• Do not lose a chance of helping others; we never waste time when we are helping others
    Do not lose a chance of helping others; we never waste time when we are helping others
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj chance occurring or appearing or singled out by chance "seek help from casual passers-by","a casual meeting","a chance occurrence"
    • v chance come upon, as if by accident; meet with "We find this idea in Plato","I happened upon the most wonderful bakery not very far from here","She chanced upon an interesting book in the bookstore the other day"
    • v chance take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome "When you buy these stocks you are gambling"
    • v chance be the case by chance "I chanced to meet my old friend in the street"
    • n chance a risk involving danger "you take a chance when you let her drive"
    • n chance a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur; a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible "the probability that an unbiased coin will fall with the head up is 0.5"
    • n chance an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another "bad luck caused his downfall","we ran into each other by pure chance"
    • n chance the possibility of future success "his prospects as a writer are excellent"
    • n chance a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington","now is your chance"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Women who drink more than two cups of coffee a day have a higher chance of developing osteoporosis
    • Chance A possibility; a likelihood; an opportunity; -- with reference to a doubtful result; as, a chance to escape; a chance for life; the chances are all against him. "So weary with disasters, tugged with fortune.
      That I would get my life on any chance ,
      To mend it, or be rid on 't"
    • Chance A supposed material or psychical agent or mode of activity other than a force, law, or purpose; fortune; fate; -- in this sense often personified. "It is strictly and philosophically true in nature and reason that there is no such thing as chance or accident; it being evident that these words do not signify anything really existing, anything that is truly an agent or the cause of any event; but they signify merely men's ignorance of the real and immediate cause.""Any society into which chance might throw him.""That power
      Which erring men call Chance ."
    • adv Chance By chance; perchance.
    • a Chance Happening by chance; casual.
    • Chance (Math) Probability. "With as great probality ."
    • Chance The operation or activity of such agent. "By chance a priest came down that way."
    • Chance The supposed effect of such an agent; something that befalls, as the result of unknown or unconsidered forces; the issue of uncertain conditions; an event not calculated upon; an unexpected occurrence; a happening; accident; fortuity; casualty. "In the field of observation, chance favors only the mind that is prepared.""It was a chance that happened to us.""The Knave of Diamonds tries his wily arts,
      And wins (O shameful chance !) the Queen of Hearts."
      "I spake of most disastrous chance ."
    • Chance To befall; to happen to.
    • v. i Chance To happen, come, or arrive, without design or expectation.Often used impersonally; as, how chances it? "Things that chance daily.""If a bird's nest chance to be before thee.""I chanced on this letter.""How chance , thou art returned so soon?"
    • Chance To take the chances of; to venture upon; -- usually with it as object. "Come what will, I will chance it."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In twins, there is a great chance that one will be left handed
    • n chance Fall; falling.
    • n chance A throw of dice; the number turned up by a die.
    • n chance Hence Risk; hazard; a balanced possibility of gain or loss, particularly in gaming; uncertainty.
    • n chance A contingent or unexpected event; an event which might or might not befall.
    • n chance Vicissitude; contingent or unexpected events in a series or collectively.
    • n chance Luck; fortune; that which happens to or befalls one.
    • n chance Opportunity; a favorable contingency: as, now is your chance.
    • n chance Probability; the proportion of events favorable to a hypothesis out of all those which may occur: as, the chances are against your succeeding.
    • n chance Fortuity; especially, the absence of a cause necessitating an event, or the absence of any known reason why an event should turn out one way rather than another, spoken of as if it were a real agency; the variability of an event under given general conditions, viewed as a real agency.
    • chance Resulting from or due to chance; casual; unexpected: as, a chance remark; a chance customer.
    • chance Synonyms Casual, Fortuitous, etc. See accidental.
    • chance To happen; fall out; come or arrive without design or expectation.
    • chance To befall or happen to.
    • chance To risk; hazard; take the chances of: as, the thing may be dangerous, but I will chance it.
    • chance By chance; perchance.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In playing poker, there is one chance in 500 of drawing a flush.
    • n Chance chans that which falls out or happens: an unexpected event: risk: opportunity: possibility of something happening: probability:
    • v.t Chance to risk
    • v.i Chance to happen
    • adj Chance happening by chance
    • adv Chance perchance
    • n Chance chans (pl.) misfortunes
    • ***


  • Arnold Palmer
    Arnold Palmer
    “I never quit trying. I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win.”
  • Jacques Delille
    Jacques Delille
    “Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends.”
  • Euripides
    “Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.”
  • Anatole France
    “Chance is the pseudonym God uses when He does not want to sign His name.”
  • Thomas Fuller
    “A wise man turns chance into good fortune.”
  • Edward F. Halifax
    “He who leaves nothing to chance will do few things poorly, but he will do few things.”


Fat chance! - This idiom is a way of telling someone they have no chance.
Fighting chance - If you have a fighting chance, you have a reasonable possibility of success.
Ghost of a chance - If something or someone hasn't got a ghost of a chance, they have no hope whatsoever of succeeding.
Not a snowball's chance in hell - There is absolutely no possibility of something hapening if there's not a snowball's chance in hell.
Pup's chance - A pup's chance is no chance.
Slim chance - A slim chance is a very small chance.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. chance, OF. cheance, fr. LL. cadentia, a allusion to the falling of the dice), fr. L. cadere, to fall; akin to Skr. çad, to fall, L. cedere, to yield, E. cede,. Cf. Cadence
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. cheance—Low L. cadentia—L. cadĕre, to fall.


In literature:

He was under a certain obligation, and here was a chance to return it many thousandfold.
"Desert Conquest" by A. M. Chisholm
An', somehow, it seems to me that I ain't takin' much of a chance, either.
"'Drag' Harlan" by Charles Alden Seltzer
Her chance was, and it always had been, the chance of serving him.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
You had yore chance, an' you couldn't.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
If we took good corn cakes and honey to the red devils they'd kill us every chance they got.
"A Virginia Scout" by Hugh Pendexter
Objections to chance considered, 153.
"The Will to Believe" by William James
Lord Balmerino gave me a chance.
"A Daughter of Raasay" by William MacLeod Raine
To see a chance now and then just as he felt that he was about to read the secret have that chance vanish, was doubly hard.
"The Boy Scout Fire Fighters" by Robert Maitland
It would be one chance in a million, but all his life he's been taking chances.
"Crooked Trails and Straight" by William MacLeod Raine
I've got good reason's for wantin' to know, which same I'll explain if you give me a chance.
"The Boy Ranchers on Roaring River" by Willard F. Baker

In poetry:

A turn of chance
The nearest happenstance,
But move, if you're that
"He'S AboutT 22, I'm 63" by Helene M Johnson
The unrelenting gods
Refuse me. "No," say they,
"Thy chance is thrown away."
Fierce unrelenting gods!
"Eurydice" by Sophie Margaret Hensley
And loudly here she chided;
'My chosen people, ye!
I gave ye many chances:
Why so long in growing free?
"The March Of Freedom" by Ernest Jones
For the Best no more he sighed;
Rode as in a trance;
Life grew poor, undignified,
And he spake of chance.
"The Sangreal" by George MacDonald
To busier scenes of life I fly,
Where many smile, where many sigh,
As Chance, not Worth, turns up the die.
"Lines Written Upon A Hill" by Sir John Carr
WHEN you’ve got no chance at all,
Take it fightin’.
When you’re driven to the wall,
Take it fightin’.
"Take It Fightin’" by Henry Lawson

In news:

BECKLEY -Parkersburg High saw its playoff chances dwindle here Friday night as the Big Reds fell to Woodrow Wilson, 30-22, in a hard-fought Mountain State Athletic Conference game that went to the wire.
Customers line up early for a chance to win hundreds of dollars in prizes.
You'll get your chance Friday, July 16, through Sunday, July 18, when the Caveman Experience 2 comes to the Shawnee Saltpetre Cave Natural Amphitheatre in Murphysboro, Illinois (for directions, visit
Getting lost is a major source of stress and anxiety for truck drivers, and stress increases the chance they could be involved in an accident.
Here's your chance to become a Navy Yard beekeeper.
"We're certainly not taking any chances," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.
But for others, it's a calling - a chance to serve people and bring joy to their lives.
's Nate Ruess On Self-Help Lyrics, Second Chances, And "Pessimistic Optimism".
But even if you missed a chance at Bellinis for a buck, Patrizio offers the right atmosphere to relax and enjoy one.
'Give Belly Dance a Chance'.
Bartenders on the Olympic Peninsula now have the chance to earn bragging rights.
You can also name secondary and tertiary beneficiaries , reducing the chance that all your prospective beneficiaries pre-decease you.
Chances are you ran across " Beowulf " at some point during your high school career.
The UFC is taking no chances to make sure its year-end fight card is received well.
But chances decrease after Mayor Boris Johnson cuts his white blond hair.

In science:

The paper [FlJ] gives (intractable) formulas for the chance of being separable in groups such as SL(n, q) (i.e. semisimple and simply connected).
Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
Let PG,n (k , q) be the chance that an element of G fixes a k dimensional subspace and let PG,∞ (k , q) be the n → ∞ limit of PG,n (k , q).
Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
Specifically, every module is given a chance to execute its behavior exactly once each time cycle.
Multiagent Control of Self-reconfigurable Robots
Rather, the various interactions in H tend to put the extreme values of spin (J = 0, N ) at the ends of the spectra, enhancing their chances to be the ground state.
Two-Body Random Ensembles: From Nuclear Spectra to Random Polynomials
We also devote a substantial chapter (Sect. 6) to the description of local IR starbursts and ultra-luminous IR galaxies, to improve our chances of understanding their high-redshift counterparts.
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View