• Study in Clay for 'Cymon
    Study in Clay for 'Cymon
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n clay the dead body of a human being "the cadaver was intended for dissection","the end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse","the murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river","honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay"
    • n Clay United States politician responsible for the Missouri Compromise between free and slave states (1777-1852)
    • n Clay United States general who commanded United States forces in Europe from 1945 to 1949 and who oversaw the Berlin airlift (1897-1978)
    • n clay a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired
    • n clay water soaked soil; soft wet earth
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A cutlass in excellent preservation and many other objects from 17th-century Jamestown were found in a large clay borrow pit filled with refuse A cutlass in excellent preservation and many other objects from 17th-century Jamestown were found in a large clay...
A few of thousands of clay pipe fragments unearthed at Jamestown. The ones shown range in date from 1600 to 1700. During this 100-year period, pipes developed from small bowls to fairly large ones A few of thousands of clay pipe fragments unearthed at Jamestown. The ones shown range in date from 1600 to 1700....
Clay vessels imitating shells Clay vessels imitating shells

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first American advertisement for tobacco was published in 1789. It showed a picture of an Indian smoking a long clay pipe.
    • Clay A soft earth, which is plastic, or may be molded with the hands, consisting of hydrous silicate of aluminium. It is the result of the wearing down and decomposition, in part, of rocks containing aluminous minerals, as granite. Lime, magnesia, oxide of iron, and other ingredients, are often present as impurities.
    • Clay (Poetry & Script) Earth in general, as representing the elementary particles of the human body; hence, the human body as formed from such particles. "I also am formed out of the clay .""The earth is covered thick with other clay ,
      Which her own clay shall cover."
    • Clay To clarify by filtering through clay, as sugar.
    • Clay To cover or manure with clay.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built on the site of a river estuary. The land under the town has several layers of silt and soft clay. The 15,000-ton tower tilts to the south because the subsoil is too unstable.
    • n clay The material resulting from the decomposition and consequent hydration of the feldspathic rocks, especially granite and gneiss, and of the crystalline rocks in general. As thus formed, it almost always contains more or less sand, or silicious material, mechanically intermixed. After this has been separated, the clay itself is found to consist of a hydrated silicate of alumina, but it is not yet positively made out that there is one definite combination of this kind constituting the essential basis of all the substances to which the name clay is applied. All clays contain hygroscopic water, which may be expelled by heating to 212° F.; but they also contain water in chemical combination, and when this is driven off by ignition the clay loses its plasticity, which cannot be restored. Ordinary clay contains more or less lime and other impurities, which render it to a certain extent fusible. The purer varieties are refractory, and are known as fire-clay (which see). (See also pipe-clay, china-clay, porcelain-clay, and kaolinite.) The plasticity of clay is of great importance, as without this quality it could not be easily worked into the various shapes for which it is used. On what condition it depends has not as yet been clearly made out.
    • n clay Earth in general, especially in the Scriptures, as the material from which, according to the account in Genesis, the body of the first man was formed.
    • n clay Moist earth; mud; slime.
    • n clay Any viscous plastic mixture used as mortar or cement.
    • n clay The human body; especially, a dead body.
    • n clay Figuratively, anything which is easily molded, shaped, or influenced.
    • clay Formed or consisting of clay; characterized by the presence of clay; clayey: as, a clay soil; a clay hovel.
    • clay To cover or manure with clay.
    • clay To purify and whiten with clay, as sugar.
    • clay To puddle with clay.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Some china is called "bone" china because some powdered animal bone is mixed in with the clay used to make this china: it gives the china a special kind of strength, whiteness, and translucency.
    • n Clay klā a tenacious ductile earth: earth in general: the human body: short for clay-pipe, a tobacco-pipe made of baked clay
    • v.t Clay to purify with clay, as sugar
    • ***


  • Antoine Rivarol
    “Gold like the sun, which melts wax, but hardens clay, expands great souls.”
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley
    “Cold hopes swarm like worms within our living clay.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Some men must follow, and some command, though all are made of clay.”
  • John Greenleaf Whittier
    “On leaf of palm, on sedge-wrought roll; on plastic clay and leather scroll, man wrote his thoughts; the ages passed, and lo! the Press was found at last!”


Feet of clay - If someone has feet of clay, they have flaws that make them seem more human and like normal people.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. clǣg,; akin to LG. klei, D. klei, and perh. to AS. clām, clay, L. glus, gluten, glue, Gr. gloio`s glutinous substance, E. glue,. Cf. Clog


In literature:

He had bitter quarrels with Clay, Calhoun and Webster over the U. S. Banks.
"History Plays for the Grammar Grades" by Mary Ella Lyng
D'Ucello was trying to break through the Mask of Clay.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
Her name is Louisa Clay.
"Good Luck" by L. T. Meade
Clay and coloring are added and something of the nature of glue; and it is then put into a mould.
"Makers of Many Things" by Eva March Tappan
Shall we go to Doctor Clay?
"Dave Porter and the Runaways" by Edward Stratemeyer
The bund was a ditch of clay-like mud.
"Peter the Brazen" by George F. Worts
Here is Mr. Clay, who has been watching the reckoning of the caught fish.
"Round the Wonderful World" by G. E. Mitton
Henry Clay drew a Henry Clay from his pocket and began to smoke vigorously.
"Dave Porter in the Far North" by Edward Stratemeyer
The gills are adnate or attached to the stem, rather crowded, this, somewhat toothed on their edges, clay-cinnamon color.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
The river, swollen by melting snow and stained green by glacier clay, was running fast.
"Partners of the Out-Trail" by Harold Bindloss

In poetry:

To the new-heavened say, -
"Spirit, thou wert fine clay:"
This do,
Thy praise who knew.
"To The Dead Cardinal Of Westminster" by Francis Thompson
To praise that fits thee, clear
To the ear within the ear,
But dense
To clay-sealed sense.
"Any Saint" by Francis Thompson
Wood and clay will wash away,
Wash away, wash away,
Wood and clay will wash away,
My fair Lady.
"London Bridge is Falling Down" by Anonymous British
There's clay for the making
Moist in the pit,
There are horses to trample
The rushes through it.
"The Furrow And The Hearth" by Padraic Colum
I shall lie so one day,
With lips of Silence set;
Eyes that no tear can wet
Again: a thing of Clay.
"The Question" by Cale Young Rice
Now wrought in spirit and clay,
In rare and common day,
And shown in symbol and sign
Of power divine.
"Introit : II. Images" by Thomas MacDonagh

In news:

A wood-fired clay oven turns out artisanal flatbreads with crispy crusts and unusual, well-chosen toppings at this pizzeria.
Clay Aiken, the former American Idol runner-up, has dissed the baddest girl in pop music – Rihanna, and has video of his put down.
Enova, Facebook / Clay Patrick McBride, Victory Records.
Understanding Clay Body Formulation , Part 3.
Understanding Clay Body Formulation , Part 2.
As a general rule, no clay can do everything.
That's why there are many different moist clays offered by ceramics suppliers.
Ephrata resource officer explains jobSnyder/Clay School four-way stop on hold in Clay.
A book a month for newborns through children age 5 living in Clay County at no cost to the family.
It was while we were digging clay on the Midges that I learned a bit more about Eliza.
Ry Craike and Clay Marzo don't mind the conditions in WA.
Clay Central-Everly FFA officers serve lunch to one of the estimated 130 farmers who attended their Feed the Farmers Day fundraiser on Friday at the Green Plains Grain offices in Everly.
(AP) – A ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court means Gadsden will be in the Class 6A football playoffs rather than Clay-Chalkville.
Brodus Clay News Archive from SmackDown.
6850 Clay School Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234.

In science:

Lecture notes from the Clay Institute School on Geometry and String Theory held at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK.
Noncommutative aspects of open/closed strings via foliations
In fact, an analytical proof of confinement is now one of the Clay Institute’s “Millennium Problems” for which there is a one-million dollar prize .
Quark Soup al dente: Applied Superstring Theory
Thanks are due to support staff at the University of Kentucky (UK): Eva Ellis (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy) and Richard Mullins for responding swiftly and efficiently to all requests for assistance, and to Clay Gaunce of UK Tech Support and other members of the Tech Support team for assistance beyond the call of duty.
Conference Summary: The Cosmic Agitator - Magnetic Fields in the Galaxy
Acknowledgments. I am deeply indebted to my advisor Mladen Bestvina, and extend many thanks to Matt Clay, Mark Feighn, Chlo ´e Perin, a nd Zlil Sela for listening carefully and critically to my musings on Krull.
Krull dimension for limit groups II: aligning JSJ decompositions
Conducting studies on immersed granular flows remains of primary interest. A host of geophysical or industrial issues deals with mixtures of grains and fluid as submarine avalanches , snow flows or clay suspensions .
Friction and dilatancy in immersed granular matter