• WordNet 3.6
    • adj clamorous conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry "blatant radios","a clamorous uproar","strident demands","a vociferous mob"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • clamorous Making a clamor or outcry; noisy; vociferous; loud; resounding.
    • clamorous Urgent or importunate in complaints or demands.
    • clamorous Figuratively, crying out, as for retribution or punishment; heinous; flagrant.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Clamorous noisy, boisterous
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  • Oscar Wilde
    “Better the rule of One, whom all obey, than to let clamorous demagogues betray our freedom with the kiss of anarchy.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Not in the clamor of the crowded street, not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “He took the bride about the neck and kissed her lips with such a clamorous smack that at the parting all the church did echo.”
  • J. August Strindberg
    “People are constantly clamoring for the joy of life. As for me, I find the joy of life in the hard and cruel battle of life -- to learn something is a joy to me.”
  • Johann Friedrich Von Schiller
    “It is difficult to discriminate the voice of truth from amid the clamor raised by heated partisans.”
  • H. L. Mencken
    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed [and Hence Clamorous To Be Led To Safety] by an endless series of hobgoblins.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. clamor.


In literature:

In the summer of 1914 every girl and woman clamored to be a nurse.
"Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights" by Kelly Miller
Angry murmurs rose among them and deepened into a confused clamor.
"At War with Pontiac" by Kirk Munroe and J. Finnemore
Then as the sprinter got into his wonderful stride once more the whole audience rose in yelling, crashing clamor.
"The Young Pitcher" by Zane Grey
Mr. Strumley, as umpire, hearkened to its clamor.
"Golden Stories" by Various
He seemed to be the center of a clamoring, interested, little group.
"Tom Slade's Double Dare" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Lights gleamed along the shore where the alien invaders must have been drawn by the clamor of the fighting marine reptiles.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton
Hushed was all the noisy clamor and the room was as still as death, As they stood and watched the players chalk their cues with bated breath.
"A Ball Player's Career" by Adrian C. Anson
Daddy got up and went with the children, all clamorous to see the hole in the ground that had halted the train.
"Six Little Bunkers at Cowboy Jack's" by Laura Lee Hope
Then Stella turned and ran again, with the clamor of the pack close behind her.
"Ted Strong in Montana" by Edward C. Taylor
For five minutes there was clamor, but no confusion.
"Warrior Gap" by Charles King

In poetry:

When the sun in the second dawn
Cloudward rising no mast had drawn,
Grew to a storm their clamor:
"Where is the great Long Serpent?
Cometh never Olaf Trygvason?"
"Olaf Trygvason" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Rocks on all sides, and breakers! at the helm
Weak human hand and weary human eyes.
The shout and clamor of our dreary strife
Goes up conflicting to the angry skies.
"Consolation" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Hark! upon the east-wind, piping, creeping,
Comes a voice all clamorous with despair;
It is April, crying sore and weeping,
O'er the chilly earth, so brown and bare.
"April" by Susan Coolidge
Him whom thou dost once enamour,
Thou, beloved, never leavest;
In life's discord, strife, and clamor,
Still he feels thy spell of glamour;
Him of Hope thou ne'er bereavest.
"Epimetheus, or the Poet's Afterthought. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ah, vain, thrice vain in the end, thy hate and rage,
And the shrill tempest of thy clamorous page.
True poets but transcendent lovers be,
And one great love-confession poesy.
"Epigrams" by William Watson
He tells you of his starving wife,
His children to be fed,
Poor little, lovely innocents,
All clamorous for bread,—­
And so you kindly help to put
A bachelor to bed.
"The Music-Grinders" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

"We have reached a crescendo of clamor, and it is both curse and comfort," he continues.
At the same time, museums are clamoring to mount a traveling show about Mesopotamia that has been assembled by the University of Pennsylvania.
Jeep fans have been clamoring for the 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon for years.
But a population boom in the Nile River 's basin has other Africa countries clamoring for more access.
With today's record high energy prices, the automobile industry is clamoring to bring more miles per gallon to the dealership sales floor.
If you've always wanted to see Las Vegas but need a sure bet on low pricing, visit Sin City in July and August when hotels are clamoring for guests.
As co-produced and co-directed by the former ghostbuster, "Quick Change" becomes a randomly, raggedly funny look at the personal cost of being one with the hustling, clamorous crowd.
These next generation farmers are as comfortable clamoring over big corn chopping machines as most kids their age are playing with Legos.
While the other kids clamor to pick up their things before I make my threatened pass with the Goodwill bag of donations, she'll wait to see if I'm bluffing.
The inchoate, irrational, addictive metropolis, ever clamoring, brawling between its two somehow sluggish rivers, is a challenge to its citizens and to the novelist's art.
Three Restaurants Limeños Clamor For And where they go when they can't get in.
Osman Abdullhi had to almost shout to be heard, the din in the Holmes Middle School gymnasium was so clamorous.
Just a few years ago, Bill Clinton, John McCain and even George W Bush were clamoring to claim his legacy.
Ever wonder why only rich people clamor for a.
These editorial voices rose above the America clamor with words we will never forget.

In science:

Getting rid of gatekeeping means giving more importance to content, which should have been our guiding value, but was instead lost in the clamor for more and more publications.
True Peer Review
More important, these lifting results clamor for generalization.
Variations on a theorem of Tate