• WordNet 3.6
    • n caroller a singer of carols
    • ***


  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “I heard the bells on Christmas Day. Their old familiar carols play. And wild and sweet the words repeat. Of peace on earth goodwill to men.”


In literature:

Two or three songs, carols, anthems, and the lesson was over.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 77, March, 1864" by Various
Kitty and I shared one, Carol and Brand another, and Seddon and Douse, the Brigade Signalling Officer, another.
"Letters from France" by Isaac Alexander Mack
Not the voice of a hobo, surely, for it was carolling a blithe song to the listening heavens.
"Tom Slade's Double Dare" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
And now the Christmas waits had followed the bells' music, and were singing carols outside the ale-house door.
"A Book of Quaker Saints" by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
"Winning a Cause" by John Gilbert Thompson and Inez Bigwood
Keep carolling, then, all together, ye countless Larks, till heaven is one hymn!
"Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2" by John Wilson
Carollers in those days were called hoodiners in the parishes I have named.
"A Righte Merrie Christmasse" by John Ashton
The carol of a lonely bird singing in the wilderness!
"Alroy The Prince Of The Captivity" by Benjamin Disraeli
The Birds' Christmas Carol.
"Pirate Gold" by Frederic Jesup Stimson
At the same moment, advancing towards them came the sound of Rachel's voice caroling an old English song.
"The Jolliest School of All" by Angela Brazil

In poetry:

When the flowery hands of spring
Forth their woodland riches fling,
Through the meadows, through the valleys
Goes the satyr carolling.
"The Satyr" by C S Lewis
By her side at the broken window,
With her rosy feet all bare,
Her little one carols a Christmas tune
To the chimes on the frosty air.
"Christmas Eve" by Hanford Lennox Gordon
Went, when passed the night, loud calling,
Found him not, but where he lay
Saw a Robin, whose enthralling
Carol seemed to them to say;
"Legend Of The Canadian Robin" by John Douglas Sutherland Campbell
Home, home, home--
Dear, lost home!
Though cares oppress us fearfully,
We exiles carol cheerfully
Of girlhood's happy home!
"The Maid Of Saxony; Or, Who's The Traitor? - Act II" by George Pope Morris
An' aye he sang, an' better he sang,
An' the worms creepit in an' oot;
An' ane he tuik, an' twa he loot gang,
An' still he carolled stoot.
"The Herd And The Mavis" by George MacDonald
Dreaming he heard the wood-lark's carol loud,
Down calling to his mate,
Like silver rain out of a golden cloud,
At morning's radiant gate.
"Envoi" by Kate Seymour Maclean

In news:

As seats slowly filled and the sun burned off the last of the fog Tuesday morning, Carol Whelan and Joan Burkholtz talked quietly near the sunflower they'd brought to the Flight 93 National Memorial.
Reilly Lewis directs as tjeu perform Christmas carols at the National Cathedral.
Carol Fisher Saller, Author University of Chicago Press $13 (134p) ISBN 978-0-226-73425-5.
Cornel stumping for Carol.
Carol Ramsey says dressing Miami mobsters, politicians, hookers, showgirls, and Cuban revolutionaries for the Starz series is challenging, but finding vintage bikinis is even harder.
File photo The chairman of the City Council's Education Committee is calling for Superintendent Carol Johnson's resignation.
LuAnn's use of the phrase "Indian" -- in lieu of Native American -- irritates Carole, who informs her, "Anyone over the third grade knows not to say 'Indian.'".
Friends, family, workers, and local political leaders gathered for the opening of Caroll's Sausage and Country Store .
He played the Angel of Death in An American Carol and Jimmy Knox in the movie Lifted.
Carol Guzy – The Washington Post.
The Virginia Stage Company presents A Christmas Carol this.
CAROL STEPHENS suspected something almost from the moment in June when she saw the bounced-check fee on her online bank statement.
The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates, 1973–1982 edited by Greg Johnson Ecco, 509 pp.
The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates Ecco, 582 pp.
Figgy Pudding Caroling Contest.

In science:

For this reason, and following ref. , we prefer to call her Carol.
Authentication and routing in simple Quantum Key Distribution networks
Notice that in the protocol we have presented, Carol does not participate in the error correction and privacy amplification phases with Alice and Bob on the qubits of group (a).
Authentication and routing in simple Quantum Key Distribution networks
As discussed in ref. , if Carol follows the public discussion between Alice and Bob, she will be able to obtain a final secret key very similar, but usually not identical, to the one of Alice and Bob.
Authentication and routing in simple Quantum Key Distribution networks
The reason for this are few experimental errors or errors induced by Eve, that Carol is not able to correct.
Authentication and routing in simple Quantum Key Distribution networks
In any case, the knowledge on the final key shared between Alice and Bob that Carol can obtain by listening to the public discussion between them, is very large and cannot be reduced.
Authentication and routing in simple Quantum Key Distribution networks