• WordNet 3.6
    • v cake form a coat over "Dirt had coated her face"
    • n cake a block of solid substance (such as soap or wax) "a bar of chocolate"
    • n cake baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
    • n cake small flat mass of chopped food
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake
How I did wish he could have had some of my scolloped oysters, and jell-cake, and tarts How I did wish he could have had some of my scolloped oysters, and jell-cake, and tarts
corn cakes corn cakes
griddle cakes and spatula griddle cakes and spatula
small cakes and coffee urn small cakes and coffee urn
Cracker and cake machine Cracker and cake machine
woman and maid bringing jam and cake woman and maid bringing jam and cake

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Instead of a Birthday Cake, many Russian children are given a Birthday Pie
    • Cake A mass of matter concreted, congealed, or molded into a solid mass of any form, esp. into a form rather flat than high; as, a cake of soap; an ague cake . "Cakes of rusting ice come rolling down the flood."
    • Cake A small mass of dough baked; especially, a thin loaf from unleavened dough; as, an oatmeal cake; johnnycake .
    • Cake A sweetened composition of flour and other ingredients, leavened or unleavened, baked in a loaf or mass of any size or shape.
    • Cake A thin wafer-shaped mass of fried batter; a griddlecake or pancake; as buckwheat cakes.
    • v. i Cake To cackle as a goose.
    • v. i Cake To concrete or consolidate into a hard mass, as dough in an oven; to coagulate. "Clotted blood that caked within."
    • v. i Cake To form into a cake, or mass.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Adolf Hitler loved chocolate cake
    • n cake A flat or comparatively thin mass of baked dough; a thin loaf of bread.
    • n cake Specifically A light composition of flour, sugar, butter, and generally other ingredients, as eggs, flavoring substances, fruit, etc., baked in any form; distinctively, a flat or thin portion of dough so prepared and separately baked.
    • n cake In Scotland, specifically, an oatmeal cake, rolled thin and baked hard on a griddle.
    • n cake A small portion of batter fried on a griddle; a pancake or griddle-cake: as, buckwheat cakes.
    • n cake Oil-cake used for feeding cattle or as a fertilizer.
    • n cake Something made or concreted in the distinctive form of a cake; a mass of solid matter relatively thin and extended: as, a cake of soap.
    • cake To form into a cake or compact mass.
    • cake To concrete or become formed into a hard mass.
    • cake To cackle, as geese.
    • n cake A stupid fellow; a noodle.
    • n cake A good thing; a dainty or delicacy, as in the phrase ‘cakes and ale’.
    • n cake A rich cake glazed and filled with nuts.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Danishes are called Vienna cakes in Denmark, and Spanish rice is unknown in Spain.
    • n Cake kāk a piece of dough that is baked: a small loaf of fine bread: any flattened mass baked, as pan-cake, &c., or as soap, wax, tobacco, &c.: a thin hard-baked kind of oaten-bread—whence Scotland is styled the 'Land of Cakes:' fancy bread, sweetened: a composition of bread with butter, sugar, spices, currants, raisins, &c., baked into any form—plum-cake, tea-cake, wedding-cake
    • v.t Cake to form into a cake or hard mass
    • v.i Cake to become baked or hardened
    • ***


  • Bob Hope
    “You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”
  • Ludwig Erhard
    Ludwig Erhard
    “A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes that he has got the biggest piece.”
  • Alfred Hitchcock
    Alfred Hitchcock
    “For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”
  • W. H. Auden
    “My face looks like a wedding-cake left out in the rain.”
  • Proverb
    “The most dangerous food to eat is a wedding cake.”
  • Billy Corgan
    Billy Corgan
    “The Pumpkins love rock-and-roll, we absolutely love it, but we also think it's a flatulent, ego-serving kiddie playground. You can have your cake and eat it too.”


Cake's not worth the candle - If someone says that the cake's not worth the candle, they mean that the result will not be worth the effort put in to achieve it.
Dropped like a hot cake - If something is dropped like a hot cake, it is rejected or disposed of very quickly.
Have your cake and eat it too - If someone wants to have their cake and eat it too, they want everything their way, especially when their wishes are contradictory.
Icing on the cake - This expression is used to refer to something good that happens on top of an already good thing or situation.
Piece of cake - If something is a piece of cake, it is really easy.
Pieces of the same cake - Pieces of the same cake are things that have the same characteristics or qualities.
Sell like hot cakes - If a product is selling very well, it is selling like hot cakes.
Take the cake - If something takes the cake, it is the best and takes the honours.
You can't have cake and the topping, too - (USA) This idiom means that you can't have everything the way you want it, especially if your desires are contradictory.
You can't have your cake and eat it - This idiom means that you can't have things both ways. For example, you can't have very low taxes and a high standard of state care.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. cake, kaak,; akin to Dan. kage, Sw. & Icel. kaka, D. koek, G.kuchen, OHG. chuocho,


In literature:

Pound-cake, baked in little pans, and warm from the oven!
"When Grandmamma Was New" by Marion Harland
There's a cake, and three boxes of Christmas-tree candles, and a tin of condensed milk.
"A Patriotic Schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
She was ginger-cake color.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
The Gingerbread family have never been as foolish as some of the other cakes.
"The Candy Country" by Louisa M. Alcott
Mother sent you a piece of cake and a bottle of wine.
"Boys and Girls Bookshelf; a Practical Plan of Character Building, Volume I (of 17)" by Various
For Nora was a good cook, and many a fine pie or cake came out of the oven.
"The Curlytops on Star Island" by Howard R. Garis
To-morrow, next day, the day afterward, we shall have our cake.
"The Silver Butterfly" by Mrs. Wilson Woodrow
Mix all together, mold in little oblong cakes, dip in a thin batter made of flour and water, and then in crumbs.
"The Khaki Kook Book" by Mary Kennedy Core
The old woman stood by her fire, baking cakes for her evening meal.
"The Book of Stories for the Storyteller" by Fanny E. Coe
Never put all the milk into a cake batter by itself, as it curdles and makes a coarse grained cake, but stir it in alternately with the flour.
"The Golden Age Cook Book" by Henrietta Latham Dwight

In poetry:

And they very well know,
When they get there she'll take
From out of her cupboard
Some very nice cake.
"Going To See Grandmamma" by Kate Greenaway
A loaf for her at Stirling,
A scone at Carlisle,
Honeyed cakes at Edinbro'--
That shall make her smile.
"Baloo Loo For Jenny" by Robert Graves
Sumatra might be reckoned nice,
And Tophet passing cool,
And Sodom were a cake of ice
Beside that sulphur pool.
"Summer Heat" by Eugene Field
At night if he suddenly screams and wakes,
Do they bring him only a few small cakes,
or a LOT,
For the Akond of Swat?
"The Akond of Swat" by Edward Lear
Scho rowd him in a cake of lead,
Bade him lie stil and sleip;
Scho cast him in a deip draw-well,
Was fifty fadom deip.
"The Jew's Daughter" by Anonymous British
And we found in the windy wild
One cowering violet,
Like a frail and tremulous child
In the caked leaves bowed and wet.
"Anticipation" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

A cake shop in Denver told a gay couple last week that they are refusing to make them a rainbow-layered wedding cake this fall.
But the traditions of wedding-cake toppers and even wedding cake s do not go back very far.
'Cake Boss' offers wedding cake design advice, shares secrets on Huffington Post blog.
Westchester Wedding Guide From the Pros for 2012: Local Wedding Vendors Share Trends and Favorites for Cake Ideas and Styles, Popular Icing Choices, Most Memorable Wedding Cake , and Budget Dessert Options.
When Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries cut their wedding cake on August 20, the sugary treat (a 10-tier white cake with chocolate-chip icing and black-and-white decorations) might look a little familiar.
Britainy Shaw's Peppermint-Hot Cocoa Cake, right, is a runner-up in Southern Living's annual white cake contest.
A seven-layer caramel cake from Caroline's Cakes in Annapolis makes an appearance in "The Help" movie.
This photo taken Jan 13, 2010 shows a flourless chocolate cake Elegant yet easy to make this flourless chocolate cake is served with fresh whipped cream and berries.
'Cake Boss ' Buddy Valastro provides cake for Frank Sinatra's birthday celebration.
TLC's the cake boss Buddy Valastro signed cakes and copies of his book for shoppers.
'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro provides cake for Frank Sinatra's birthday celebration.
' Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro provides cake for Frank Sinatra's birthday celebration.
Britainy Shaw's Peppermint-Hot Cocoa Cake , right, is a runner-up in Southern Living's annual white cake contest.
This morning, Buddy Valastro joined us on the show to chat about cakes and television shows involving said cakes .
The cake begins with a great cake mix for ease, then the additional ingredients make it a fabulous cake .

In science:

He hit the dust cake from below and measured the response at the surface with a force sensor.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes
In order to numerically derive the sound speed and further test our model we performed a simulation of an RBD dust cake.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes
The cake was being pushed from one side and we determined the response time of different particles in the aggregate.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes
We combined the positions of the particles with their response time, which results in an average sound speed in the dust cake.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes
For each monomer in the dust cake we plotted a corresponding sound speed.
Numerical determination of the material properties of porous dust cakes