• WordNet 3.6
    • v cheapen lower the grade of something; reduce its worth
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Cheapen To ask the price of; to bid, bargain, or chaffer for. "Pretend to cheapen goods, but nothing buy."
    • Cheapen To beat down the price of; to lessen the value of; to depreciate. "My proffered love has cheapened me."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • cheapen To ask the price of; chaffer or bargain for.
    • cheapen To beat down the price of.
    • cheapen To reduce in price or cost; make cheaper: as, to cheapen the cost of production; to cheapen the necessaries of life.
    • cheapen To lessen the value of; depreciate or belittle; make too common: as, to cheapen one's self by being too officious.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Cheapen to ask the price of a thing: to make cheap, to lower the price of: to lower the reputation of: to beat down the price of
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. cheapien, chepen, to trade, buy, sell, AS. ceápian,; akin to D. koopen, to buy, G. kaufen, Icel. kaupa, Goth. kaupōn, to trade. Cf. Chap to bargain
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Orig. good cheap, i.e. a good bargain; A.S. ceap, price, a bargain; A.S. céapian, Ice. kaupa, Ger. kaufen, to buy; Scot. coup—all borrowed from L. caupo, a huckster.


In literature:

Cheapening of food goes on remarkably, along with close and high culture of the ground.
"1931: A Glance at the Twentieth Century" by Henry Hartshorne
For such proposals to have any effect, the transfer of real property must be greatly simplified and cheapened.
"The Hills and the Vale" by Richard Jefferies
Was it that he had cheapened his ideal by too close contact with it?
"The "Genius"" by Theodore Dreiser
It would have cheapened it rather if he had delegated her to the classified courts of sympathy.
"Rose MacLeod" by Alice Brown
The title was, however, cheapened by its revival under Napoleon.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 6" by Various
Fane, Francis, says slave labor cheapens tobacco, 132.
"The Planters of Colonial Virginia" by Thomas J. Wertenbaker
You have not cheapened my sheep: I take your money without weighing it.
"Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6. Volume 1 [of 2]" by Evariste Regis Huc
The product is both cheapened and perfected.
"The Challenge of the Country" by George Walter Fiske
The rag carpet, now a cheapened factory product, should be a warning to women.
"The American Country Girl" by Martha Foote Crow
She hated the cheapening of her kisses and their imperviousness to her womanhood.
"Carnival" by Compton Mackenzie

In poetry:

A simple muster-roll of death,
Of pomp and romance shorn,
The dry, old names that common breath
Has cheapened and outworn.
"The Countess" by John Greenleaf Whittier
With noveil before their face
Such as shroud or sceptre lend —
Daily in the market-place,
Of one height to foe and friend —
They must cheapen self to find
Ends uncheapened for mankind.
"The Pro-Consuls" by Rudyard Kipling
How can you, my Lord, thus delight to torment all
The Peers of realm about cheapening their corn,
When you know, if one hasn't a very high rental,
'Tis hardly worth while being very high born?
"An Expostulation to Lord King" by Thomas Moore
As I muse backward up the checkered years
Wherein so much was given, so much was lost,
Blessings in both kinds, such as cheapen tears,--
But hush! this is not for profaner ears;
Let them drink molten pearls nor dream the cost.
"To H.W.L." by James Russell Lowell

In news:

Does Sarah Jessica Parker's Obama ad cheapen the White House.
These so-called sports cost people their lives and cheapen the achievement that is the automobile.
It only cuts the bottom out of the market and cheapens the craft.
In the natural disgust of a creative mind for the following that vulgarizes and cheapens its work, Mr Tennyson spoke in parable concerning his verse.
System infiltrated to cheapen long-distance calls to South Korea.
Buried in President Obama's wish-list budget is a proposal not to eliminate the penny and nickel, but to cheapen them.
A local investor in the SugarHouse Casino on Thursday criticized a proposed expansion of the site as "cheapening" the image of Philadelphia's first gaming hall.
Even the clothes worn by the movie's various dwarves, elves and wizards seem cheapened somehow, more like drugstore Halloween costumes than the sturdy garments of an ancient people.
Some say it cheapens patient care and reduces quality.
But focus groups complained about the look of those cheapened interiors .
Even the clothes worn by the movie 's various dwarves, elves and wizards seem cheapened somehow, more like drugstore Halloween costumes than the sturdy garments of an ancient people.
Cheapening the Nobel Prize .
But it cheapens you and your profession.
Punishing pace wears out candidates, cheapens campaign.
Punishing pace wears out candidates, cheapens campaign.