• WordNet 3.6
    • v clog fill to excess so that function is impaired "Fear clogged her mind","The story was clogged with too many details"
    • v clog coalesce or unite in a mass "Blood clots"
    • v clog impede with a clog or as if with a clog "The market is being clogged by these operations","My mind is constipated today"
    • v clog impede the motion of, as with a chain or a burden "horses were clogged until they were tamed"
    • v clog become or cause to become obstructed "The leaves clog our drains in the Fall","The water pipe is backed up"
    • v clog dance a clog dance
    • n clog a dance performed while wearing shoes with wooden soles; has heavy stamping steps
    • n clog any object that acts as a hindrance or obstruction
    • n clog footwear usually with wooden soles
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Clog A shoe, or sandal, intended to protect the feet from wet, or to increase the apparent stature, and having, therefore, a very thick sole. Cf. Chopine. "In France the peasantry goes barefoot; and the middle sort . . . makes use of wooden clogs ."
    • Clog A weight, as a log or block of wood, attached to a man or an animal to hinder motion. "As a dog . . . but chance breaks loose,
      And quits his clog ."
      "A clog of lead was round my feet."
    • Clog That which hinders or impedes motion; hence, an encumbrance, restraint, or impediment, of any kind. "All the ancient, honest, juridical principles and institutions of England are so many clogs to check and retard the headlong course of violence and opression."
    • Clog To become clogged; to become loaded or encumbered, as with extraneous matter. "In working through the bone, the teeth of the saw will begin to clog ."
    • Clog To burden; to trammel; to embarrass; to perplex. "The commodities are clogged with impositions.""You 'll rue the time
      That clogs me with this answer."
    • Clog To coalesce or adhere; to unite in a mass. "Move it sometimes with a broom, that the seeds clog not together."
    • Clog To encumber or load, especially with something that impedes motion; to hamper. "The winds of birds were clogged with ace and snow."
    • Clog To obstruct so as to hinder motion in or through; to choke up; as, to clog a tube or a channel.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n clog A block or mass of anything constituting an encumbrance.
    • n clog Specifically— A block of wood or other material fastened to an animal, as by a rope or chain to its leg, to impede its movements.
    • n clog A block of wood fastened to or placed under the wheel of a vehicle to serve as a brake in descending a hill.
    • n clog Hence Any encumbrance; anything that hinders motion or action, physical or moral, or renders it difficult; a hindrance or impediment.
    • n clog Same as clog-almanac.
    • n clog A cone of the pine or other coniferous tree.
    • n clog A kind of shoe with a very thick sole and high heels, worn either alone or as an overshoe. Clogs for the latter purpose were in common use until the introduction of india-rubber overshoes, about 1840. The clogs worn in the middle ages were often excessively high, and, like those of the Japanese, added notably to the wearer's stature. The material was commonly wood. Cheaply made clogs, still in use in the north of England and very common in France and Germany, consist of a wooden sole with a leather upper for the front part of the foot alone, or with sometimes a low leather counter in addition. See patten and chopine.
    • n clog Hence A similar shoe used in the modern clog-dance.
    • n clog A clog-dance.
    • n clog In coal-mining, a short piece of timber placed between a prop and the roof which it helps to support. Synonyms Load, weight, dead weight, burden, obstruction, trammel, check.
    • clog To impede the movements of; encumber; hamper; hobble, as by a chain, a rope, a block of wood, or the like: as, to clog a bullock to prevent it from leaping fences; to clog a wheel.
    • clog To restrain; confine.
    • clog To choke up; obstruct so as to hinder passage through: as, to clog a tube; to clog a vein.
    • clog Figuratively, to throw obstacles in the way of; encumber; hinder; burden; trammel; hamper: as, to clog commerce with restrictions.
    • clog Synonyms To shackle, fetter, restrain, cumber, embarrass, restrict.
    • clog To become loaded, encumbered, or choked up with extraneous matter.
    • clog To coalesce; unite and adhere in a cluster or mass; stick together.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Clog klog a piece of wood: anything hindering motion: an obstruction: an impediment: a shoe with a wooden sole
    • v.t Clog to fasten a piece of wood to: to accumulate in a mass and cause a stoppage: to obstruct: to encumber: to put clogs on
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  • John Dryden
    “Only man clogs his happiness with care, destroying what is, with thoughts of what may be.”
  • Henry David Thoreau
    “A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight.”
  • Horace
    “Clogged with yesterday's excess, the body drags the mind down with it.”
  • Earl Rochester
    Earl Rochester
    “The clog of all pleasure, the luggage of life, is the best can be said for a very good wife.”


Pop your clogs - When someone pops their clogs, they die.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. clogge, clog, Scot. clag, (n.), a clot, (v.), to to obstruct, cover with mud or anything adhesive; prob. of the same origin as E. clay,


In literature:

It is only water-clogged.
"Nedra" by George Barr McCutcheon
It had no completely honest organs; its spirit was clogged by its accumulated insincerities.
"Mr. Britling Sees It Through" by H. G. Wells
Why should clogs be despised?
"Miscellanies" by Oscar Wilde
You're one of those soulless, earth-clogged natures.
"If Winter Comes" by A.S.M. Hutchinson
Throwing off his snow-clogged coat, he sat down in a rude chair and blinked stupidly as he looked about.
"The Lure of the North" by Harold Bindloss
There your intercourse with the loved ones of earth will not be clogged by pain and infirmities.
"The Christian Home" by Samuel Philips
His kisses spoke the adoration he would have cried out to her if emotion had not clogged his throat.
"Truxton King" by George Barr McCutcheon
From the outset they were clogged by the suspicion of bad faith.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
The sand stuck and clogged every move we made till I used to dream of it afterward.
"The Range Dwellers" by B. M. Bower
We fought for over hawve an haar, summat like fifteen raands, punsin' and o' (kicking with clogs).
"Lancashire Idylls (1898)" by Marshall Mather

In poetry:

An who, when th' wark is done at neet,
Sits harknin for yor clogs i'th' street,
An sets warm slippers for yor feet?
A wife.
"A Wife [1]" by John Hartley
Ah! like to bees that cease to hum,
When pressing on for honey,
So doth the singing soul grow dumb,
Intent on clogging money.
"A Tusculan Question" by Alfred Austin
Drift of the dead year's harvesting,
They clog to-morrow's way,
Yet serve to shelter growths of Spring
Beneath their warm decay.
"Uses" by Edith Wharton
'Each wish whose grant may him befall
Is clogged by those withstood;
He trembles, hoping one means all,
And I, lest perhaps it should.
"A Girl's Sin - In Her Eyes" by Francis Thompson
Then said I, "O to mount away,
And leave this clog of heavy clay!
Let wings of time more hasty fly,
That I may join the songs on high."
"The Believer's Soliloquy; Especially in Times of Desertion, Temptation, Affliction, &c." by Ralph Erskine
"How are the mighty fallen!" Now,
Each generous impulse we restrain;
When British freedom walks abroad,
She drags at foot the clog and chain!
"The Isles of Greece" by Janet Hamilton

In news:

If you're tired of swanky speakeasies and clubs with dress codes, come on down and enjoy some wholesome, all-American, artery-clogging, trailer-park fun at Butter.
IT'S THE AFTERNOON RUSH HOUR, and Austin's MoPac expressway is clogged with traffic.
The credit pipeline for small businesses has been frozen or clogged for years now.
At first glance the nondescript office building at LBJ Freeway and Greenville Avenue doesn't look much different from the others that line this traffic-clogged corridor of North Dallas.
Sneak peek look at TLC's new reality series 'Down South Dance', a look into the competitive world of clogging.
View full size Dana Tims / The Oregonian Thousands of cars a day stream west from Portland Community College's Rock Creek Campus on Northwest Springville Road toward its clogged intersection with Northwest 185th Avenue.
Ours was a spookily humid summer, one in which the very air frequently seemed clogged with visible germs.
In the past, doctors have used the procedure on patients who were not good candidates for surgery until last year, when the FDA cleared the procedure for use on all patients with clogged arteries .
Here's The List Of The Top Artery Clogging Cities.
This is sad when you look at the report in Prevention Magazine which lists the 8 most artery -clogging cities in America.
Doctors may have a better way to do heart diagnostic tests and procedures to open clogged heart arteries .
Residents near Beaufort Elementary School have a right to complain about traffic that clogs their streets before and after school.
The Harper government says a backlog of skilled immigrant applications, which has clogged the system for years, is declining rapidly and will be eliminated by the end of next year.
LOS ANGELES—An artist wants to plant something greener than ads on Los Angeles billboards by transforming the signs into bamboo gardens high above traffic-clogged streets.
Tree, other debris, clog the Huron River and Boat Basin .

In science:

By applying Proposition 9.8 with K ′ = L, we deduce that clog (L/K ) = 0.
Ramification of local fields with imperfect residue fields
This allows vast amounts of catalog data and high resolution imagery to be displayed progressively on demand, instead of clogging the user’s internet connection all at once.
Sky in Google Earth: The Next Frontier in Astronomical Data Discovery and Visualization
The experimental conditions are such that clogging or formation of colloidal particles, which could alter the interpretation of the obtained results, can be excluded.
A nonlinear random walk approach to concentration-dependent contaminant transport in porous media
We experienced extreme clogging of those arterials. A good estimate for the computational speed of the overall detailed network can be obtained if the overall length (in lane kilometers ) of the network is known.
Experiences with a simplified microsimulation for the Dallas/Fort Worth area
Jumpshot is written in Java and interprets tracefiles in the binary clog format by displaying them onto a canvas object.
Cluster Computing White Paper