cleaning equipment


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n cleaning equipment any of a large class of implements used for cleaning
    • ***


In literature:

Inside the fortress sleeping, cooking, mending of equipments, and cleaning of arms.
"Overland" by John William De Forest
A knife, cord, string, a clean tube and casings or muslin bags will complete your equipment.
"Every Step in Canning" by Grace Viall Gray
Every evening is spent in cleaning guns, rummaging for unprepossessing treasures of shooting and fishing equipment.
"Etiquette" by Emily Post
One cup will clean the equipment of one man.
"Military Instructors Manual" by James P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker
Nelly was glad to wear a clean, white sun-bonnet of Winnie's, and Mrs. Grey was similarly equipped with a black one and a small black shawl.
"Memories" by Fannie A. (Mrs.) Beers
The guns and their equipments are to be kept as dry as possible, and no salt water used in cleaning them.
"Ordnance Instructions for the United States Navy." by Bureau of Ordnance, USN
Facilities must be provided for cleaning and scalding the mess equipment of the men.
"Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1911" by United States War Department
The first, general and staff, were handsomely mounted, finely equipped, sparklingly clean and whole.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
The cleaning which always follows the use of the equipment is preferably done in groups.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management" by Ministry of Education
No bombing work was done for the first three days, in order to give time for the men to get rested and to clean their equipment.
"Q.6.a and Other places" by Francis Buckley

In news:

Wet cleaning is the most common alternative to traditional perc dry cleaning , but is more expensive and requires tensioning equipment to prevent shrinkage, which is not needed with traditional dry cleaning .
Dress Club Cleaners offers a full range of dry cleaning and laundry services, utilizing environmentally friendly equipment.
An efficient cleaning cycle begins with equipment and automation-system design .
Seven patients were added to a list of those advised to get HIV and hepatitis testing after being exposed to colonoscopy equipment that may not have been properly cleaned.
Fast, easy cleaning of particulates from industrial equipment, floors, fixtures.
An efficient cleaning cycle begins with equipment and automation-system design.
Make sure all equipment, utensils, and food are cleaned.
But having the necessary cleaning equipment is only half the equation.
We specialize in applications where sanitation is critical and/or frequent cleaning and inspection of equipment is required.
This economical precision swab (Part # 18044) is offered to resolve equipment cleaning needs.
Starting with a clean slate has more than one meaning in the tank truck industry, particularly when procedures and equipment for tank cleaning facilities are topics of discussion.
Federal labor law prohibits workers younger than 18 from operating or cleaning powered meat- processing equipment.
Services covers prepress job shops, anilox cleaning, tool sharpening, financing and leasing, equipment repair and rebuilding, product development and testing, training, and slitting.
Thinking of upgrading your screen- preparation capabilities by adding automatic screen-cleaning and reclaiming equipment.
UES is installing new refining equipment that will produce new motor oil, clean fuel that will help power the refining plant and also a compound for use by asphalt plants, Fritschy said.

In science:

To begin each test the equipments they were turned off, in order to maintain the structure the most faithful possible to the characteristics initials of the Operating system, in other words, memoirs SWAP empty, registrars and sharpeners of the Microprocessors and of the clean operating system (reduced to zero).
Use MPLS in Lan's
The baseline artifact is very similar to the foreground, and we can even call it ”equipment foreground”; therefore, same as the foreground, cleaning the gain artifact will only make the low-l components lower and our conclusion stronger.
New evidence for lack of CMB power on large scales
Let X be a compact or convex symplectic manifold equipped with a compatible almost complex structure J , and L0 , L1 ⊂ X compact Lagrangians intersecting cleanly.
Gauged Floer theory of toric moment fibers