• WordNet 3.6
    • v co-opt take or assume for one's own use "He co-opted the criticism and embraced it"
    • v co-opt appoint summarily or commandeer "The army tried to co-opt peasants into civil defence groups"
    • v co-opt choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague "The church members co-opted individuals from similar backgrounds to replenish the congregation"
    • v co-opt neutralize or win over through assimilation into an established group "We co-opted the independent minority tribes by pulling them into the Northern Alliance"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • co-opt To appoint summarily (with or without the appointee's consent).
    • co-opt To appropriate (something rightly belonging to another) as one's own; to preempt; as, to co-opt someone's name.
    • co-opt To assimilate (a smaller group) into a larger group.
    • co-opt To choose or elect as a colleague or fellow member of a group; as, The church members co-opted individuals from similar backgrounds to replenish the congregation.
    • v. t co-opt To choose or elect in concert with another. "Each of the hundred was to coöpt three others."
    • co-opt To persuade an opponent to join one's own side.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • co-opt To choose conjointly; elect; select by joint choice; specifically, to elect to membership in a committee, board, or society by the choice of its existing members.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Co-opt kō-opt′ to elect into any body by the votes of its members
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Coöptate. Cf. F. coopter,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. cooptāre, -ātumco-, together, optāre, to choose.


In literature:

In hindsight, Milosevic would have done well to co-opt the KLA.
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
At our college, you know, we co-opt two majors and two minors.
"Frenzied Fiction" by Stephen Leacock
Cicero was co-opted by Hortensius after nomination by two other augurs.
"The Religious Experience of the Roman People" by W. Warde Fowler
Philip Steven, a co-opted member of the Committee, head master of the Ailesworth Grammar School.
"The Wonder" by J. D. Beresford
Sparks is not one of the few who've been told the whole story and co-opted into the plan.
"Industrial Revolution" by Poul William Anderson
He's co-opted the Imperial house.
"The Samurai Strategy" by Thomas Hoover
As with many of the existing Japanese art forms, the native sense of taste was co-opted by Zen culture and bent to the rules of Zen.
"Zen Culture" by Thomas Hoover
Dean Merivale was co-opted, and on his resignation Professor, afterwards Archdeacon, Edwin Palmer.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 7" by Various
The law did indeed provide that the corporations should co-opt at least one woman on their education boards.
"My Own Story" by Emmeline Pankhurst
Five of the co-opted members shall retire in 1895, the remaining five in 1896.
"Rowing" by Rudolf Chambers Lehmann

In news:

County commissioners opt for prescription co-pay plan.
Drake 's songs blur divisions between the individual and the external world, a philosophy co-opted from the East.
Post columnist blasts O's fans for co-opting the National Anthem.
Some liberals are attempting to co-opt the tragic Aurora massacre.
Zimmerman Trying to 'Co-opt the Mantle of Victimhood', Prosecutor Says.
Most recently, he's co-opted NASA.
Left Trying to Co- opt Gays.
Ann Coulter closed the CPAC conference with a predictable bang — she says the liberal left is trying to co- opt gay people.
"The left is trying to co- opt gays," she said.
"A year from now, half of the state will believe the opposite of what happened" in Connecticut when two activist legislators pushed a bill to co-opt the Church.
The Co-Opting Of Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture '.
After the loss to Seattle, linebacker Chad Greenway made a point of declaring, "The sky is not falling" on the Vikings -- a phrase head coach Leslie Frazier co-opted the next day.
Taylor's play about an ordinary man in 1930s Germany being slowly co-opted by the Nazis.
The North Face's Spectrum 23 co-opts the wind to stand up to huge gusts.
Eco-anarchists' co-opting state's private property tradition.

In science:

The inability to make this distinction forced the Fudgets library [CH93] to co-opt the coproduct structure of the underlying type system to represent pairs of streams, causing an anomoly that Paterson notes [Pat01, Section 5.1] in the type of the Fudgets loop function.
Multi-Level Languages are Generalized Arrows
The geometric method used by Ishihara in to characterize harmonic morphisms as horizontally weakly conformal harmonic maps, and co-opted for the semi-Riemannian case in by Fuglede (who had his own approach for Riemannian metrics) is extended here to biharmonicity.
Biharmonic maps and morphisms from conformal mappings
Compa r ison of CO and opt ica l 3D data for NGC 3032.
Gas and Stars in Galaxies - A Multi-Wavelength 3D Perspective
Lef t: S te l la r mean ve loc ity fie ld, ove r la id w ith contours f rom the integrated /tota l CO (1– 0) map ( Young et a l., 2008). R ight: CO mean ve loc ity fie ld, ove r la id w ith the opt ica l (rough ly V-band ) isophotes (Emse l lem et a l., 2004).
Gas and Stars in Galaxies - A Multi-Wavelength 3D Perspective
This high percentage indicates that the governance structure is inclusionary, that it is not being co-opted by a select subset of users.
A Wikipedia Literature Review