• Dog-powered churn, 1881
    Dog-powered churn, 1881
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v churn stir (cream) vigorously in order to make butter
    • v churn be agitated "the sea was churning in the storm"
    • n churn a vessel in which cream is agitated to separate butterfat from buttermilk
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Churn chûrn A vessel in which milk or cream is stirred, beaten, or otherwise agitated (as by a plunging or revolving dasher) in order to separate the oily globules from the other parts, and obtain butter.
    • v. i Churn To perform the operation of churning.
    • Churn To shake or agitate with violence. "Churned in his teeth, the foamy venom rose."
    • Churn To stir, beat, or agitate, as milk or cream in a churn, in order to make butter.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n churn A vessel in which cream or milk is agitated for the purpose of separating the oily parts from the caseous and serous parts, to make butter. Churns are of various kinds. The older forms consist of a dasher moving vertically in a cask shaped like the frustum of a cone. The more modern kinds have revolving dashers within cylindrical vessels, either upright or horizontal. In some forms the vessels themselves are moved in various ways to dash the contents about.
    • churn To stir or agitate in order to make into butter: as, to churn cream.
    • churn To make by the agitation of cream: as, to churn butter.
    • churn To shake or agitate with violence or continued motion, as in the operation of making butter.
    • churn To perform the act of churning, or an act resembling it.
    • n churn A block or chuck on a potter's turning-lathe.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Churn churn a machine used for the production of butter from cream or from whole milk
    • v.t Churn to agitate cream so as to obtain butter
    • v.i Churn to perform the act of churning
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  • Arthur Seldon
    Arthur Seldon
    “Socialism is a vast machine for churning out piles of goods marked Take it or leave it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. chernen, AS. cernan,; akin to LG. karnen, G. kernen, D. karnen, Dan. kierne, Sw. kärna, and also to E. corn, kernel, the meaning coming from the idea of extracting the kernel or marrow. See Kernel


In literature:

The rice must be cooked for the daily meal, the wheat ground for bread, and the milk put into the leather churn.
"Topsy-Turvy Land" by Samuel M. Zwemer
When he churned the butter never came.
"Kenny" by Leona Dalrymple
The cemetery had been churned by shell-fire.
"Combed Out" by Fritz August Voigt
Dame Clementina was in her dairy, churning, and her little daughter Nan was out in the flower-garden.
"The Pot of Gold" by Mary E. Wilkins
I hid inside the butter-churn when I saw you coming, and it started to roll!
"English Fairy Tales" by Flora Annie Steel
The street that never sleeps was tonight a human spill-way, churning in freshet.
"Destiny" by Charles Neville Buck
Another said: Keep the cream at 60 degrees to 65 degrees all the time before it goes into the churn.
"The Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56, No. 2, January 12, 1884" by Various
A man named Roy Rada Churn had been appointed vakeel, or agent, to manage the Nabob's affairs at Calcutta.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. XII. (of XII.)" by Edmund Burke
I reckon I can rig up a thing so you can churn with yo' foot.
"The Starbucks" by Opie Percival Read
There was a churning, whirling sickness which griped and bent Ross almost double across the crumpled body of his victim.
"The Time Traders" by Andre Norton

In poetry:

Oh, I would live in a dairy,
And its Colin I would be,
And many a rustic fairy
Should churn the milk with me.
"Soli Cantare Periti Arcades" by Ernest Christopher Dowson
When the livid breakers angered
Churn against my stormy tower;
When the petrel flying faster
Brings an omen to the master
Of his vessel's fated hour--
Oh, the reefs! ah, the sea!
"The Lighthouseman" by Cale Young Rice
Dead outlook, flattened back with hard rebound
Off walls of distance, left each mounted height.
It seemed a giant hag-fiend, churning spite
Of humble human being, held the ground.
"Forest History" by George Meredith
He'd chance around when Spense was out,
A feller sort o' airy;
An' poke around free's the wind,
With Deely in the dairy.
(Old Spense hed got a patent churn,
Thet gev the Church a drefful turn).
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
No doubt tomorrow the world will be too straight.
Five hundred miles an hour will churn our dreams
Like surprised whales, when we lie a dead weight
In an ignorant sleep, and things will be what they seem.
"Progression" by Francis Scarfe
Pull the yards ’round, lads, with a yo-ho!
Lug the fors’il ’round. Let the scuppers slobber an’ let the tempest
Let the wrack to win’ward churn the sea below—
Lads, we’re home-bound!
"Squaring the Yards" by Theodore Goodridge Roberts

In news:

Page 2 of 2 The cloud has become so sticky, in fact, that it's creating a new paradigm called negative churn.
Customer Settled Suitability and Churning Case But Stockbroker Wins Expungement.
Like sharks smelling blood in the water, the makers of media streamers are churning up a froth in the market for one simple reason: opportunity.
British industrial bass duo Vex'd may be on hiatus until further notice, but that's not stopping its constituents from churning out new goodies.
Unlike the constant churn and burn of popular music today, some of America's most beloved Christmas - 2:33 am.
(L) Power Talker: Republican Central Committee spokesman Paul Bruno churns out bumper sticker phrases.
Some directors might be content to keep churning out familiar hits.
A Georgia based brewery has switched from churning out beer to water to help victims of superstorm Sandy, MyFoxAtlanta reports.
In this handout satellite image provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Igor churns in the Atlantic Ocean.
Mondays tornadoes were unusual for May, a mass of churning supercells that moved at high speeds.
A Trojan horse program is churning out bogus Google ads promoting products Google eschews—gambling, cheap Viagra, girlie photos and adult dating.
With Tropical Storm Isaac wreaking havoc across the Gulf Coast, along with two other named storms churning in the Atlantic, you may wonder why all of a sudden these storms have formed when we haven't seen much activity in the past few months.
(AP) — Lawmakers are drafting legislation that would allow suburban districts to operate Kansas City schools that are about to lose their state accreditation after years of dismal test scores and administrative churn.
Unsatisfied Commission Means City Manager Hunt Churns On.
Ursuline 's ground game churned out 349 yards.

In science:

This mechanism, figuratively speaking, churns out a succession of events, each individual ly unpredictable, or it conspires to produce an unforeseeable outcome each time a large ensemble of possibilities is sampled.
Incompleteness, Complexity, Randomness and Beyond
Indeed, since the deflagration is likely to be highly turbulent due to the strong gravity and the hour-long convective churning that precedes the runaway, our assumption of a complete isobaric burn may not be correct.
Carbon Detonation and Shock-Triggered Helium Burning in Neutron Star Superbursts
Today’s computers, working in binary, churn terabytes of classical information for us every day, solving computational problems.
Local Hamiltonians in Quantum Computation
In many networks, such as peer-to-peer networks, there is a high churn rate and the nodes join and leave the networks, and it is of interest to extend our algorithms to such scenarios.
Topology Discovery of Sparse Random Graphs With Few Participants
This suggests that in those RFID applications where the Tag population is dynamically churning (continuous arrivals), ISIC gain can be higher than in the static case.
Pseudo-random Aloha for Enhanced Collision-recovery in RFID