• Epictetus There Making Good Cheer--2-30-208
    Epictetus There Making Good Cheer--2-30-208
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj cheering providing freedom from worry
    • n cheering encouragement in the form of cheers from spectators "it's all over but the shouting"
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On the Crowd Cheered On the Crowd Cheered
Cheerful Beginner Cheerful Beginner

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: At Will's first competition he competes with the sword, and after his first victory Jeff gives a little speech which recieves no response until one of Will's friends cheers. this was a mistake none of the extras spoke english and so missed their cue to start cheering, and needed a reminder from one of the lead actors. This scene was going to be shot but the director decided this was better than what they had planned.
    • cheering Imparting joy or gladness; enlivening; encouraging; animating: as, cheering news.
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  • Edwin P. Whipple
    Edwin P. Whipple
    “Cheerfulness in most cheerful people, is the rich and satisfying result of strenuous discipline.”
  • Thomas Kempis
    “Bear the Cross cheerfully and it will bear you.”
  • Blaise Pascal
    “Men never do evil so fully and cheerfully as when we do it out of conscience.”
  • Albert Einstein
    “The ideas that have lighted my way and, time after time, have given me new courage to face life cheerfully have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.”
  • Bill Carlin
    Bill Carlin
    “Look, when that crowd gets to cheering, when we know they're with us, when we know they like us, we play better. A hell of a lot better!”
  • Edward M. Forster
    “Two cheers for Democracy: one because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism.”


In literature:

His face was not over-cheerful.
"Sunrise" by William Black
The populace howled and cheered about her palanquin to the very gates.
"The Adventures of Kathlyn" by Harold MacGrath
Then they formed into line, the artillery opened on their flanks, and with a cheer the troops advanced to the attack.
"The Queen's Cup" by G. A. Henty
There is no bright, cheerful, peaceful day to him.
"Mrs Whittelsey's Magazine for Mothers and Daughters" by Various
A nice cheering prospect.
"The Luckiest Girl in the School" by Angela Brazil
The Princeton stand arose in a solid body and sent an avalanche of cheers across the field.
"Football Days" by William H. Edwards
They cheered madly, throwing their hats into the air.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
Cheer upon cheer greeted the announcement of Sir Howard.
"Lady Rosamond's Secret" by Rebecca Agatha Armour
We cheered and waved handkerchiefs.
"My War Experiences in Two Continents" by Sarah Macnaughtan
Hearts leap afresh the royal halls to save, And cheer our vanquished friends and reinspire the brave.
"The Aeneid of Virgil" by Virgil

In poetry:

“To him no more it shall be joy
To pace the cheerful town,
And see the lovely ladies gay
Step on in velvet gown.”
"Winstanley" by Jean Ingelow
And ship to ship made signals,
Man answered back to man,
While oft, to cheer and hearten,
The Three Bells nearer ran;
"The Three Bells" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Nor pleased me more, in autumn gray,
Upon the hill-side lone,
The cheerful vesper-bell, or light
Of the departing sun.
"The Resurrection" by Count Giacomo Leopardi
"Vain hope! the guilty never rest;
Dismay is always near:
There is a midnight in the breast
No morn shall ever cheer.
"Night Scenes Of Other Times" by Joanna Baillie
Oh, give to us her finer ear;
Above this stormy din,
We, too, would hear the bells of cheer
Ring peace and freedom in.
"The Battle Autumn of 1862" by John Greenleaf Whittier
How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!
"The Crocodile" by Lewis Carroll

In news:

Cheering on the city block clubs.
Thousands of Yankees fans will be cheering for their team at a pep rally in Times Square before Game 1 of the World Series.
IPhone 5 Sales Start To Cheering, Clapping , Doughnuts.
Gameday Claps , gloves designed to make cheering easier, are sold at Columbia's Hy-Vee and Old Navy stores and other area retail outlets.
Jubilant cheers as men tear down RCD sign.
As the evening call to prayer rings out across Riyadh, a pack of teenage girls eating cotton candy and popsicles erupt in cheers, drowning out the muezzin.
Returning NFL referees received with cheers and a standing ovation.
In days of old when knights were bold and maidens were prone to swoons, peasants cheered champions by singing '70s rock tunes.
Three cheers for Ohio's House, which voted 79-19 last week to make cockfighting a felony.
Three cheers for colonialism .
This Oct 22, 2010 file photo shows Syracuse fans cheering during NCAA college basketball Midnight Madness at the Carrier Dome, in Syracuse, N.Y.
On a picturesque Lowcountry evening, the University of South Carolina Beaufort celebrated its largest graduating class of 289 students, alongside more than 2,500 family members and friends who eagerly cheered them on.
Freudians disheartened by the Bearded One's fall from psychotherapeutic grace may be cheered to learn that ol' Sigmund lives and prospers at the movies, at least in child-friendly cinema.
Douglas Holtz-Eakin offers three cheers for the "Jobs Through Growth Act," the Senate Republican alternative to President Obama's jobs bill.
With the federal deficit nearing $14 trillion and Washington State underwater at $7 billion, RePower Bainbridge advocates are cheering reception of $4.9 million federal grant.

In science:

Cheerfully acknowledged, as well as a lot of support to discuss other ideas.
It is the ambiguity. (But only three generations)
DCH thanks CAMK for its cheerful hospitality during a visit when this research was begun, and MG similarly thanks Edinburgh for its hospitality during a visit, supported under grant 2 PO3D 024 19 of the Polish National Committee for Scientific Research, when it was largely completed.
A Simple Dynamical Model for Omega Cen
A girl from the home team is running by. Dan doesn’t remember her name, but his Memex reminds him in time for Dan to yell, “Go Sarah”. Her split times are looking good for the course; she ran the first two miles in less time than she has in the past. He cheers more enthusiastically.
Human Information Processing with the Personal Memex
You find a vector that is 10 percent better than what we had initial ly,” she says cheerful ly. “Good job!” The next day, you get a ten-percent raise.
Paths Beyond Local Search: A Nearly Tight Bound for Randomized Fixed-Point Computation
This was later improved by Cheer and Goldston to κ∗ ≥ 0.6727 under the same condition.
On simple zeros of the Riemann zeta-function