheila took Casey to diagnose the case of a favourite, sick collie.
"Desert Conquest" by A. M. Chisholm
The big collie's name was Bruce, and he belonged to Uncle Tom of the lighthouse.
"Billie Bradley on Lighthouse Island" by Janet D. Wheeler
My dear Colly, delighted to see you.
"The Big Drum" by Arthur Pinero
He almost succeeded, for Frank helped him at this like a collie dog herding sheep.
"Frank of Freedom Hill" by Samuel A. Derieux
It was like a collie dog attacking a mastiff.
"As We Sweep Through The Deep" by Gordon Stables
He loves him in very much the same way that Bobs, our collie dog, loves me.
"The Prairie Mother" by Arthur Stringer
A collie of the very best kind.
"A Christmas Posy" by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
Near her a kitten was playing with Mollie's collie dog.
"Grey Town" by Gerald Baldwin
A colly, with the sheep-dog's wooden bar suspended from its shaggy neck, lay at his feet.
"A Son of Hagar" by Sir Hall Caine
The collie, who knew him, seemed to understand his errand, for he leaped upon him as if to kiss his cheek.
"Cavanaugh: Forest Ranger" by Hamlin Garland

In poetry:

Soon, soon the days conviction bring. The collie hair, the collie swing,
The tail's indomitable ring,
The eye's unrest--
The case was clear; a mongrel thing
Kai stood confest.
"Kaiser Dead" by Matthew Arnold
She o'er the stock, in haste doth strunt,
And syne she gars her cutty lunt,
A singed collie when its burnt,
Will bark an yowl;
Like grumbles this auld reeker runt,
She'll grane and growl.
"The Miser's Glundie Wife" by Susannah Hawkins
Ei guardo` gli astri, i colli,--e l'azzurro orizzonte,
E le piante, ed i campi,--ed il villaggio, e il monte
Che gli sorgea daccanto...--Parea cercar la via
Su cui stornar la mente--da una triste malia...
"Acqua" by Ferdinando Fontana
That's six months back, and every night I sit beside the door,
And while I knit I keep my gaze upon the mirky moor;
I keep old Collie by my side--he's sure to spring and bark,
When Ronald comes across the moor to meet me in the dark.
"The Shell" by Isabella Valancy Crawford

In news:

Collie 's status has been in doubt since he left the second preseason game at Pittsburgh after taking a shot to the head.
It was the third diagnosed concussion for Collie in a little more than 22 months.
Gregg Doyel of talked to Collie 's father, Scott, who is also a former BYU receiver that dealt with serious injuries.
Should Colts make decision for Collie .
My initial reaction to learning that Austin Collie suffered another concussion was that we shouldn't tell him what to do when it comes to whether he should continue to play.
Collie 's case is worrisome because he suffered at least two concussions, and possibly a third, during the 2010 season.
Fifth-year veteran Donnie Avery is Collie 's backup.
During a Nov 7 game at Philadelphia that year, Collie absorbed almost simultaneous hits from Eagles safeties Kurt Coleman and Quintin Mikell.
Colts confirm former BYU receiver Austin Collie sustained another concussion.
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Austin Collie suffered a concussion on Sunday.
Colts receiver Austin Collie has now been diagnosed with at least his third concussion in less than 22 months.
Let's resist urge to tell Collie what to do.
He began his work developing football helmets last year as he worked with Indianapolis Colt's wide receiver Austin Collie.
Q&A: Billy Corgan Looks Back on the Smashing Pumpkins' 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness'.
"It's really the end of an era," Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan told Rolling Stone in 1995, shortly after the band released its double-disc, era-defining epic Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

In science:

Collie, Alexander; Myers, Catherine; Schnirman, Geoffrey, et al. “Selectively Impaired Associative Learning in Older People with Cognitive Decline” Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 14, no. 3 (2002): 484.
Human Information Processing with the Personal Memex
Colli, P., Krejˇc´ı, P., Rocca, E., Sprekels, J.: A nonlocal quasilinear multi-phase system with nonconstant specific heat and heat conductivity. to appear in Journal of Differential Equations, 2011.
Well-posedness of an extended model for water-ice phase transitions
The beams were steered into colli sions at AnDY for this particular fill when the threshold of < 1.4x10 11 ions/bunch was reached.
AnDY : Overview and Plans Feasibility Test of Large Rapidity Drell-Yan Production at RHIC
Dovremo perciò porre, in questo caso, lc << λ. Precisamente, in caso di plasma collis ionale, dunque, si dovrà considerare la distanza più picco la fra fra lc e l, che chiameremo distanza di correlazione e indicheremo con rcorr.
Ionospheric HF radio propagation in problems and computer assignments
Viene introdotta l’epressione analit ica per l’indice di rifrazione di gruppo in presenza di campo magnet ico e senza collis ioni. Viene introdotto il calco lo numerico dello stesso indice di rifrazione anche in presenza di co llisioni.
Ionospheric HF radio propagation in problems and computer assignments