• WordNet 3.6
    • v cashier discharge with dishonor, as in the army
    • v cashier discard or do away with "cashier the literal sense of this word"
    • n cashier a person responsible for receiving payments for goods and services (as in a shop or restaurant)
    • n cashier an employee of a bank who receives and pays out money
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Cashier kăsh*ēr" One who has charge of money; a cash keeper; the officer who has charge of the payments and receipts (moneys, checks, notes), of a bank or a mercantile company.
    • Cashier To dismiss or discard; to discharge; to dismiss with ignominy from military service or from an office or place of trust. "They have cashiered several of their followers.""He had insolence to cashier the captain of the lord lieutenant's own body guard."
    • Cashier To put away or reject; to disregard. "Connections formed for interest, and endeared""By selfish views, [are] censured and cashiered .""They absolutely cashier the literal express sense of the words."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • cashier To dismiss from an office or place of trust by annulling the commission by virtue of which it is held.
    • cashier Figuratively, to dismiss or discard from service or from association.
    • cashier To reject; put out of account; disregard.
    • cashier To abolish; do away with; get rid of.
    • n cashier One who has charge of cash or money; one who superintends the routine monetary transactions of a bank or other commercial concern; a cash-keeper.
    • n cashier A money-box; a cash.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Cashier a cash-keeper: one who has charge of the receiving and paying of money
    • v.t Cashier kash-ēr′ to dismiss from a post in disgrace: to discard or put away: to annul
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Earlier cash, fr. F. casser, to break, annul, cashier, fr. L. cassare, equiv. to cassum reddere, to annul; cf. G. cassiren,. Cf. Quash to annul, Cass
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Dut. casseren, to cashier—L. cassāre, cassus, void, empty.


In literature:

The highwayman had gone in the night to the room of the cashier, forced him to dress, go to the bank, and open his safe.
"The Bells of San Juan" by Jackson Gregory
My father is the cashier, and it is to take care of the bank that we live here.
"Mr. Pat's Little Girl" by Mary F. Leonard
The ceremony of cashiering kings, of which these gentlemen talk so much at their ease, can rarely, if ever, be performed without force.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. III. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
The fat cashier knew the loss sustained by this vessel to a penny.
"Gascoyne, The Sandal Wood Trader" by R. M. Ballantyne
Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, as our host to the cashier we hurried.
"Plum Pudding" by Christopher Morley
Mrs. Weatherley and the cashier looked over his shoulder.
"The Lighted Way" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
R, was a bank which had a defaulting cashier, who ran away in 1857 with $500,000 of its funds.
"What Is Free Trade?" by Frédérick Bastiat
I was once lecturing in North Carolina, and the cashier of the bank sat directly behind a lady who wore a very large hat.
"The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
Turn in the check at the cashier's window, please.
"The Clarion" by Samuel Hopkins Adams
To be cashier, perhaps, or possibly, under exceptional circumstances, a confidential private secretary.
"Short Story Classics (American) Vol. 2" by Various

In poetry:

Eg. Nay, I could not for my heart perswade
The wicked pertinacious harlot,
To lay more colour on then pleased her fancy;
But if I live I will cashiere the queane.
"Rhodon And Iris. Act III" by Ralph Knevet
But Carpenter, who, lost in thought,
Other retaliation sought
Determin'd he would soon cashier
Aldworth of thirty pounds a-year--
Jump'd in a pond, where he was drown'd;
There full revenge on Aldworth found.
"The Cuckold" by William Hutton

In news:

The scandal engulfing former rising star Bo Xilai, the cashiered Communist Party boss of the city of Chongqing, suggests how this magical day might go down.
The comedy "Fox on the Fairway" opens the Highlands Cashiers Players at 7:30 pm Aug 23 at the Performing Arts Center on Chestnut Street in Highlands.
Pamela Waldron makes $7.75 an hour as a cashier at the KFC in New York's Penn Station, where she has worked for eight years.
When your plate is ready at Franco 's Pasta Cucina, chef Gloria Mogollón doesn't call out your order number, even though her cashier issued you one just minutes earlier.
When your plate is ready at Franco's Pasta Cucina, chef Gloria Mogollón doesn't call out your order number, even though her cashier issued you one just minutes earlier.
The manager is Kerri Oliva, center, shown here with her assistant Angie Barnhardt, left, and cashier Michele Wickwar.
Witnesses say the suspect walked into the store and demanded money from the cashier at the register.
She was employed by Publix Supermarkets as a cashier.
A supermarket cashier saved Christmas for one local family after he found hundreds of dollars a customer dropped.
A solution designed to expedite payroll and billing processes by allowing drivers to hand deliver documents to a trained cashier at one of over 900 truck stops across the country has been implemented by a leading hazardous materials carrier.
Highlands -Cashiers Hospital will soon join the growing number of small hospitals in Western North Carolina to come under the management of Mission Hospital in Asheville.
My first job ever was as a cashier behind the ticket window and concession stand at Phipps Plaza's movie theaters.
Beth is a cashier at Giant Eagle and Steven is a truck driver with Heartland Express.
I knew this to be erroneous, and I brought the nearly $1 sales tax charge to the attention of the cashier.
Many retailers have hired cashiers specifically for the holiday rush, so the new employees may not be up-to-speed on the store's price- matching policy.

In science:

All of the agents who belong to the minority gain one point, the ma jority has to pay one point (to a cashier which always wins).
Predicting and generating time series by neural networks: An investigation using statistical physics