clean up


  • The job that's never ended--Cleaning up for inspection
    The job that's never ended--Cleaning up for inspection
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v clean up make oneself clean, presentable or neat "Clean up before you go to the party"
    • v clean up put (things or places) in order "Tidy up your room!"
    • v clean up dispose of "settle the bills"
    • v clean up make a big profit; often in a short period of time "The investor really cleaned up when the stock market went up"
    • ***


  • H. Ross Perot
    “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.”
  • Sheila M. Eby
    Sheila M. Eby
    “A computer won't clean up the errors in your manual of procedures.”
  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “Laws and institutions, like clocks, must occasionally be cleaned, wound up, and set to true time.”
  • Patrick Buchanan
    Patrick Buchanan
    “Just as there's garbage that pollutes the Potomac river, there is garbage polluting our culture. We need an Environmental Protection Agency to clean it up.”
  • Jimmy Connors
    Jimmy Connors
    “New Yorkers love it when you spill your guts out there. Spill your guts at Wimbledon and they make you stop and clean it up.”


In literature:

Miss Bailey, she's at the head of the Wimmen's League to gen'ally clean up politics an' the town, one to the same time.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
Keeping his head up so that he could breathe, they washed his long wool until it was quite clean.
"Bobby of Cloverfield Farm" by Helen Fuller Orton
Wearily he set about cleaning up his boat.
"The River Prophet" by Raymond S. Spears
They'll get their price the next time out and clean up a barrel of money.
"Old Man Curry" by Charles E. (Charles Emmett) Van Loan
Here's the sun clean up.
"Out of the Depths" by Robert Ames Bennet
Say, he's a rookie dat t'inks 'e kin clean up our gang.
"Traffic in Souls" by Eustace Hale Ball
When the June clean-up of the No.
"Nan of Music Mountain" by Frank H. Spearman
There's a few up in May's Landing who'd clean this lot up in no time.
"The Vagrant Duke" by George Gibbs
The law-and-order party was preparing to make a clean-up of the desperadoes.
"When the West Was Young" by Frederick R. Bechdolt
A good time to clean up is when the battery is being charged.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte

In poetry:

But most of all the cloudberry
That offers in her clean, white cup
The melting snows-the cloudberry!
Where the great winds go up
"The Cloudberry" by Muriel Stuart
Sweep and sweep and sweep the floor,
Sweep the dust, pick up the pin;
Make it clean from fire to door,
Clean for father to come in!
"Cottage-Songs" by George MacDonald
AT the Last Day while all the rest
Are soundly sleeping underground,
He will be up clean-shaved and dressed
An hour before the Trumpets sound.
"A Very Early Riser" by Gerald Massey
For when the well was cleaned out quite
Of all its logs and muck and clay
They tipped a drayload down at night
And worked to haul it up next day.
"The Squatter, Three Cornstalks, and the Well" by Henry Lawson
My heart will be scorched to the depths by flame
Until the day when the walls of the New Jerusalem
Will rise up clean
From the fields of my native land.
"Memory" by Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev
I take up Thy feet onto my lap,
Wash them clean with hot tears from my eyes,
In my hair Thy precious feet I wrap,
And my string of pearls around them tie.
"Mary Magdalene II" by Boris Pasternak

In news:

As many as 600 people removed at least 20,000 pounds of trash from the Grand River Saturday during Mayor George Heartwell's ninth annual Grand River Clean Up.
Mayor's Grand River Clean Up.
President of the Big Island Water Garden Club Bob Peck cleans up the Kalakaua Park War Memorial Pond on Thursday afternoon in downtown Hilo.
The shell of a burned out building is finally getting cleaned up on Water Street in Binghamton and the city is getting out from under a six-figure bill.
With crews still cleaning up Seattle Center after the chaos that was the Bumbershoot Music Festival, it's a good time to think back on Seattle's contribution to modern music.
State Parks Division Administrator Domenic Bravo says crews were working Thursday to remove hazardous trees and clean up debris.
I'm drinking a 6-pack and need you to clean up my mess.
Chautauqua County Health Department Officials have given a Frewsburg property owner 30 days to clean up the more than 1,000 tires said to be sitting at 129 W Main St.
Sea shells used to clean up heavy metals .
This came at a time when country music mutated into a mainstream force, and the force was certainly with Garth, who became the buzz and clean-up hitter.
As the world's biggest file-sharing sites clean up or shut down, all eyes are on Isohunt.
If Lauren Hall had the ability to clean up all the trash next to 6401 Glenmore Ave on her own, she would have done so already.
Heros Reward Cleans Up in Maryland.
The city has been known to clean up the area periodically, so why not now.

In science:

The presence of Underlying Event (UE) and especially of pile-up in hadron collisions will give rise to a very small efficiency for finding events with a clean gap between the jets.
THE TOOLS AND MONTE CARLO WORKING GROUP Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
We need two queries to f instead of one, because the quantum algorithm has to “uncompute” the first query in order to clean up its workspace.
New Results on Quantum Property Testing
Before additional processing is done to clean up the text, we search for certain keywords denoting the title, abstract, introduction and references sections of a paper.
Algorithmic Detection of Computer Generated Text
As discussed previously, the observed τǫ (t) behavior is in good agreement for the dirty and clean samples with literature.5,32 However, there is a slight discrepancy in the τǫ (t) curves of the dirty samples NbA02 and NbA3, which show a clear up bended curvature as the temperature approaches Tc (see Fig. 3).
Quasiparticle scattering time in superconducting films: from dirty to clean limit
The authors are very grateful to the associate editor and the referees for their constructive and insightful suggestions which helped to clean up a number of errors.
Large-sample tests of extreme-value dependence for multivariate copulas